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Wildflowers chords – Dolly Parton

Wildflowers G C G The hills were alive with wild flowers and I D7 G Was as wild even wilder than they C G For at least I could run they just died in the sun D7 G And I refused to just wither in place C G Just a wild mountain rose needing freedom […]

Teresa – Stay chords

Stay © 2011 by Kuhnert, Lebang Teresa: http://www.mileandfriends.de/teresa Stay: http://www.jamendo.com/de/track/914271/stay C#maj7 F# F#maj7 F#7 C#maj7 F# F#maj7 Verse 1: C#maj7 F# F#maj7 F#7 A smile and a happy gaze C#maj7 F# F#maj7 on flower filled summer days C#maj7 F# F#maj7 F#7 A Sweet gentle melody C#maj7 F# F#maj7 is bringing back serenity C#maj7 F# F#maj7 […]

Pillow Of Your Bones chords – Chris Cornell

——————————————————————————- Pillow of Your Bones – Chris Cornell ——————————————————————————- : Jones Perry Intro riff by jjhand Intro Riff (play 2x): e|———————-|————————–| B|———————-|————————–| G|-5–5p3—–3—3-5-3-|————5————-| D|-5–5—5—4—4____-|-3h4p3———4–3——-| A|-3–3____—3—3____-|——6–3———–6–3-| E|———————-|————————–| Cm G# G F# F The embers of the saint inside of you Cm G# G F# F Are growing as I'm bathing in your glow Cm G# G […]

Fingertips Tabs by Keren Ann

Before starting, I've got to say that I don't know the lyrics, there are not available on the web (I haven't found them anyway) so I tried to guess and because I'm french, it would explain why sometimes it has absolutely no sense… So please, if you know the lyrics, or a part of them, […]

Harborview Hospital Chords – Mark Lanegan

Chords by Lucx90 Capo on 1st fret INTRO A F#m A I walked by harborview hospital F#m I heard the agnus dei A oh sister of mercy F#m I've been gone too long to say E D A F#m and all around this place i was a sad disgrace A they're singing, they're singing F#m […]

All I Want Is You Chords – Barry Louis Polisar V6

G C G If i was a flower growing wild and free G D G All i'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee. G C G And if i was a tree growing tall and greeen G D G All i'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves G […]

Come Away Death Chords – Dave Matthews

"Come Away Death" From William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" Capo 1st fret F C Come away, come away, death Dm Bb And in sad cypress let me be laid. F C Fly away, fly away, breath; Dm Bb I am slain by a fair cruel maid F C My shroud of white, stuck all with yew […]

All Youve Left Tabs by Six Organs Of Admittance

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE "EIGHTH COGNITION/ALL YOU'VE LEFT" Off their album "School of the Flower" First minute and a half is all noise, drums and feedback ("Eighth Cognition"). Intro/Verse E|————————–0–0-0———–| B|-0———-0–0h3–3————3—-0—-| G|—2-0–2————————–2——-| D|————0——-0—–2———–0—-| A|——————————————-| E|-0———-3——-3—–0———–3—-| The next riff is just the end of the verse E|-0–0-0———–| B|——–3—-0—-| G|———-2——-| D|-2———–0—-| A|——————| E|-0———–3—-| "Interlude" E|-3–2-0—-0————————-| B|——–3—–3–0—-0———–0–| G|———–0————-2–0–2–0–| […]

Cinema Chords – Benny Benassi V4

First ever tab so be nice 😛 This is the original version featuring Gary Go NOT Skrillex Capo 2 Intro: G A C G x2 Verse 1: G A C I could watch you for a lifetime G You're my favourite movie G A C A thousand endings G You mean everything to me G […]

Nobodys Child Chords – Traveling Wilburys

Nobodies Child As performed by the Traveling Wilburys B7 E |——-|——-|——-|——-| E E7 A As I was slowly passing an orphan's home today B7 E I'd stop for just a little while to watch the children play E7 A Alone, a boy was standing, and when I asked him why B7 E He turned with […]

Dusk Chords – Genesis

Intro: B B See my hand is moving touching all that's real And once it stroke love's body now it claws the past A B The scent of a flower A B The colors of the morning Em6 F# Friends to believe in Em6 F# Tears soon forgotten Bm7 E B See how the rain […]

Roller Coaster Chords – Luke Bryan V2

Roller Coaster by Luke Bryan ~Capo 1~ Intro: G C Am G X2 G C Am G She had a cross around her neck, and a flower in her hand C Am G C That I picked from the side of Thomas Drive on our way to the sand G C Am G We found […]

Such Is Love Chords – Peter Paul And Mary

Note: This is the most accurate chords with the recording. I believe that these are the correct chords that Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary plays without a capo in PPM's 1983 album called Such Is Love Intro: G (4x), G , C , G , D , C (2x), G (2x), D (2x), […]

Roller Coaster Chords – Luke Bryan

Roller Coaster – Luke Bryan Tabbed by: gamerjrs ~Capo 1~ I like to play Bm like Bm7 (X24232) but that is just a preference Intro: G Bm C Am Verse: G Bm She had a cross around her neck and a flower in her hand C Am That I picked from the side of Thomas […]

Queen Of The May Chords – Church Hymns

Transpose to simplify! Bb Cm Bring flowers of the rarest, bring blossoms the fairest, F F7 Bb From garden and woodland and hillside and dale; Bb Cm Our full hearts are swelling, our glad voices telling F F7 Bb The praise of the loveliest flower of the vale! Chorus Bb Eb Bb O Mary we […]

In My Arms Chords – Corrinne May

Song : In My Arms Artist : Corrinne May Album : Crooked Lines Key : D Standard EADGBe tuning Intro: D G A D Bm Asus4 A D G A D A/C# You are all I’ve dreamed of Bm Em Asus4 A Everything I’ve longed for Bm G A D A/C# Little babe, so beautiful […]

Another Love Chords – Tom Odell V3

** The D chords in the last verse are quick changes, and the song can be played without them. Edited other versions and tried to put the chords in the right place and changed a few around. Enjoy! Intro Em | G C | Em | Bm | C | Em Am | Bm | […]

Roots Of My Hair Chords – Cocorosie

C Wet is my whistle C Wandering wayward F G Trouser is caught in a thorny bramble C Sun soon be slipping C Down spine of the meadow F Swamp candle flower G A watery fellow C The monarch's my right hand C Left is the sparrow F G Twilight blue my bone & marrow […]

Slumville Sunrise Tabs by Jake Bugg V3

Verse: Main Riff- e)———————| B)———————| G)—–4-4—4-4—–4-| D)—–2-2—2-2—–2-| A)—–2-0—0-0—–2-| E)—–0–b3—-b3-0-0-| Prechorus: (where the song starts to kick off, he uses a tremolo effect to make it sound cooler, but palm muting and fast strumming work just as well. Bend low G when he sings "tell me nevermind, waiting on your line, for the slumville sunrise.) e)——–0——–| […]

Graniteville Chords – Doug Burr

Graniteville by Doug Burr (http://www.dougburr.com/dougburr.com/Home.html) Bb – F – Cm – Eb Bb Just a boxcar flower used to follow your daddy Gm another fader-in from Cincinatti Eb Bb You were always watching, watching the trains roll by Bb Yeah, you know I love you, everything you carry Gm Another redeye, Mobile, Albany Eb Bb […]