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Stay Beside Me Chords – Future Of Forestry

Intro (with strum rhythm in the song): G – A – Bm // G – A – Bm – HD // G – A – Bm – A // G – A – LD Verse 1 G A Bm When my broken world caves in G A Bm And the darkness covers over G A […]

Its Gonna Make Sense Chords – Michael Learns To Rock

[INTRO:] D – A – Em – G (2x) [VERSES:] Bm G – A Life comes in many shapes Bm You think you know what you got G – A Until it changes Bm G – A And life will take you high and low Em You gotta learn how to walk A And then […]

First And The Last Chords – Hillsongs

Capo: 4 Key:(Ab)E Verse 1: C#m B A You are the First and the Last E B Beginning and the End C#m B A The promise of wonders to come E B The future is in Your hands Pre-chorus A C#m Caught in the light A B E With all the Earth we will sing […]