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Across The Universe chords – Beatles V11

Across The Universe The Beatles Key: C Original key is D but I play it in this key because it fits my range slightly better. Each line is 2 bars, so the lines that stop halfway or a quarter represent when there are extra bars Intro: C Em . . . . . . . […]

Anywhere With You chords – Rubber Rodeo

One of my favorite songs from the 80's by a "lost band" from the 80's Rubber Rodeo. I couldn't find anything on the internet, so I decided to have a go at it myself. It sounds pretty good to my ears anyway. Comments/corrections are welcome, but this is my very first tab, so please go […]

California chords – Sons Of The East

Intro: Am F C F Am G F Left my home long ago To get out of California F Am G F The bird she hides, the other side And I thought, I thought I saw her F Am G F Broken homes, rattled bones White dust from before F Am G F Now I […]

Mad Sounds Chords – Arctic Monkeys V2

CAPO ON 1 E A Mad sounds in your ears E A make you feel alright F#m G# C#m F#m They’ll bring you back to life E A E A Mad sounds in your ears E A Make you get up and dance E A E Make you get up A E A Yeah they […]

Bare Skin Rug Chords – Blake Shelton

Bare Skin Rug D (VS.1) D A Well the moon just came over the tree tops A D And the whippoorwill started to sing D So I slid down the hill G Got into the still A D And drank till my ears started to ring (VS.2) D A I followed a trail to through […]

Happy With You Chords – Jack Rosies

This is my first ever tab, listen to the song for strumming pattern and stuff… Hope this is useful 😉 http://www.jackrosies.com Happy With You – Jack Rosies Capo 4 I was born in a world of my own And I think I'll die alone E F# Abm F# E Still got time so what, what […]

Alabama Bound Tabs by Leadbelly V3

Okay, Just throwing up how I play this classic Leadbelly song. Others have the same intros, but it's that third bit catches people out, mines a bit easier, and truer sounding, to my ears anyways If you like it, look at it, love it or hate it RATE IT ! flatwound ALABAMA BOUND I'm Alabama […]

Lances Song Chords – Zac Brown Band V3

Capo 1 C G x2 G C Doing what you love has a high price to pay D G Some put on a suit but he ran the other way G C His drums drown out the yuppies and the ones who couldn't dream D G Cause the freedom music gave him was worth more […]

Who Are You Chords – Fifth Harmony

Hellooo, I came up with these chords by ears based on the fifth harmony tour videos of this song, since the studio version is not yet released. I think once the studio version is out, it'll be a little bit different but for now, if you want to cover the song based on their tour […]

Wholl Stop The Rain Chords – Bruce Springsteen

This isn't my work! All the credit goes to other people who worked (maybe hard, I dont know) to this…. I uploaded this because i noticed it isn't on. Once again,say good stuff about the people who actually did this. + this song is almost identical to CCR version (the original). Intro 2x I——3———I——3———I——3———I——3———I I–0————-I–0————-I–0————-I–0————-I […]

Good Time Music Chords – Beau Brummels

Good Time Music:Beau Brummels. #13 in Canada and #97 on BB Hot 100 on AUTUMN Records in 1965. INTRO:(A cappella) Hear good sounds on the radio, boys.. good sounds. #1. A I've been listening to my radio for two or three years. A And the music they been playing is so doggone bad that it's […]

Noisy Sunday Chords – Patrick Watson

Intro: F Am G F Am G Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm C Dm C F It's late in the night C F C Bb It's late in the night for a start Dm F It's quiet again C F Em F Bb Too much for noise to go on to C F Fill […]

Bal Shem Tov Chords – Matisyahu

Capo 3 Am G . C On a day when a man was born, up from one world to another Am . G . C I don't know who you are, even when we face each other Am . G . C . When I wake up I know you're here this is everything that […]

Frames Chords – Lee Dewyze

C My heart is getting heavier C Am Heavier than I ever thought it could F C And for a while I believed that I was superman G But I misunderstood C And you can chase me down cause you know how C Am I want to feel like what we had was good F […]

Mad Sounds Chords – Arctic Monkeys

Hey, I made a cover, please Watch it !! thank you so much — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juH6fUdi7Kg Intro + beginning of the 1st verse go Watch the tab F Bb Mad sounds in your ears F Bb make you feel alright Gm A Dm Gm They’ll bring you back to life F Bb Mad sounds in your […]

Ill Drown Chords – Soley

** This is how I play the song. It's probably not correct but it sounds okay to my ears. ** Dbm E He's alone in his house out there, A far, far away, Dbm he sleeps with his eyes open. Dbm He was so sad last night, E in this house out there A he […]

Vem Kan Segla chords V3

Very different from the other versions, but to my ears this is much more correct. Please rate/comment/correct. =) Intro: Am Am Dm G7 C Vem kan segla förutan vind? Vem kan ro utan åror? Dm E7 Am F Dm E7 Am Vem kan skiljas från vännen sin, utan att fälla tårar? Am Dm G7 C […]

Mad Sounds Tabs by Arctic Monkeys V2

MAD SOUNDS (As seen on Live as Best Kept Secret) ARCTIC MONKEYS TABBER: GIORGIOT e——–5———3——————-| b————————————–| g—3/5——-5/3———————-| D————————————–| A————————————–| E————————————–| Mad sounds in your ears e——–5—-6-5———–3———-| b————————————–| g—3/5—–5———5/3————–| D————————————–| A————————————–| E————————————–| Make you feel alright e–3–5–6—-10–8–6–5———3—-1——–1—-3——3—–| b——————————-3———1————3———-| g–3–5–6—-10–8–7–6—–3————–2————3——-| D—————————————————————–| A—————————————————————–| E—————————————————————–| They ll bring you back to life e———1—————-1———–| b——-1—-3———–1—3———| g—–2—————-2—————| D—3—————-3—————–| A————————————–| E————————————–| Mad […]

Been Listening Chords – Johnny Flynn V2

——————————————————————————- BEEN LISTENING – Johnny Flynn ——————————————————————————- for the chords in parentheses just play the root note not the whole chord. INTRO C Dm Am ( Em ) F LEAD e|—–12——————–| B|–13——-12b13-10——–| G|—————————| D|—————————| A|—————————| E|—————————| Em C The song's a thing Em C And this one's thin ( Em ) F ( Am ) […]

The Magic Chords – Joan As Police Woman V2

Tuned half a step down Intro: F#m Bm x2 Verse: F#m Bm F#m Bm I don’t want to tell you what you already know D A This is me you that you’re talking to C#7 and anything I say, I have said before C#7 When will it be enough? F#m Bm F#m There’s something, and […]