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Ive Got To Have A Reason chords – Dave Clark Five

I've Got To Have A Reason:Dave Clark Five. #44 on BB Hot 100 on EPIC Records in 1967. #1. G C G D C F E I've got to have a reason….I got to have a reason.. E A D G D G D I got to have a reason why you're walking out on […]

Look Before You Leap chords – Dave Clark Five

Look Before You Leap:Dave Clark Five. #50 on BB Hot 100 on COLUMBIA Records in 1966. INTRO: F# D Bm G A CHORUS: A D A D You got to look before you leap, there's heartaches A F#m A around every cor..ner. A D A D You got to look before you leap, there's heartaches […]

Jive After Five chords – Carl Perkins

Jive After Five:Carl Perkins. #10 on Rocck Charts on COLUMBIA Records in 1958. INTRO: A #1. A I work all day as a soda jerk..on my feet all the time and oh, man, how they hurt. D A Don't make much, but I sure get the news..I don't have much time for gettin' the blues. […]

Down At The Scene chords – Dave Clark Five

At The Scene:Dave Clark Five. #13 on Cash Box and # 18 on BB Hot 100 on EPIC Records in 1966. INTRO: D C Bb F .. C Bb F G #1. C F G C Everyone who is lonely, I've got a place for you. C F G E C Where the music play-ay-ay-ay-ays, […]

Five Tattoos chords – Ella Henderson

A C#m x2 Verse 1: A F#m Tight jeans with a rip underneath A F#m So close but it ain't where I wanna be A F#m And I'm loving every minute of your company A F#m Or have I read this all wrong Prechorus: Dm A Maybe I move too fast Dm A Or maybe […]

Lift Me Up Tabs by Five Finger Death Punch V2

: Connnor Ford Five Finger Death Punch Song: Lift Me Up (Featuring Rob Halford) The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell (Vol 1) Tuning: B Standard (B, E, A, D, F#, B) Here’s Jason Hook teaching the song although he does change some parts in video from the original record: Please […]

Emaline chords – Ben Folds Five

Emaline by Ben Folds Five Transcribed from the live version featured on "Ben Folds Live" (2002) Chords are very textured while the vocal melody is syncopated. Listen to recording for more details. INTRO: Gmaj9 Dmaj9 A Gmaj9 Gmaj9 Dmaj9 A Gmaj9 VERSE: Gmaj9 Dmaj9 A I wish it was last September Gmaj9 When we could […]

Cold Tabs by Five Finger Death Punch

—————————————————————————- Cold Five Finger Death Punch —————————————————————————- Cold. It might be an overused song title, but if anyone deserves respect it would be Five Finger Death Punch. This is a slower, heartwarming, and powerful song. The guitar solo isn’t extremely difficult so it is “novice” friendly. Enjoy! Username: dkm817 (same on X box live) Youtube […]

House Of The Rising Sun Tabs by Five Finger Death Punch

This is what I could hear, you can at least play along with these chords. The whistle part in the beginning is: C#|——————————————————–| G#|——————————————————–| E|——————————10h12~~~~~-10~~~———–| B|———–10h12p10~~–12h13——————-12p10h12–| F#|-10~~12h13———————————————-| B|———————————————————| |———————————————————| |—————————————-11p10~~—11—–| |—————————–10h12-12~~~——-12—-12–| |———–10h12p10~~–12h13—————————–| |-10~~12h13———————————————–| |———————————————————| You will have to listen to the song for the strumming. The chords I use are: |——————————————-|———————–| |——————————————-|———————–| |———————–5~~———-8~~—-|———————–| |—-5~~~—–8~~——-5~~———-8~~—-|—5~~—-8~~–0-00-00-| |—-5~~~—–8~~——-3~~———-6~~—-|—5~~—-8~~–0-00-00-| […]

Galau chords – Five Minutes

Dm Gm C F Sepi hatiku, galau jiwaku A# Gm A Dm Saat kau katakan putus dengan aku [intro] Dm Gm C F A# E A Dm Gm C F Katakan saja, jangan kau sembunyikan A# Gm A Bila diriku tak lagi di hati Dm Gm C F Kenanglah aku pernah singgah di hati A# […]

Bad Company chords – Five Finger Death Punch V3

F# A Bm (2x) F# A Bm Asus2 Bm Company, always on the run F# A Bm Asus2 Bm Asus2 Bm Destiny, oooh, and the rising sun, o..ohh F# A Bm Asus2 Bm I was born, a shotgun in my hand F# A Bm Asus2 Bm Asus2 Bm Behind the gun, I'll make my final […]