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Christmas Rush chords – Dead Moon

Christmas Rush (Fred Cole) INTRO: G G C G G G I got the Christmas rush, ain't got time enough C D I gotta buy some stuff, running low on bucks G I got the Christmas rush G I gotta cut a tree, clean the chiminy C D G I gotta hang some socks, shovel […]

Groovy Dead chords – Rusty

——————————————————————————- GROOVY DEAD – Rusty ——————————————————————————- : Pat Malavi pat.malavi F 133XXX Bb 6887XX C X3555X Dm X5776X Verse 1 F Bb I hit top speed I smoke the dragon F Bb Into the loft I drag my asshole F Bb I stick my head under the pillow Chorus C Dm Bb It's so groovy […]

We Found Two Dead Swans And Filled Their Bodies With Flowers chords – Teen Suicide

intro: F Bb F Am7 F Dm Am7 i don’t want to go to sleep Gm Bb C and i don’t want to dream F Dm Am7 on a table or on the floor Gm Bb C in a car outside at night in the snow F Bb F Am7 F Dm Am7 waking up […]

Ramble On Rose Tabs by Grateful Dead

D D E————————-2—————————-2——-| B————————-3—————————-3——-| G————————-2—————————-2——-| D—0—–0——–0–0—0–0—-0—–0——–0–0–0–0—-| A——2—–2–0——————–2—–2–0—————-| E————————————————————–| repeat D E Just like Jack the Ripper, Just like Mojo Hand, F#m G D G A Just like Billy Sunday, In a shotgun ragtime band, D E Just like New York City, Just like Jerico, F#m G D G A Pace the halls and climb the […]

Open Doors Tabs by And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Open Doors …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead standard tuning intro is just muted strings with e|————| B|——+5—-| G|———+5-| D|————| A|————| E|—+5——-| repeated over it im not gonna tab it out line by line because its pretty simple and repetitive so the chords are e|——————————-| B|——————————-| G|-9—————————–| D|-9×16–9—-10————5—-| A|-7—–9×16-10×12———5×16-| E|-0—–7—-8—-10101010-3—-| e|————————| […]

Dead American Tabs by Anberlin

—————————————————————————– Dead American – Anberlin —————————————————————————– Artist: Anberlin Song: Dead American Devotion : Matthew Florio; http://www.facebook.com/smeeplayscheap Shempashland Tuning: Drop D ( Standard ) Intro / Verse *Add a very bouncy delay* e|————————————————————————————| B|————————————————————————————| G|————————————————————————————| D|—3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4—| A|-66—66—66—66—66—66—66—66—44—44—44—44—44—44—44—44——| D|————————————————————————————| Guitar 2 *there isnt really another guitar part but you can just hold these chords out* e|———————————————| B|—-0~—-0~—-0~—-0~———————| […]

Day For The Dead chords – Zac Brown Band

This song is from their 2013 EP: The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1. Check it out on iTunes!! Wicked raw music. I put this tab together based off their live performances: HALF STEP DOWN! (as always with ZBB) |————–| | E : 022100| |————–| | Asus2 : x02200| |————–| | Esus2 : 024400| |————–| | E5 […]

Gods Not Dead chords – Newsboys V4

"God's Not Dead" – Newsboys J.R. Bradford Capo 4th fret INTRO: Em7 – Em D – Dsus2 G (x3) OR B|777——-777———————-| G|—-888888————————-| D|————–888888-99999999999999| (x3) VERSE 1: Em7 D G Let love explode and bring the dead to life Am Em C A love so bold to see a revolution somehow INTERLUDE: Em7 – Em D […]

Dead Living Tabs by Rudimentary Peni

Dead Living- Rudimentary Peni : Z Intro (Guitar Only) e—————–| B—————–| G—————–| D—————–| A–9999–10101010-| E–7777–8-8-8-8–| Verse e———————————————-| B———————————————-| G———————————————-| D———————————————-| A–9999-10101010-7777-8888-5555-6666-3333-4444-| E–7777-8-8-8-8–5555-6666-3333-4444-1111-2222-| Solo e–7777-88-10-8–5555-66-8-6-3333-44-6-4–1111-22-4-2-1-| B——————————————————-| G——————————————————-| D——————————————————-| A——————————————————-| E——————————————————-| End song on F –> A–3-| E–1-| Order: Intro(x2) Verse (x3) Solo plays on 3rd verse. Lyrics: I'm a zombie, the crowd burried me My piercing […]

Dream Is Dead Tabs by Type O Negative

Type O Negative Life Is Killing Me Song: The Dream Is Dead Tuning: BEADF#B Notes + Odd Numbered Verses = The A# chord is actually an open harmonic produced by the sustainer pickup. I think the harmonic on the 4th fret gets you close. + The last chord played at the end of each verse […]

