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No Brainer chords by DJ Khaled

[Intro] F G Am We the Best Music! Csus2 G F Another one! F G Am DJ Khaled! [Chorus] F G Am You stick out of the crowd, baby, it’s a no-brainer Csus2 G F It ain’t that hard to choose F G Am Him or me, be for real, baby, it’s a no-brainer Csus2 […]

Dj For A Day chords – Jimmy C. Newman

C You won't answer when I call you F C You won't answer when I write F C You're out in someone else's arms D7 G7 In a new place every night C So here is what I would like to do F C If I could have my way F C G7 C C7 […]

Tsjeriau chords – Ravi Dj Løv

Intro: F Dm Bb F C Wi wer røning wail Bb F Følr mæ sÃ¥ fed øp a dena susjigutsjidama, C Jæ mele mæ pÃ¥ markede, vi non andre ha mæ? Bb F Jæ drøme mæ te lane sÃ¥m vi stave krava fÃ¥r mæ, C Bb Jæ dritr i fleksiti, difekt virilitet, kreativitet, Am Dm […]

Addicted chords – Dj Assad

Hey Its DanRobben here is the chords to Dj assads Addicted to you hope you gonna like cause.i do! Well the chords is only Em, C, D its on Capo 2 All the Way in the song its Em C D so Felling free to comment Em . C . D I'm so addicted to […]

Dj Paul Elstak – Promised Land intro Tabs

E|–0—1-0———-0——0————————————-0–1-0————0——–R B|–1——-3–1———3—-3-1–0—3—-1—-3–1–0———-1——-3p1—3—–3-1–3-E G|–2————-2——4———–0——2————2—2—-2———-2–4————P D|———————–5——————3————–3——————–5————E A|——————————————————————————————-A E|——————————————————————————————-T http://www.paulelstak.nl/nl/

Einen Stern chords – Dj Oetzi V4

Einen Stern der Deinen Namen trägt – DJ Ötzi by batucaca Intro: C , (E-Seite 3./1./0.Bd), F C F Einen Stern der Deinen Namen trägt , G hoch am Himmelszelt C / C7/C / C7/C den schenk ich Dir heut Nacht. F Einen Stern der Deinen Namen trägt, G alle Zeiten überlebt C / C7/C […]

Anton Aus Tirol chords – Dj Oetzi

Anton aus Tirol – Dj Ötzi by batucaca G Em Bm C D Anton, Anton, Anton,Anton, Anton Anton , Anton Anton , (2x) G D Ich bin so schön, Ich bin so doll, Ich bin der Anton aus Tirol C Meine gigaschlanken Wadeln, san der Wahnsinn für die Madeln G D G Mei Figur a […]

Kill The Dj Tabs by Green Day V5

GREEN DAY Kill The DJ Standard slight tremelo bends thoughout songs Intro e|——————————————| B|——————————————| G|——————————————| D|———————-7——————-| A|-x–x–x–x–x–x–x–x——————-| E|-5–5–5–5–5–5–5-55–3(slight bend)—| Intro 2/Verse —-55————7————————-| —-55————7————————-| —-55—5-5—x7-7—x———————| –7—–x7-7—x7—–x———————| x6 –7—–x7-7—x5—–x———————| –5—–x5-5———–3-3-3-0————–| || Prechorus ————————————————————| ————————————————————| ——-x—–x7-5–x77\5–7-5———x—–x7-5–x7~——-| ——-x—–xx-x–xxx-x–x-x———x—–xx-x–xx~——-| –2-2–x2—-x5-3–x55\3–5-3—-2-2–x2—-x5-3–x5~——-| –0-0—0h3———————-0-0—0h3——————| Chorus – Guitar 1 –5–55–5–55–7–77–3–33–5–55–5–55–7–xx———–| –5–55–5–55–7–77–3–33–5–55–5–55–7–xx—-8——| –5–55–5–55–7–77–4–44–5–55–5–55–7–xx-7b~~rp5—| ————————————————————| x1.5 ————————————————————| ————————————————————| Chorus – Guitar 2 ————————————————————| ————————————————————| —————x7-7————————x7-7————-| –7-7–x7-7—-x7-7—x5-5—-7-7–x7-7—-x7-7————-| […]

Mi Amor Tabs by Dj Ashba V2

DJ ASHBA – Mi Amor by Mcmartini (Mi Amor / Sweet Child O' Mine by D.j. Ashba – 7m25s on Youtube) 0:04 D#|————————————————————————————-| A#|———————————————-8-8/11-9-9-8-8br———————–| F#|——10h12–10h12~–10-10/12\10–8——–10——————10~——————-| C#|————————————10–10——————————————-| G#|————————————————————————————-| D#|–15\——————————————————————————–| D#|————————————————————————————-| A#|——11——-8~–9~——–11—-9-9-8-8br—————————————–| F#|—-7—10~–7—7—–8-10—–10———–11-10-8-10br-8-10-8———————| C#|–8——————8—————————————————————| G#|————————————————————————————-| D#|————————————————————————————-| 0:20 D#|———————————————————11————————–| A#|———————————————-8-8/11-9-9—-9~———————–| F#|–10h12–10h12~–10-10/12\10–8——–10——————————————–| C#|——————————–10–10———————————————–| G#|————————————————————————————-| D#|————————————————————————————-| D#|—–8-8/10—-10/11—11p13~—-13\———–11-10-8——————————-| A#|–/9——–11——-11——-11——9-8-8br———-11-9-8————————| F#|————————————————————————————-| C#|————————————————————————————-| G#|————————————————————————————-| D#|————————————————————————————-| 0:34 D#|–11-10——–11-10——————————-11——————————–| A#|——–11———–11—————13—-11-9-9—-9~—————————–| F#|———–12~———-12~—–10h12—-12——————————————| C#|—————————–10——————————————————| G#|————————————————————————————-| D#|————————————————————————————-| D#|–10-8———10-8——————————————————————| […]

