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Bad Kidz chords – Marina And The Diamonds V2

This tab was based on V1. Most of the chords were spot on, but the placement was messed up by UG's system of submission. I fixed some of the odd chords here, and a few lyrical mistakes. If this is too hard for you, try putting it into the key of C – transpose +4. […]

Solitaire chords – Marina And The Diamonds

Capo 1st fret F#m C#m Don't wanna talk anymore E Bm I'm obsessed with silence F#m C#m I go home and I lock my door E Bm I can hear the sirens F#m C#m I see buildings and bars from the window E Bm And I listen to the wind blow F#m C#m I see […]

Happy chords – Marina And The Diamonds V4

song by Marina and The Diamonds Happy Bb Couldn't relax, Dm C Gm Couldn't sit back and let the sun lay in my lap Bb Dm I sang to him to bring me peace C Gm and then it came a melody Bb Dm It felt so sweet, it felt so strong C Gm It […]

Happy chords – Marina And The Diamonds V3

CAPO 3 ! G Couldn’t relax Bm Couldn’t sit back A And let the sun Em light in my lap G I sang a hymn Bm To bring me peace A And then it came Em A melody Em It felt so sweet Bm It felt so strong A It made me feel like G […]

Hermit The Frog intro Tabs – Marina And The Diamonds

——————————————————————————- Hermit The Frog (Intro) – Marina and The Diamonds ——————————————————————————- : robertocomnos roberto.comnose@hotmail.com Tuning: Standart e|———————-0———2–3–4–2———————————| B|——2-3—2—–1-2-2-2-1—–3–4–3–3———————————| G|–2-3—–3——-2-3—3-2—–2–3–4–2———————————| D|——————————–0–1–1–0———————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| e|—————————————————————————| B|——–3——————————————————————| G|——3———–2———–3———————–2——————–| D|–5-5———–3———–3—————2——-3————3———| A|————5-5———–5—————4—–5-5———-0-3———–| E|———————-6-6————-5-5—————–1-1————–| e|—————————————————————————| B|——–3———————————–3———————3——–| G|——3———–2———–3———–3———————2———-| D|–5-5———–3———–3———5-5————-2——-3————| A|————5-5———–5————————-4—–5-5————–| E|———————-6-6———————–5-5————————| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic […]

Diamonds chords – Malky

a beautiful song by Malky called Diamonds. Like them on Facebook if you want! https://www.facebook.com/malkyofficial?fref=ts Here's the song. F# D E A Ebm D don´t you know how much it hurts me Fm F# A and how it sends me to my knees Em D when you cut me off your heart beat Fm and […]

Sinful chords – Marina And The Diamonds

Bb C Bb C C F Cm F I lost my spine inside the center of a star C F Cm F And every day I wonder where the bad bones are Dm Bb F C You die an ugly day if you hit and miss Dm Bb F C I know my own grand […]

Let Me Love You Acoustic chords – Mario

Capo on 3 🙂 Am Em D Mmmm ….. Mmmmm…. Yeah….Mmmmm….Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [Verse 1:] Am Baby I just don't get it Em Do you enjoy being hurt? D D I know you smelled the perfume, the make-up on his shirt Am You don't believe his stories Em You know that they're all lies D […]

U chords – Austin Mahone

All the song goes like A B E A , like that: " A B E Cus I know that all my dreams A Are coming true yeah A B And I know-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow E A I'll never feel the way I feel girl " So, enjoy the song and any doubts,email me: lilicescalf Chords: | […]

Diamonds chords – Dave Baxter

This is just a really rough chording of Diamonds because I couldn't find any online. I'm sure there are chords missing but I wasn't sure what they were. feel free to add if you can 🙂 Verse 1: E Dbm B No one was around, we know this place E Dbm B The other side […]

All The Diamonds Tabs by Bruce Cockburn

Guitar (Capo 5) C Q Q E E E E E E E E E E E E E||——-0—————-|—–0————–0—–| B||—————1——–|———–1———–1–| G||–0——————0–|—————–0——–| D||——-2———-2—–|——–2———–2—–| A||–3———3———–|–3———–3———–| E||————————|————————–| C E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E Q Q E E E E —————–0——–|———–0————–|–0———————| ————————–|–1————–1——–|——-1——-1——–| ——–0–L———–0–|—–0—————–0–|———————0–| ——–3———–3—–|——–3———–3—–|——-2———-2—–| –3–L——–3———–|–3———–3———–|–3———3———–| ————————–|————————–|————————| E E […]

Diamonds chords – The Kin

C G Am F I've been looking for gold while sittin' on diamonds C G F Been stalling my way to love for all these years C G Am F I thought on all that was, and all that could have been C G F Now all I want to do is be Am C […]

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Chords – Fergie

Capo on 3rd fret Verse 1 Fergie: Am G I ain’t got time for you baby Dm C G Either you’re mine, or you’re not Am G Make up your mind sweet baby Dm C G Right here, right now’s all we got Am G A little party never killed nobody Dm C G So […]

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody All We Got Chords – Fergie

Standard tuning No capo needed Verse 1 Fergie: Cm A# I ain’t got time for you baby Fm D# A# Either you’re mine, or you’re not Cm A# Make up your mind sweet baby Fm D# A# Right here, right now’s all we got Cm A# A little party never killed nobody Fm D# A# […]

Blue Eyes Blind Chords – Zz Ward

Hi 🙂 this is my first submission so hopefully it's right. If you like it hit the 5 stars, thanks! Also I like to change the E to E7 because I think it sounds nice, so maybe try that instead. Capo 1 for original key Bm G I feel the moon hitting the blacktop, A […]

All She Wanted Chords – Electric Light Orchestra V2

————————————————————————— All She Wanted – Electric Light Orchestra ————————————————————————— Tabbed by: maguri Tuning: Standard Electric Light Orchestra All She Wanted (2001) (Lynne) From: "Zoom" ————————————————————————— CHORDS E-A-D-G-B-E A5 x-0-2-2-x-x ————————————————————————— INTRO | A | % | % | % | | A | % | % | % | A She was a good girl, […]

Champagne Chords – Cassadee Pope

Champagne by Cassadee Pope Album: Frame by Frame Track 2 2013 Standard Tuning Capo on the 3rd fret Chords: G : 320003 or 320033 D : xx0232 C : x32010 Em : x22000 A : x02220 Intro: G D G C x 2 G D 4 o'clock in the morning, city lights G C Like […]

You Know My Name Chords – Chris Cornell V7

You Know My Name – Chris Cornell Intro: Bm G E x4 Bm A Gm If you take a life do you know what you'll give? D Bm Odds are, you won't like what it is. Bm A Gm When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me? D F# By the merciless eyes […]

Northbound 35 Chords – Richard Shindell

NORTHBOUND 35 (Richard Shindell) (Tuning: DADGAD, Capo: +7) Chords: Asus4 500000 A5 000200 E9sus4 2(0h2)0000 A7sus4 030000 Gbm7 000(2h4)0 Gsus2 030030 Dadd9 020000 Pattern: .. if two equal chords are following each other: 1. |————-|-^———–| 6 |————-|-|———–| – |—–|-^-|—|—–^——-| 8 |—–v-|-v—|—–|——-| |-^———–|———^—| |-|———–|———|—| 1 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 3 + […]

Gilded Lily Chords – Bronze Radio Return

Gilded Lily by Bronze Radio Return Intro Am Am/G Am Am/G Am/F# She shines and she radiates. F G Am With true glow oh so honest more than she knows F G Am herself she underates. Am Am/G Am/F# With a bell and a whistle she decorates F G Am to bring out less doubt […]