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Fate Of Man chords – Glen Campbell

Fate of Man Glen Campbell written by Glen Travis Campbell album Wichita Lineman Chorus 1 ( Sung ) C G Am D7 Pity a man, for he don't know, the trouble he'll pass G going down life's road Verse 1 ( Recitative ) G C When a man is one and twenty, he thinks he […]

Harder Than You Know Tabs – Escape The Fate V4

Capo 3 Original song played on a nylon string guitar. Chords Cadd9: 032030 E7: 020100 F: 1X3211 Fm7: 1X3111 D: X00232 Am: 002210 G: 320003 C: 032010 Riff: Cadd9 E7 F Fm7 Cadd9 E7 F Fm7 |—0——–0—-3h0—–1—-|—0——–0—-3h0—–1-| |3—3—3—-3——1—–1—|3—3—3—-3——1—-1-| |-0—0—1—-1——2—–1–|-0—0—1—-1——2—1-| |–2——-0—-0——3–3–3-|–2——-0—-0——3–3-| |3——-2———————|3——-2—————-X-| |—————–1————|—————–1——-1-| play riff for the verses or the chords posted Intro: Riff Verse: C […]

Make It Rain chords – Tom Waits V2

Bm She took all my money…and my best friend E7 Bm You know the story…here it comes again F#7 E7 I have no pride…I have no shame Bm You gotta make it rain…make it rain! Bm Since you're gone…deep inside it hurts E7 Bm I'm just another sad guest on this dark earth(1) F#7 E7 […]

If I Believed chords – Starkid

Intro: D D If I believed in wishes G/D As silly as it seems. E I'd find that hidden cave, Turn back the sands of time C/E C#dim/E And save you. D If I believed in dreams D If I believed in magic G/D If I believed in good E I'd be the best vizier, […]

Picture Perfect Tabs by Escape The Fate

I have do this in Standard. Intro = E|——————————| B|——————————| G|—-5——8——3——10—|(x2) D|—-5——8——3——10—| A|—-3——6——1——8—-| E|——————————| Verse = Cm D# Bb F You lived your life like you were on fire, but how could I dance? Cm D# Bb F When your soul just lifted me higher and higher and higher? Cm D# Bb F Paint bleeds, […]

An Arrow For Interrupting Fate Tabs by Yasuharu Takanashi

An Arrow for Interrupting Fate – Yasuharu Takanashi : Kotonaruwind abandonedstrings Tuning: standard (0:00 – 0:10) e|———–14—————————–14——————————-| B|–15—17——12–14–15–14—-15—17——12–14–12——————-| G|———————————————————-14—————| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| (0:11 – 0:20) e|———–14————————————12————————| B|–15—17——12–14–12–14—-15–12–14–15——10–12—————-| G|—————————————————————————| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| (0:21 – 0:32) e|—————17–/16—————————————————–| B|–15–17–19————19–17–15–17–19—15–12————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| (0:33 – end) e|—————————————————————————| B|–17–19–17–15–17——14–12——————————————-| G|———————-14—————————————————| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| Track 28 in Fairy Tail: Priestess […]

When I Go Out I Want To Go Out On A Chariot Of Fire chords – Escape The Fate

CAPO 5 Am C He had a plan to kill you all along Dm F Am The evidence was hidden in this song C I was a ghost, I was there at the scene Dm F As the embers rise my hands Am Smelled like gasoline Am C So, the head lights murdered my thoughts […]

Simple Twist Of Fate chords – Bob Dylan V9

————————————————————————— Simple Twist of Fate – Bob Dylan ————————————————————————— : maguri Tuning: Standard Bob Dylan Simple Twist of Fate (1975) (Bob Dylan) From: "Blood on the Tracks" Dylan uses an open tuning on the original recording. This is what I play if I don't want to retune and still look for similar voicings. ————————————————————————— CHORDS […]