Take Me chords – Dj Tiesto

Tiesto + Kyler England // Take Me Am F C Em Am Waiting for the light to change from red F C Thinking over all the things you said to me Em You said to me Am All your dreams are dying in the sun F C Pretty soon there'll be nowhere left to run […]

Hey Who Really Cares Chords – Linda Perhacs

Artist: Linda Perhacs Song: Hey, who really cares? Tabbed by: DJ 5th Sept 2013 http://www.timelesslindaperhacs.com/Home.html Tuning: Standard CAPO: 3rd fret Chord names and fret positions relative to capo: Fmaj7 +11 = 133210 E7 = x02010 ( Cmaj7/E ) = 0xxxxx Em = 244222 Am = x02210 ( Cmaj7/G ) = 3xxxxx ( Em/A ) = […]

Hot To Death Tabs by Scout Niblett

——————————————————————————- Hot to Death by Scout Niblett ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: Scott H. From 2005's "Kidnapped by Neptune". This is not necessarily a difficult song to play, but you definitely need to listen to it to get the melody before attempting it because it is quite brisk. Tuning: EADGBE Verse Riff: e|———————————————-| B|———————————————-| G|-8-7-12-11-12-7-8——–7b-7b-7b-7b———-| D|-8-7-12-11-12-7-8-8-10-8-8b-8b-8b-8b———-| A|-6-5-10-9–10-5-6-8-10-8-8b-8b-8b-8b———-| […]

It Aint Love Chords – Green River Ordinance

Green River Ordinance It Ain't Love Capo 2 TAB BY DJ@LABOOMONLINE.COM please email any corrections Intro: G – Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Cadd9 She leaves her heart up on the shelf G Cadd9 G Cadd9 Easier to keep, than to give to someone else Em C I see her out every Friday night Em C […]

Many Too Many Chords – Genesis V3

Artist: Genesis Song: Many too many Tabbed by: DJ 4th Sept 2013 Tuning: Standard CAPO: 2nd fret (Sounds in key of C#m) Bm = x24432 E = 022100 C = x32010 F#m/A = x04222 or x07675 B = x24442 Dm7/C = x30211 Em = 022000 C#m = x46654 Em/B = x22000 F#m = 244222 F/C […]

Aint Nobody Chords – Chaka Khan V4

Artist: Chaka Khan Song: Ain't nobody Tabbed by: DJ 6th Sept 2013 Tuning: Standard CAPO: 1st fret (Sounds in key of Ebm) Chord names and fret positions relative to capo: Dm = xx0231 Bbmaj7 = x13231 Am7 = x02010 Gm = 355333 C = x32010 Gm7 = 353333 Bb = x13331 C/D = xx0010 ************************************************************** […]

Drake Chords – Beth Gibbons

Artist: Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man Song: Drake Tabbed by: DJ 28th Aug 2013 Tuning: Standard Time signature: 5/4 Capo: 1st fret Fret positions and chord names relative to capo: Amaj7 = x02120 G#m9 = 464446 Bmaj7 = x24342 F#m7 = 242222 G#m = 466444 *********************************************************************** Amaj7 | / / / / / | / […]

Wildfire Chords – The Saturdays

Em C G D through out whole song Hey hey I've been waiting Waiting for the day For the day to end When I feel the night moving in One thing on my mind Here I go again ooh Push up on my body Put it on me DJ get me high Move me over […]

Dreams Chords – Fleetwood Mac V5

Artist: Fleetwood Mac Song: Dreams Tabbed by: DJ 27th Aug 2013 Tuning: Standard F = 133211 G9 = 300001 G4 = 320013 G = 355433 Fadd9 = xx3213 Gadd9 = xx5435 Fmaj7 = 133210 G7 = 320001 Am = x02210 G6 = 355430 G6 (type 2) = 320000 G5 = 320033 G = 320003 *********************************************************************** […]

Play It Again Chords – Luke Bryan V2

Play It Again Written by Dallas Davidson & Ashley Gorley Recorded by Luke Bryan (Capo on 4) Intro.: |( C )( G )|( D/A ) | x 2ai She was ( C )sittin' all alone over ( G )on the tailgate, ( D/A )tan legs swingin' by a Georgia plateusa I was ( C )lookin' […]

Baby Stop Crying Chords – Bob Dylan

Artist: Bob Dylan Song: Baby stop crying Tabbed by: DJ 20th Aug 2013 Tuning: Standard CAPO: 3rd fret (Sounds in key of Bb) Chord shapes are relative to capo position: C/D = xx0010 Bm = x24432 Bm/D = xx0432 C = x32010 G = 320003 D = xx0230 G4 = 320013 ^ = emphasise beat […]