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End Of Me Tabs – A Day To Remember Vsion 4

Intro-Verse (Clean Guitar) E—————————————————————————————————- B–3—–3——————————————————————————————- G—-4-2—4–2—2-2—-1—2-1—1—2-1———————————————————– D—————4—–4—-2—–2—2—–2——————————————————— A–2————————————————————————————————- E————-2———-0—————————————————————————(6x) Chorus (1st Guitar) E—————————————————————————————————- B—————————————————————————————————- G—————————————————————————————————- D–4444–4444–2222———————————————————————————- A–2222–4444–2222———————————————————————————- E–2222–2222–0000———————————————————————————-(3x) Chorus (2nd Guitar) E——————————————————————————————————- B——————————————————————————————————- G–16-16-14-14-13-14/14——————————————————————————— D——————————————————————————————————- A–14-14-12-12-11-11/12——————————————————————————— E——————————————————————————————————-(3x) Oh, You'll be the end of me…(2nd Verse) (1st guitar) Clean Guitar E—————————————————————————————————- B–3—–3——————————————————————————————- G—-4-2—4–2—2-2—-1—2-1—1—2-1———————————————————– D—————4—–4—-2—–2—2—–2——————————————————— A–2————————————————————————————————- E————-2———-0————————————————————————— Solo-2nd Verse (2nd Guitar) (Delay) Pre Chorus E—————————————————————————————————– B—————————————————————————————————– G–6/7-9-7-6-11-9-9———————————————————————————– […]

The End Of All Things Tabs – Panic! At The Disco Vsion 3

: jcameronp Tuning: standard, capo on 1 (notes relative to capo, so fret 7 with capo on 1 is actually played at fret 8) Intro: (make sure to emphasize the high e of every chord) e|-0~-3-5-7~-2~-0~-3-5–10~-5~-3~-3-5-7~-2~-0~-3-5-10-5-3~——————-| B|-0~—–0~-3~-0~——7~–x~-0~—–0~-3~-0~———-0~——————-| G|-0~—–0~-2~-0~——7~–4~-0~—–0~-2~-0~———-0~——————-| D|-2~—–5~-0~-2~——7~–4~-2~—–5~-0~-2~———-2~——————-| A|-3~—–7~—-3~——9~–5~-3~—–7~—-3~———-3~——————-| E|—————————————————————————| Verse: Whether near or far… e|-3-5-7~-2~-0~-3-5-10~-5~-3~-3-5-7~-2~-3-5-7~-7-7-5~————————| B|—–0~-3~-0~—–7~–x~-0~—–0~-3~—–0~—–x~————————| G|—–0~-2~-0~—–7~–4~-0~—–0~-2~—–0~—–4~————————| D|—–5~-0~-2~—–7~–4~-2~—–5~-0~—–5~—–4~————————| A|—–7~—-3~—–9~–5~-3~—–7~——–7~—–5~————————| E|—————————————————————————| Prechorus: Lay us […]

Love Me To The End chords – Deine Lakaien

[Verse 1] Dm C Waiting for the dawn Bb C Waiting for the night Dm C Waiting for the dawn Bb C Waiting for the night Dm C The day's too long Bb C The day's too bright Dm C The day's too long Bb C The day's too bright [Refrain] Dm Love me, C […]

Love Me Until The End Of Time chords – Secret Lie

Secret Lie – Love Me Until the End of Time From the Behind the Truth (2014) Comment for any corrections and please rate Am Asus2 G F F7 G Love me until the end of time Am Am7 G F F7 G G7 Love me until the end of time Dm F As you grab […]

No Peace No End chords – Richard Thompson

B Bsus4 Where were you when the walls were crumbling B Bsus4 Where were you when the guns were rumbling B G Where were you when the hounds of hell C G D Took sons and lovers away B Bsus4 Did you see me on the slippery slope B Bsus4 Wrong end of a telescope […]

Life Is Strange – End Credits Max And Chloe Tabs – Misc Computer Games

——————————————————————————- Jonathan Morali – End Credits (Life Is Strange) ——————————————————————————- : Marta Mayer After releasing my set of covers on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waY8jaL-3Es), many people asked for tutorials or tabs for particular songs. So here you are, here is the wonderful music that can be heard in the end of the game! This tab is obviously […]

End Of A Lifetime Tabs – Unbroken

PH = pinched harmonic BU = Bend up e|——————| B|——————| G|——————| D|-0–1–6–3–6–3-| x3 A|-0–1–6–3–6–3-| D|-0–1–6–3–6–3-| e|———| B|———| G|———| D|-0–1–6-| A|-0–1–6-| D|-0–1–6-| e|—————————| B|—————————| GTR G|-7/8\7———————| 1 D|——–0h1p0–0—-3—-6-| x8 A|-5/6\5–0h1p0–0-00-3-00-6-| D|——–0h1p0–0-00-3-00-6-| PM PM e|—————————–| B|—————————–| GTR G|-7/8\7————–10—-13-| 2 D|——–0h1p0–0————-| x8 A|-5/6\5–0h1p0–0-00-8–00-11-| D|——–0h1p0–0-00—-00—-| PM PM e|———————————-3h4p3-| B|—————————————-| G|————————–3h4p3———| D|——————–1–1——–6——-| A|-0-0–0-0–0-0–0-0-1–1—————-| E|-0-0–0-0–0-0–0-0-1–1—————-| P M P M P M […]

