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Dont Leave Me Alone chords by David Guetta

[Intro] G Am Em C D Em [Verse 1] G Am Em I don’t wanna lie, can we be honest? C D Em Right now while you’re sitting on my chest G Am Em I don’t know what I’d do without your comfort C D Em If you really go first, if you really left […]

Loving The Alien chords by David Bowie Ver 3

Note: Please note that the album and single versions differs a bit. This is based on the album version. [Intro] | Cadd2 | Cadd2 | Dsus2 | Dsus2 | | Eb6/Bb | Eb6/Bb | A5+7 | A5+7 | | Bm7 | (x4) | Em7 | Bm7/D | Cmaj7 | Bm7 B7 | (x2) [Verse] Em7 […]

The House Weve Been Calling Home chords – David Allan Coe

"The House We've Been Calling Home" by D.A.C. Capo 1st fret E A E Jessie she stares like a cat with a bird that has fallen and broke its wing E A B Terri she puts on her make-up and wonders what promise the new day will bring A B E A B E Debbie […]

O Holy Night chords – David Crowder Band Vsion 2

David Crowder's guitar is tuned down a semi tone, but then the chord shapes below are used. Simple finger picking for the most part, but builds up at the end of Verse 2. Intro: C Verse 1: C F C O holy night, the stars are brightly shining, G Am It is the night of […]

Life On Mars chords – David Bowie V12

Song: Life On Mars? Artist: David Bowie Hunky Dory, 1971 URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v–IqqusnNQ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_on_Mars_%28song%29 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kPDJQBtHaY (Live) Tempo: 4|4 Style: Weimar & French Cabaret Style Tuning: Standard Capo 3 Chords EADGBe D XX0232 F#m/C X44222 F#dim7/C X34242 B X24442 Em 022000 G/D XX0002 A7 X02020 F/C X33211 C#aug XX3221 Dm XX0231 Eb XX1343 Bb X13331 Bbaug X10332 […]

An Introduction chords – David Ramirez

"An Introduction" by David Ramirez Capo 2 Am Am F C I've stood in Roman cathedrals G Am Prayed in Southern Baptist chapels F C E F I've never heard a voice so I ain't paying a penny more G Am Oh tell me where to find, tell me where to find the Lord F […]

Hey Mama chords – David Guetta

David Guetta "Hey Mama" (feat. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack) You can also use the chorus chords for the verse Em Yes I be your woman Yes I be your baby Em Yes I be whatever that you tell me when you ready Yes I be your girl, forever your lady You ain't never gotta worry, […]

Say You Love Me chords – David Coverdale

C Dm C If I could see before my time ends F G C The smile you gave me before the pain C Dm C I could accept the world of darkness F G C Never see the sun again… Am Never ever gonna leave ya, F So dry your eyes and smile again G […]

Life On Mars chords – David Bowie V10

Life On Mars? – David Bowie verse F F/E Cm/Eb It's a god-awful small affair D Gm To the girl with the mousy hair Gm/F C7/E But her mummy is yelling "No" C7 F And her daddy has told her to go F/E Cm/Eb But her friend is nowhere to be seen D Gm Now […]

Free Love Freeway Tabs – David Brent

——————————————————————————- Free Love Freeway – David Brent (featuring Noel Gallagher) ——————————————————————————- : Drew Davie dd326@bath.ac.uk Tuning: Standard Chords used: EADGBe C (x32010) F (x3321x) Am (x02210) G (3×0033) Verse 1 (Palm muted): C F Am G Pretty girl on the hood of a Cadillac, yeah C F Am G She's broken down on Freeway 9 […]

Dangerous chords – David Guetta

Hi, I just heard this song and thinks it's pretty cool so I tabbed it 🙂 Play along to get the timing/strumming down- STANDARD TUNING NO CAPO (*= one strum) Intro- The #'s are the beats to help keep timing Em (8) Am (8) C (2) D (2) Bm (2) C (2) Am (4) B […]

David Meece chords – We Are The Reason

We Are the Reason David Meece Capo 5 G Am G Am D G B7 Em As little children, we would dream of Christmas morn Em7 C G/B Am Of all the gifts and toys we knew we’d find B7 Em Em7 A7 But we’d never realized a baby born one blessed night Am7 D […]

David Schwartz – Im Blue Man chords – Misc Television

C , D , Dm , B C B Well I’m down, so down. C D Staring at the ground. Dm E G C Cause I’m Blue, Man I’m Blue. (Man I’m Blue) C B Everyday we stroll, C D up and down the town. F Dm G C Still I’m Blue, Man I’m Blue. […]

Find The Light chords – David Ramirez

Intro: B B I wish upon you peace E B I wish upon you grace E B I wish for less of what you want F# And more of what you need Abm E I wish upon you an old life B E With a heart that stays young F# B But most of all […]

David Lambert – Outlaws chords

Heard this song on The Fosters last night. Looked it up immediately and had to put this up because it doesn't exist here yet. This is a beginner version because I just put this quickly together. I hope somebody else puts up chords though if there is a more advanced version This is just the […]

Druid Ii Enlightenment Tabs by David M Hanlon

The music of 'Druid II: Enlightenment' by David M. Hanlon Tuning: EADGBe (standard) No capo 1st part (The 1st part goes throughout the song in the background.) e———————-|———————-| B———————-|———————-| G———————-|———————-| D–5—————-5–|–5—————-5–| A—–5–6—-8–8—–|—–5–6—-8–8—–| E———————-|———————-| G D D# F F G G D D# F F G e————————–|——————-| B————————–|——————-| G——–7—————–|——————-| D–5–5—————–5–|–5—————-| A———–6–8–5–8—–|—–5–6–8–5—-| E————————–|—————–3-| G G D D# […]

Ballad Of Bowser Macrae chords – David Francey

Bb Gm D D G I was born in Cape Breton D A Born by the sea A D By the Seal Island bridge D In sweet Boularderie D G An by age seventeen D A There was nothing for me D So I headed for Thorold A D Washed up on the beach D […]

Si Si O Si No chords – David Summers

Intro Am Em C (4) Am Em C Dime tú si sí o si no, si es verdad que Dios existe, si fue con el corazón, todo lo que dijiste. Am Em C Y mirándome a los ojos, di que siempre me mentiste, que ya todo se acabó, que he de estar triste. PRECORO 1 […]

David Dunn – Winning chords

D C At Twenty-one, this son of a gun, G D was lost and not won. D C Let bygones, be long gone, G D Dsus4 D I just want one; hand to hold onto. D Am Some say, "Plain Jane, same old game, G D do you wanna play, again and again"? D Am […]

David – Kanave Kanave chords – Anirudh Ravichander

( Am ) kooramaana ( C ) maranam onru ( Am ) uyirai kondu ( Dm ) ponathe ( Em ) ( Am ) uyaramaana ( C ) kanavu inru ( Am ) tharaiyil veezhnthu ( Dm ) ponathe ( Em ) ( Am ) isaiyum ponadhu.. ( C )thimirum ponadhu ( Am ) thanimai […]