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Warbringers – Jaina Daughter Of The Sea chords by Misc Computer Games

[Verse 1] Am G Am Beware, beware The Daughter of the Sea Am G Am Beware, I heard him cry Am G Am His words carried upon the ocean breeze Em Am As he sank beneath the tide [Verse 2] Am G Am Those blood-soaked shores of Kalimdor Am G Am Where sailors fought and […]

A Hole In The Earth chords by Daughter

FM7sus2 (in Outro) e|-0–| B|-1–| G|-0–| D|-3–| A|-x–| E|-x–| [Intro] Am Asus2 Em FM7 [Verse] Am FM7 In my own turn Em F6 Am I’m trying to reach out I know I’ll get there soon FM7 There’s a hole in the earth here Em F And we’re walking round the edges [Pre-Chorus] Am Em You […]

Youth chords – Daughter V3

Youth, Daughter If You Leave, 2013 Great song by Daughter. As the other versions seem slightly inaccurate I decided to tab this. These are the chords that they used in several live performances. The cord names are given relative to the capo. G/D can be played easiest with a barre on the 3th fret. Please […]

Perth Ready For The Flood Live Tabs by Daughter

Drop D Tuning -x—x—x—x– -x—x—x–x—x– -x—x—x—x– -x—x—x–x—x– -4—7—2—4– Verse -4—11–7–6—4– Chorus -x—x—x—x– -x—x—x–x—x– -x—x—x—x– -x—x—x–x—x– -5—9—0—5– -5—12–9–7—5– G Bm D G G D Bm A G Intro (same as verse) – x2 Verse – x4 Chorus – x2 Verse – x4 Chorus – x2 Verse – x2 Chorus – x2 Verse – x2

Ronia The Robbers Daughter Tabs by Misc Soundtrack

Fingerstyleguitar-TAB for 'Skid Över Skog' by Bjorn Isvalt from the 'Ronia The Robber's Daughter' OST: (for video: Capo on 2) p = right hand thumb i = right hand index finger m = right hand middle finger h = hammer-on p = pull-off \ = slide G C F G C e|—————-|————–0|1—–0———-|0——————–| B|-3—3—0——|1———–3–|–1—–3—–1h3|–1—1———0h1–| G|—0—0—0—0|–0—0—0—-|—-2—–0——|—-0—–0–0h2—–| D|—–0——-0–|—-2———-|3———–0—-|———————| […]

Amsterdam Tabs by Daughter V4

Artist: Daughter Title: Amsterdam If You Leave Year: 2012 Standard tuning, No capo First tab I've submitted and I figured this out entirely by ear but I'm sure it's mostly correct. Chords are Am, G, Em, F. (Although not too sure about the Em, but it sounds okay.) It's the same all the way through […]

Blowers Daughter chords – Damien Rice V6

The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice E 022100 A 077600 B 099800 C#m 046600 G#m 066400 Esus4 022200 F#m 044200 F# 244322 C#sus2 466444 G#m 466444 Bsus2 224422 B 799877 A#m 688666 D#m 668876 C# 446664 E And so it is A Just like you said it would be B Life goes easy on me […]

For The Keeping chords – Wayward Daughter

G :320033 D/F# :20023X Em :022033 Cadd9 :032033 Em9 :054030 (Note: Verses can also be alternated G and D/F# only) G Close the door D/F# I don't wanna let the cold in Em Cadd9 Cause the night is getting older and I'm tired G Hold me close D/F# And I won't let another soul in […]

Amsterdam Tabs by Daughter V2

Amsterdam Daughter Capo 3 e|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| B|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| G|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| D|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| A|—4—4—4—4-|—4—4—4—2-|—2—2—2—2-|—2—2—2—0-| E|-2—2—2—2—|-0—0—0—0—|-2—2—2—2—|-0—0—0—0—|

Promiscuous Daughter Tabs by Cky V2

Song:Promiscuous Daughter Volume 1 Artist:CKY Genre:Alternative Metal Year:1999 Tuning:Whole-Step Down Verse 1 Pt.1 x2 (Distortion) D———————| A———————| F———————| C-22222222–55555555–| G-22222222–55555555–| D-00000000–33333333–| Verse 1 Pt.2 x2 (Distortion) D————-| A————-| F————-| C-22–55–55–| G-22–55–55–| D-00–33–33–| Verse 1 Pt.3 x4 (Distortion) D—————————–| A—————————–| F—————————–| C-99999999–1212121212121212–| G-77777777—9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9–| D—————————–| Verse 1 Pt.4 x3 (Distortion) D———————| A———————| F———————| C-22222222–55555555–| G-22222222–55555555–| D-00000000–33333333–| Pre-Bridge […]