Sky Chords – Rasmus

Hi there, here´s my 3rd song, this is from the rasmus, i´ve been looking for the chords or tabs and found nothing, this is the first i think, feel you free to leave comments, enjoy!! Standard tunning Am Em I have got a heavier heart I must give it away F C G Maybe it's […]

Fuck You Lucy Chords – Atmosphere

First tab, please be honest! Surprised I didn't see this here, but I guess for obvious reasons. Acousticized, I think it works like this. CAPO I Bm D She say that she still wants a friendship A G She can't live her life without me as a friend Bm D I can't figure out why […]

Jabba The Hut Chords – Pewdiepie

Haha, hows it going bro's, my name is pewdiepie F [Verse 1:Pewdiepie & Maya] Dm You are the most beautiful dog. Gm They call you Jabba The Hutt C They Call you Jabba The Hutt Dm For a reason, Help Dm Gm Oh my god I'm so fast C So fast and so fat Dm […]

Victims Of Love Chords – Joe Lamont V4

VERSE 1: C G Our hearts have been to battle Am Em Our souls have been to war F C Dm G We've lost the will to carry on, we don't believe no more C G Wasn't it we who said Am Em That this could never happen to us F C Dm G7 How […]

Rosemarys Sister Chords – Simon Nicol

ROSEMARY'S SISTER – Simon Nicol ——————————- Simon Neil's cover of 'Rosemary's Sister' from the album 'Before Your Time..' The timings of the chord changes in the intro are quite complicated, so I've put numbers above chords, which shows how many beats each chord has in the bar. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Nicol KEY: E – Intro 2 2 2 […]

The Way It Ends Chords – Landon Pigg V2

{Vers 1} D Bb Run Is this to be our fate? D Bb Hide Freedom is ours as long as we escape G Bb We walk in the shadows G Bb C We do for now, but we all know our time is near {Chorus} Dm Gm If this is the way it ends C […]

I Hope You Dance Chords – Lee Ann Womack V5

Capo on 3 CHORDS: Em , C , G , D , Am SONG SEQUENCE: Intro, Verse, Bridge, Chorus Verse, Bridge, Chorus Chorus, Bridge Chorus then repeated to fade out INTRO/CHORUS: Strumming Pattern 1 – D, D, D, DU Em , C , G , D , Em , C , D , D (x2) […]

Voices Acoustic Chords – Jim Johnston

First tab here so dont hate to much!!! this is my own acoustic version of the song so not sure if its to everybody's liking Randy Orton – Voices C I hear voices in my head G They talk to me They understand Em They talk to me C You got your rules and your […]

Closer To The Edge Chords – 30 Seconds To Mars V6

I was pretty surprised that nobody was able to figure out how to play this song properly here on Ultimate Guitar. I decided I would tab out the way I transcribed it. This sounds more accurate than any other tab on on here. Standard Tuning with capo on the first fret Intro: F Am Dm […]

The World Belongs To You Chords – Jonathan Coulton

Intro: C Cmaj7 Am D/F# G G C D G Out of the clear blue cloudless skies C D G A bolt of lightning came C D G Were you at least a bit surprised C D G When angels spoke your name? D They said it's you C Cmaj7 G Who puts the gravity […]

The Broom O The Cowdenknowes chords

How ( C )blithe was ( Em )I each ( F )morn to ( C )see My lass come ( Am )o'er the ( F )hill ( C )She skipped the ( Em )burn and she ( Am )ran tae ( C )me ( F )I met her wi’ good ( G )will. Chorus ( […]

Up In The Air Acoustic Chords – 30 Seconds To Mars V2

30 Seconds To Mars – Up In The Air Tabbed by themissionary If you have wishes or improvements, please send me a mail. E-mail: a.brand.new.name.capricorn@gmail.com Enjoy! Standard Tuning C#m I've been up in the air G# Out of my head F#m Stuck in a moment of emotion C#m G# I destroyed F#m Is this the […]