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My Last Breath Acoustic chords – Eyeshine

Eyeshine – My Last Breath Standard tuning No capo A Bm D E F#m e|-0—2—2—0—2-| B|-2—3—3—0—2-| G|-2—4—2—1—2-| D|-2—4—0—2—4-| A|-0—2—x—2—4-| E|-x—x—x—0—2-| Intro: F#m A D D F#m A D What little gain I have to offer you F#m A D My scars all speak of where I came F#m A D What stands before you is […]

Hope Is So Far Away chords – Eyeshine

Eyeshine – Hope Is So Far Away Standard Tuning B C D Em e|-2—0—2—0-| B|-4—1—3—0-| G|-4—0—2—0-| D|-4—2—0—2-| A|-2—3—x—2-| E|-x—0—x—0-| Intro: Em D C B Em D Memories that fade C B Colors that run Em D C B Shadows that fall upon us all Em D Imagine no more war C B Something we all […]

Dance With The Angels chords – Eyeshine

Eyeshine – Dance With The Angels Standard Tuning A Bm D F#m G e|-0—2—2—2—3-| B|-2—3—3—2—3-| G|-2—4—2—2—0-| D|-2—4—0—4—0-| A|-0—2—x—4—2-| E|-x—x—x—2—3-| Intro: G D A G D A She left without a word G D A It's so hard to let her go G D A Don't know if I got this one right G D A […]

Here Comes The End Again chords – Eyeshine

Eyeshine – Here Comes The End Again Standard Tuning A B E F# e|-0—2—0—2-| B|-2—4—0—2-| G|-2—4—2—3-| D|-2—4—2—4-| A|-0—2—1—4-| E|-x—x—0—2-| Intro: F# A E B F# A Here comes the end again B Let's begin again F# A Just like we never fell apart of me B Is losing you F# I doubt we ever said […]

Days Will Pass chords – Eyeshine

Lead riff W/ Delay E|—————12——| B|–9–9–9–10——10–| G|———————–| D|———————–| A|———————–| E|———————–| E A C# Purge my heart, make me new B A Refine me now, pure and true E A C# Call me up into your arms B A Keep me here safe from harm E A C# The days will pass like seasons gone But […]

Break The Clouds chords – Eyeshine

Eyeshine – Break the Clouds Standard Tuning e|-4—2—0—2-| B|-4—4—0—2-| G|-4—4—2—3-| D|-2—4—2—4-| A|-2—2—1—4-| E|-4—x—0—2-| Intro: A Bb B Em G D A Together we can break the clouds Em G D A I wonder if we'll figure it out Em G D A To my surprise, the stars were showing Em G D A Still in […]

Wont Forget The Good Times chords – Eyeshine

Eyeshine – Won't Forget The Good Times Standard Tuning Ab Bb Bbm Db Fm F# e|-4—1—1—4—1—2-| B|-4—3—2—6—1—2-| G|-3—3—3—6—1—3-| D|-2—3—3—6—3—4-| A|-2—1—1—4—3—4-| E|-4—x—x—x—1—2-| Intro: Bbm Db Ab Fm Bbm Photographs and bad jokes Db Ab Fm These memories will live forever in our heads Bbm Db Ab And inside of our souls, it's all we know Fm […]

Like Yesterday chords – Eyeshine

Eyeshine – Like Yesterday (Chords) Standard Tuning Abm B E F# e|-4—2—0—2-| B|-4—4—0—2-| G|-4—4—2—3-| D|-2—4—2—4-| A|-2—2—1—4-| E|-4—x—0—2-| Intro: B Abm F# B The skies look dark today Abm F# B Reminds of the way you used to say B Abm The times like this will come and go F# Your love remains B Abm F# […]