Dead And Buried Tabs by A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember Dead And Buried Drop B Intro – Guitar 1 C#|———————————————————-| G#|—————————————-end here 2nd time-| E |—————————————-|—————–| B |—————————————-|—————–| x2 F#|-0000-0–0-0-0-0—0–0-0—-0-0–0–0-0-0-0—0–0-0—–| B |-0000-0–0-0-0-0—0–0-0—-0-0–0–0-0-0-0—0–0-0—–| **** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Intro – Guitar 2 C#|——————————–|——————end here 2nd time-| G#|——————————–|——————|—————–| E […]

The Dead Flag Blues Tabs by Godspeed You Black Emperor V3

This is a tab of basically the main riff to the song, there is another tab if you are looking for the movement at around 10:10, here's the link: http://tabs.ultimate- guitar.com/g/godspeed_you_black_emperor/the_dead_flag_blues_ver2_tab.htm Artist: Godspeed You! Black Emperor Song: The Dead Flag Blues F#A# (Infinity Symbol) Tuning: Standard Tempo: About 50 or so BPM **TIMING IS NOT […]

Dead chords – Stephen Fretwell

—————————————————————————– "Dead" by Stephen Fretwell —————————————————————————– : JohnJoe Walters johnjoewalters@hotmail.co.uk Tuning:EADGBE Chords: 133211 F X02210 Am XX0231 Dm X13331 Bb 320001 G7 X32010 C X32310 C7 Each verse (including instrumental start to verse 3) has same chords. Verse 1: (Begins with a hammer-on from the open 6th string "e" note to the F chord) F […]

Johnnys Got A Gun chords – Dead Moon

Johnny's Got A Gun (Fred Cole) (Dead Moon live version) INTRO: E|–0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-| B|–5-5-5-5-5-5-5/8-8-8-7-7-7-5-5-3-3-5-5-5-3-0-3-5-5-5-| G|——————————————————| D|——————————————————| A|——————————————————| E|——————————————————| (SPOKEN INTRO:) You've crushed the resistence before it's begun silenced the voices who've dared to confront laying your hands upon all that you rule becoming the man who you overtrew now you better watch out 'cause johnny's got […]

Clouds Of Dawn chords – Dead Moon

Clouds Of Dawn (Fred Cole) INTRO: E D C G A B (2x) E C G B We ain't got the feeling and dreams not at all For those who come lately are in for a fall We're told of our outcome in silent rage and anger We're bent out of focus facing the chasing […]

Suara Dalam Menara chords – Superman Is Dead

Title : Suara Dalam Menara Artist : Superman Is Dead Album : Sunset Di Tanah Anarki Year : 2013 D G Aku adalah malaikat kematianmu D G Aku adalah durjana senja D G Tanpa namaku bermakna ditepian badai ini D G Kulukiskan namamu cinta D G Akulah suara wuohohohoooooo D G Dalam menara wuohohohoooooo D […]

Water Not War chords – Superman Is Dead V2

——————————————————————————- Water Not War – Superman Is Dead ——————————————————————————- Submitted by: di.182 di.182@facebook.com Tuning: Standard Intro: D [Verse 1] D Bb C F Above the silent of this burning clouds D Bb C F Why should I cry If I know I'm gonna fall D Bb C F I lost my breath when I get […]

Suara Dalam Menara chords – Superman Is Dead V2

SUARA DALAM MENARA by: Superman is dead Sunset di tanah anarki G5 C5 aku adalah malaikat kematian G5 C5 aku adalah durjana senja G5 C5 tanpa namaku bermakna di tepian badai ini G5 C5 kulukiskan namamu cinta G5 C5 akulah suara, whuohoho G5 C5 dalam menara, whuohoho G5 C5 bernafaskan api terjadilah peristiwa G5 C5 […]

Water Not War chords – Superman Is Dead

WATER NOT WAR by: Superman is dead Sunset di tanah anarki Intro: Dm Bb C F Dm Bb C Dm Dm Bb C F above the silent of this burning clouds Dm Bb C Dm why should I cry if I know I'm gonna fall Dm Bb C F I lost my breath when I […]

I Cant Hear You Tabs by The Dead Weather V3

(b) Bend \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ I Can't Hear You – The Dead Weather \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Standard E Tuning (EADGBE) : Billy Z. zillybaletel First tab I hope you enjoy 😀 Verse (Palm Muted) E|————————————————————| B|————————————————————| G|————————————————————| D|——————5-3—————————————| A|——–3-5—-3-3—5-3————————————| E|–3-3-5—-3-5———-6———————————–| Chorus (No Mute) E|————————————————————-| B|————————————————————-| G|———3b————————–3b———————-| D|————-5-55-3-5—–55-3-5——-5-55-3-5–5-3———| A|——————————————————5-3—-| E|–3-3—————————————————-6-3-|