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Ive Been Alone Too Long album Chords – Soko

SONG: I'VE BEEN ALONE TOO LONG ARTIST: SOKO TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM I'VE BEEN ALONE TOO LONG SOKO Ebm Thought I saw your face F# At the end of the alley It was dark but somewhat pretty Just like everything I see B Except you were there glowing Your body was floating Ebm […]

Ive Been Alone Too Long – Acoustic Chords – Soko

SONG: I'VE BEEN ALONE TOO LONG – ACOUSTIC ARTIST: SOKO TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM I'VE BEEN ALONE TOO LONG – ACOUSTIC SOKO CAPO – 7th FRET Am Thought I saw your face C At the end of the alley It was dark but somewhat pretty Just like everything I see F Except you […]

Sunburn Chords – Ed Sheeran V3

Capo 3 G You're not her C D Though I try to see you differently G I toe the line C D See I'm searching for what used to be, mine ooohhhh G I Saw your eyes C D Then I saw Alice staring back at me G And I will try G C To […]

So Good Chords – Simon Brading

Me and my youth worker Peter Young worked this out at Newday 2013 after hearing it live. Verse 1: G C I lift my eyes up to Your goodness G C Em To my Father who is generous C Every morning, every night Em D You're doing good to me G C I look around […]

My World Chords – Colony 5

Colony 5 – My world (Standard tuning) Intro) A# F Gm (repeat once) Verse 1) Gm Dim the light, it hurts my eyes A# D It scars my skin and shatters my lies Gm Fold the blinds, let's stay inside Gm Take my hand, I'll give you strength D F Come with me, well make […]

Empty City Lights Chords – Hearts Of Black Science

https://www.facebook.com/Hobsband My first tab This is my version, I hope you like. Intro: ._____________3x______________. e|———-| |————-| B|–13-12—| |–13-13-12—| G|——-12-|5x |———-12-| D|———-|or |————-| A|———-|4x |————-| E|———-| |————-| e|——————————-| |—————————12~| B|——-13~——-13-12———| |——-13~——-13-12——–| G|———————-12-14—-| |———————-12-14—| D|–14-15—–14-15———-14~-| |–14-15—–14-15————-| A|——————————-| |——————————| E|——————————-| |——————————| Intro: F Am Am/C F Am Am/C The memories of us will fade away F Am Am/C […]

Voices Acoustic Chords – Jim Johnston

First tab here so dont hate to much!!! this is my own acoustic version of the song so not sure if its to everybody's liking Randy Orton – Voices C I hear voices in my head G They talk to me They understand Em They talk to me C You got your rules and your […]

Bill Ricchini – A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door chords V2

Capo on third fret, enjoy 🙂 it is really accurate compared to other versions. G Night will follow day C Em C Sure as the sun and moon G C Em D G Remember I will always be with you G If i'm out of words to say C Em C And I understand you […]

Take Back The Night – Captain Sparklez chords

Take Back The Night [Captain Sparklez] Artist: TryHardNinja Doc Exx The Jerry Farley Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrIPF-t5ewE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CptSparklez [CAPO 1] C G Am F Closet full of secrets and skeletons awakes but nothing's true C G Am F I used to own a castle now it's boxes that I have to move C G Am F […]

Tiny Fish For Japan Chords – Stan Rogers V2

Tiny Fish for Japan by Stan Rogers. These are the chords I use when playing this song; G Am D Em7 Cadd9 D4 E String – 3 0 2 3 3 3 B String – 3 1 3 3 3 3 G String – 0 2 2 0 0 2 D String – 0 2 […]

Closer Tabs by Hillsong Live

There is no tab for this song on this site at all. So here are the verses, chorus, and the riff for this song. Verse: C Am F There is no life without You E|———————————————-| B|–8—–8—–8—–8—–8–6–6–5-6-5-6-5–| G|———————————————-| D|———————————————-| A|———————————————-| E|———————————————-| C Am F You have all that we need E|———————————————-| B|–8—–8—–8—–8—–8–6–6–5-6-5-6-5–| G|———————————————-| D|———————————————-| A|———————————————-| E|———————————————-| […]

Cornerstone Chords – Hillsongs V6

Cornerstone Artist: Hillsong Chapel Album: Forever Reign Intro: A F#m D – E Verse 1 A My hope is built on nothing less D E Than Jesus' blood and righteousness F#m F#m/C# I dare not trust the sweetest frame D E A But wholly trust is Jesus' name Verse 2 A When darkness seems to […]

Grace For All Chords – Holly Starr

Grace For All David Moffitt/Holly Starr Capo 4 Key: B G G Verse 1 G I have no secrets from my God C Am No weakness I could hide G There is no path my feet could trod C Am My father could not find C Em He knows the doubts that flood my soul […]

This Love Chords – Holly Starr V2

This Love Holly Starr Capo 1 Key: Eb Verse 1 Bm G She was an outcast, at least thats how she felt D Asus She kept running away from herself Bm G She heard a rumor, somebody loved her D A G Bm Then she found the story of a Savior who died D Asus […]

Shine Jesus Shine Chords – Cliff Richard

G C G D Lord the light of Your love is shining G C G D In the midst of Your darkness shining C D Bm Em Jesus light of the world shine upon us C D Bm Em set us free by the truth You now bring us F D F D Shine on […]

I Saw The Light Chords – The Ryan Oreilly Band

Band: The Ryan O'Reilly Band Song: I Saw The Light & Elizabeth Tuning: Standard EADGBe I prefer to play with CAPO 2 Also, I was not able to find any kind of lyrics for this song, so I tried my best to understand what they are singing. Excuse my mistakes. ————————————————————————————- G G I saw […]

Tonight Chords – Catching The Fallen

Words and Music by Adam Jensen Verse 1 Am F Theres a battle raging for our lives G E And the enemys got a string of lies Am F That hes ready to plant in our minds G E Am F G E Trying to turn our hearts so we start the fight Tonight Pre-Chorus […]

Shadow Chords – B2st

Hey there Kpop-ers. Basic chords for Beasts 'Shadow' Hope you enjoy! ~ Intro: Am , G , Am , G , Am , G , Dm , E JUNHYUNGS RAP- Am Ha, Rainy Cloudy No light Darkness G Day N Night neo tteonabeorin Am G Geuttaebuteo eojjeomyeon Maybe nae jonjae jachega eobseojyeotji Am Back in […]

Up In The Air Acoustic Chords – 30 Seconds To Mars V2

30 Seconds To Mars – Up In The Air Tabbed by themissionary If you have wishes or improvements, please send me a mail. E-mail: a.brand.new.name.capricorn@gmail.com Enjoy! Standard Tuning C#m I've been up in the air G# Out of my head F#m Stuck in a moment of emotion C#m G# I destroyed F#m Is this the […]

Almighty God Chords – North Point

North Point – Almighty God B F# Your voice can make the darkness turn to light G#m E Your word can bring the hopeless heart to life B You speak and mountains tremble F# The earth and sun stand still G#m E No one can comprehend your endless might G#m F# E And who am […]