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Ode To Sad Disco Chords – Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan "Ode to Sad Disco" Blues Funeral : smcclure09 standard tuning Intro: C G (x3) Vs: C The sun's tolling bell G Subterranean eyes C A thousand to one G The factory line C G Stars outside the window flicker and shine C G The hollow headed morning isn't blind C G A mountain […]

Trust Chords – Matt Hammitt

Found this awesome song but couldn't find the chords for it so decided to make this! The original key that Matt Hammitt plays in is the key of G but I dropped it to E with a capo on 2 so I could sing it easier. Matt also does fingerpick but I just strummed the […]

Believer Chords – Audio Adrenaline

"Believer" by Audio Adrenaline { Sadie} C Em Am F I want to live this live unsafe, unsure, but not afraid C Em What I want is to give all I got somehow Am F Giving up letting go of control right now C Em 'Cause I'm already out here, blind but I can see […]

Renmin Park Chords – Cowboy Junkies

"Renmin Park" – Cowboy Junkies – Renmin Park – 2010 wranglingoutlaw 3/4 Time Intro – Dm | Dm | C | C | Gm | Gm | Dm | Dm Bb | Bb | F | F | C | C | C | C Dm C Meet Me on the banks of the Yangtze, […]

Wonderful Glorious Chords – Eels

——————————————————————————- Eels – Wonderful, Glorious ——————————————————————————- Album : Wonderful Glorious (2012) Tempo : 116 gwendal.mollo@orange.fr : newg Chords for the intro : F#m : x9. Bm : 799777 Just one strum for the verses. Intro F#m Bm x4 F#m Bm The sum of all your experiences F#m Bm A living breathing result of the fight […]

Ballad Chords – Molly Drake

Molly Drake- http://www.squirrelthing.com/artists/molly-drake This is a half step down from the album version, because the day i figured it out youtube was being weird and playing a half step down. maybe someday i will change it. Figured out on a piano. if you can see the strong and wearied starlight Eb G# Bb riding on […]

Strong In Us Chords – Bethel Live

Written by Brian Johnson, Kristian Stanfil, Joel Taylor, Gabriel Wilson, Ian McIntosh © 2013 Bethel Music (ASCAP)/worshiptogether.com Songs (ASCAP) Sixsteps Music (ASCAP) (Adm. at CapitolCMGPublishing.com) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. Intro: Em // C //// /// G //// Verse 1: Em C When darkness rises all around us G D We will see His […]

Blood Of Angels Chords – Brown Bird

The F#m might be a 7th or a minor 7th. There should be enough here to figure out the bass note pattern, (if you care about passing notes) but you can also just strum it. Also, if you've got time and cash you don't need, go to Brown Bird's site and donate to the lead […]

This Is Amazing Grace Chords – Phil Wickham

This Is Amazing Grace ÔÇô Phil Wickham [Verse 1] C Who breaks the power of sin and darkness F Whose love is mighty and so much stronger Am G F The King of Glory, the King above all kings C Who shakes the whole earth with holy thunder F Who leaves us breathless in awe […]

Califonia Chords – Stan Rogers

C Am Now it's getting so I'm mad when someone says your name G C 'Cause I've had to say good-bye to friends who couldn't stay away F C And sometimes it felt so wrong to never want to lean on you F G C You may stand tall, but I've got two feet too […]

For The Cross Chords – Bethel Music

Intro: F# Verse 1: F# G#m The life You gave, Your body was broken B Your love poured out, You bled and You died for me D#m C# B There on that cross, You breathed Your last as you were crucified You gave it all for me Chorus 1: B G#m F# Hallelujah, what a […]

Friend Chords – Everlast V3

capo 2 intro: G C Em D G C There's a sickness in my soul Em C G C Em D and i don't know what i've been told, it's uncurable. G C There's a darkness in my heart Em C G C Em D slowly tearin' me apart it's unbearable G C A drop […]

Recovery Chords – Frank Turner V4

RECOVERY – FRANK TURNER Chords A |x02220 E7sus4 |x20200 A/C# |x42220 D |xx0232 E |022100 F#m |244222 G |320003 A E7sus4 Blacking in and out in a strange flat in east London. A/C# D Somebody I don't really know just gave me something A E7sus4 To help settle me down and to stop me from […]

November Rain Acoustic Chords – Guns N Roses

CAPO ON 4TH FRET C Am When I look into your eyes G I can see a love restrained C Am But darling when I hold you G Don't you know I feel the same Am D Cause nothin' last forever G And we both know hearts can change Am D And it's hard to […]

Unfinished Dream Chords – Howard Moss

Unfinished Dream – Howard Moss (Outside The Pale) ( C ) She came as a vision, ( Am ) that I saw last night ( F ) So ghostly appearing, ( G ) like a shining light ( C ) Then the shadow got clearer ( Am ) I could make out her face ( […]

You Are Loved Dont Give Up Chords – Josh Groban V3

Basically i found out from listening to the song how to play it correctly, the whole song is played in F chords, its the same pattern the whole song, let me know if you find any mistakes so i can make changes, have fun =) F# F Fm Fm7 |-2——-|–1——|–1——|-1——-| |-2——-|–1-2—-|–1-2—-|-1——-| |-2-3—–|–1-3—-|–1——|-1——-| |-2-4—–|–1-3—-|–1-3—-|-1——-| |-2-4—–|–1——|–1——|-1-3—–| |-2——-|–1——|–1——|-1——-| […]

Outside The Pale Chords – Howard Moss

Howard Moss – Outside The Pale (2013) ( C ) We grew up in a small town just outside the pale ( F ) 30 miles from Dublin riding with the rails ( C ) The times they were the eighties when things were kinda tough ( F ) Where jobs they weren't many we […]

Reflektor Chords – Arcade Fire

This is tabbed from the version released 9/9 2013 at 9pm with the cool interactive video (if you haven't had a go, try it!). All done by ear so apologies for any mistakes, oh and my french is very poor so take Reginne's parts with a pinch of salt ­čÖé Intro Bm D Verse 1 […]

Wake Me Up Tabs by Avicii V3

——————————————————————————- Wake Me Up – Avicii ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: Sean Burke E-mail: hawaiianchimp@gmail.com These are the basic chords. This tab may look funny, but that's because the lyrics are very idiosyncratic. Each chord corresponds to the correct lyric Bm G D A e|–2—0—2—0——| b|–3—2—3—2——| g|–4—0—2—2——| d|–4—0—0—2——| a|–2—2—0—0——| e|–2—3—0—0——| Intro Bm G D D A Bm […]

Beam Me Up Chords – Cazzette

Beam Me Up – Cazzette http://www.cazzette.com/ Standard Tuning (EADGBE) Capo on 1st Fret I play the entire song with bar chords. Capo on the first fret isn't necessary (just make sure you transpose +1) – I just find that it makes life easier. Intro (3x): F#m E C#m F#m E C#m Tonight we'll run away […]