End Of The World chords – Aphrodites Child

—————————————————————————– Artist – Aphrodites Child *************************** Song – End Of The World ************************* Album – End Of The World (1968) ********************************* – Ayreon77 ********************** —————————————————————————– Tuning = Standard I would say do most of the chords barred except E —————————- VERSE 1 ******** C#m F#m You should come with me to the end of the […]

End Of Me chords – A Day To Remember V3

I wanted the ability to play this song live in the recorded key without having to drop the entire guitar one full step. Drop D tuning allows the intro to be played along with the chords. Enjoy and let me know what you think!! TUNING: Drop D CAPO: 2nd fret CHORDS (relative to capo): Am […]

End Of The Affair chords – Ben Howard V2

Capo 5 intro- F- Em- Asus- C-B-D-C The end of the after, the weight of a war F Em Asus The kindness gone to bed C B D C F ~~~~~~~~ Now i watch her, running round, in love again B C D Em B C D G F ~~~~~~~~~~ bridge- Am- F Outro- Am- […]

Love At The End Of The World chords – John Mark Mcmillan

Am – C Out of the gaslight Am C Off the roads we've traveled on Am – C Down by the wayside Am C Against the sheen of a Babylon Am – C I've seen an empire Am C Taste the tempest of a gathering strong G – F Am But I found love at […]

World Without End chords – Gregorian Chant

/intro/ A C G A (x2) /verse 1/ A E Jubilato deo A E Omnis terra F C C E Alleluja Alleluja /verse 2/ A E Psalmum dicite A E Nomini ejus F C C E Alleluja Alleluja /ref./ A C In a time, in a place G A Full of joy and full of […]

Hello The End Tabs by Alex Lloyd

——————————————————————————- Hello The End – Alex Lloyd ——————————————————————————- : Sean Sullivan themindsnexus@hotmail.com Tuning: Standard EADGBe Intro E|————————————————————-| B|–3—-3——–3—-3——–3—-3——–2-2–2-0-2——-| G|–2–2—2—2–2–2—2—2–2–2—2—2–2-2–2-2-2——-| D|–0——–0—-x————-x————-2-2–2-2-2——-| A|—————-3——–3—-2——–2—-0-0–0-0-0——-| E|————————————————————-| Dm Am C G Dm Am This is the end, my friend C G The end, my friend, the end Dm Am I hope to see you again, my friend C G Again, […]

End Of The World chords – Juliet Simms

Intro: D D4 D D9 G Bm G D A ( D D4 D D9 G Bm G D A ) We flew too close to the sun so close I thought it was heaven If hell is a life without love am I being punished for what I’ve done G Bm Sky’s on fire, […]

End Of The World Tabs by Mcfly V3

McFly Song: End Of The World Above The Noise black_guitar52 Verse 1 And PRE-Chorus: I thought I saw something moving… E|————————————-| B|————————————-| G|————————————-| D|————————————-| A|——3-3-3———5—————-| E|————–3—5——————| I really think this could be the end of the world… E|—3–3——3–3—-3————| B|—3–3——3–3—-3————| G|—3–3——3–3—-3————| D|—5–5——5–5—-5————| A|—5–5——5–5—-5————| E|—3–3——3–3—-3————| Chorus: It's the end…The skys fallin' down… E|—-8–8–8—8–x—8–8–8—8–x————| B|—-9–9–8—9–x—9–9–8—9–x————| G|—10-10–8–10–x–10-10–8–10–x————| D|—10-10–8–10–x–10-10–8–10–x————| A|———————————————–| […]

Love Without End chords – George Strait V2

George Strait – Love Without End, Amen Capo 2nd Intro C ———————-|x2 ——-1———-1—| ———————-| —0h2—2—-0h2—0-| -3———-3———| ———————-| Verse 1 C F C I got sent home from school one day with a shiner on my eye G * (fill) Fightin' was against the rules and it didn't matter why F G C F When dad […]

End Of Me chords – A Day To Remember V2

Adjusted the Chords from another Version to Standard Tuning [Intro] H F# E E [2x] [Verse] H F# I took some time away E For understanding E H Of what brought us here today F# E E Oh-oh, you'll be the end of me H F# E I'm never happy like we were happy E […]

A Means To An End Tabs by Joy Division

Hello folks! Since there wasn't a tab available, I tried to create one for you! It's my first tab so I hope you like it. 🙂 Song: A Means To An End. Artist: Joy Division. Closer (1980). Guitarist: Bernard Sumner. Guitar intro (2x): e—————————————————————————–| B—————————————————————————–| G—————–7————-7————-7——————————-| D–5–7–5–7–5—-5–7–5–7—-5–7–5–7———————————-| A————————————————–0——2–2–2–2–2–2–2-| E—————————————————-0—-0–0–0–0–0–0–0-| A–2–2–2–2–2–2–2-| E–0–0–0–0–0–0–0-| Verse ( A legacy […]

Until The End chords – The Coffinshakers

Intro: G Em C D G D G Em There is nothing left to do C D It seems like everything is done G Em Nothing more to achieve C D G D I no longer know in what to beleive The path of my life Once a road of many choices Now a blind […]

Here Comes The End Again chords – Eyeshine

Eyeshine – Here Comes The End Again Standard Tuning A B E F# e|-0—2—0—2-| B|-2—4—0—2-| G|-2—4—2—3-| D|-2—4—2—4-| A|-0—2—1—4-| E|-x—x—0—2-| Intro: F# A E B F# A Here comes the end again B Let's begin again F# A Just like we never fell apart of me B Is losing you F# I doubt we ever said […]