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Freak Flag chords – Shrek The Musical V2

Gingy: A/C# D We spend our whole lives wishing A/C# D We were’t so freakin’ strange C#7/E# F#m7 They made us feel that was B7/F# B7b5/F E7 But its they who need to change Papa Bear: (Speaks): The was they think, that is Gingy: A/C# D It’s time to stop the hiding A/C# D7 It's […]

Bleed The Freak chords – Alice In Chains

Original tuning: D# standard Listen to the song to get a feeling of the chord changes Intro: Bm – Bm/G – Bm/A – Em Bm – Bm/G – Bm/A – Em My… cup runneth over Bm – Bm/G – Bm/A – Em Like… blood from a stone Bm G Em These stand for me Bm […]

Freak Like Me chords – Hollywood Ending

Here are the chords to Hollywood Ending's new song, "Freak Like Me"! 🙂 I would appreciate your feedback: Twitter @cieraanne_ INTRO: cameron: F Gm there’s a new girl in my class oh look at her sitting there Eb Bb messing with her hair like she don’t care tyler: F Gm she’s a real rock chick […]

Freak Tabs by Kiss

the rhythms a bit of but if u play along to the track it"ll be easy to figure out enjoy 🙂 intro e|——————————————————————| B|——————————————————————| G|——————————————————————| D|———-22–5555————-22–5-5-5-4-2———————-| A|22–5555–00–3333—22–5555–00–3-3-3-2-0———————-| E|00–3333————-00–3333————————————-| verses e|———————————————————————| B|———————————————————————| G|———————————————————————| D|–7—-5—-7———22—5—5–22—5—4—22—5—5—-7——-| A|–5—-3—-5———00-0-3-0-3–00-0-3-0-2—00-0-3-0-3—-5——-| E|———————————————————————| chorus e|——————————————————————| x2 B|——————————————————————| G|——————————————————————| D|———-22–5555————-22–5-5-5-4-2———————-| A|22–5555–00–3333—22–5555–00–3-3-3-2-0———————-| E|00–3333————-00–3333————————————-| bridge e|—————————————————————–| B|—————————————————————–| G|–5———2———5———-2—–2222-2222—————–| D|–5———2———5———-2—–2222-2222—————–| A|–3———0———3———-0—–0000-0000—————–| E|—————————————————————–| power chords for solo e|——————————————————————| […]

No Diggity Live Sessions Chords – Chet Faker

"No Diggity" First tab (cheated a bit; http://chordify.net/chords/chet-faker-no-diggity-live-sessions-chetfakervevo) Intro: Gm F E Gm F Em G F E Gm A C Em G Gm Bb Gm Bb G F Dm F C Bb F Bb Gm Dm Gm Bb C F D Gm Dm Shorty get down, good Lord C Em Baby got 'em open […]

I Make The Same Mistakes Chords – The Echo Friendly

I Make the Same Mistakes by The Echo Friendly Intro: A A I make the same mistakes A Feels like I never learn Fm Always give way too much Fm For little in return D I haven't changed a bit E I'm still not over it Fm I make the same mistakes E I make […]

A Heart That Aint Ever Been Pure Chords – Cranford Nix

This is a tab based off his original recording CHORDS: D (000232) Dsus2 (000233) Dsus4 (000230) G (320003) A (002220) Bm (224432) INTRO: D – Dsus4 – Dsus2 – D (x2) VERSE 1: D G If I'm getting drunk, A D I'm getting drunk for the week; Bm A remember, I'm a freak. D G […]

She Dont Care Chords – Ty Segall

She Don't Care – Ty Segall Sleeper (2013) This is a beautiful acoustic number of a normally fuzzed out freak. This is my first tab so any comments or suggestions can be emailed to alextehcat@gmail.com –Verse 1– Am G F He packed his bags this morning Am G F D7 He bought his ticket today […]

Stay Home Chords – Self

Self – Home Tabbed by eiim (Ultimate-guitar.com) You can play either Asus or just plain D instead of D7 if you like – I'm not quite sure what's the right one, so please let me know what you think. Capo 1st fret Intro: e|-0–0—-0–0—-0–0—-0–0—| B|—2-3–2–2-3–2–2-3–2–2-3–| G|–2——-2——-2——-2—–| D|——————————–| A|——————————–| E|——————————–| A D7 A I believe in […]

The Right Stuff Chords – Hawkwind

The Right Stuff =============== E D I don't feel fear or panic E D and nothing brings me down E D I'm an aerospaceage warrior E D I can fly sideways through sound A G My reflexes and reactions A G are as fast as a machine E D I'm the right stuff baby, the […]

Happy Chords – The Maine V2

No Capo Intro: C , G , Am , C x2 Verse : B , C , G , G (Picked: root note, fourth string, sixth string, fifth string) I don’t think I am capable of, this teenage televised taping of love So here is my guide on how to be alone ( Am , […]

Day Sixteen Loser Chords – Ayreon

| | |SONG: Day Sixteen: Loser | |ARTIST: Ayreon | | | |Tabbed by AleV | |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _| ** You can play chords in square brackets as chords or, more simply, as single notes. At the end of the solo, you can play […]

Torso Of The Week Chords – Everything Everything

[INTRO] Bm G6 A G [x2] [VERSE 1] Bm A F#m Bm Girl you've been hitting that treadmill like a freak Maybe you're not quite the torso of the week The hollowest cheeks in the county, time to tweet Jogging all over my grave baby with your flipper feet [PRE-CHORUS] F# Ebm C# Coiled heart, […]

Wino Junko Chords – Paul Mccartney

Dm Dm Doctor Tom is getting on, Gm All he does is sign his name. Dm I get things my brainbox sings, Gm Dm But I’ll go down again. Dm Play with fire, getting higher, Gm Higher than a nine foot flame. Dm My soul is pent and so’s the rent, Gm Dm But I’ll […]

Orange County Suite Chords – Doors

Tabbed by: Nick_Sabath This song is in the key of C. At least from what I hear. This is my first upload and I did this by ear so bear with me. No one has posted this yet…Quite surprising. Intro: C C Well I used to know someone fair C She had orange ribbons in […]

Shes All That Chords – Hollywood Ending V2

Db E Em C G C I’m in love with the geek, the freak, the girl that never wins Bb (So what, So what) C G Bb I’m in love with the weird, the wild, her ripped jeans and her pens (So what, So what) F C G Bb She doesn’t listen to the radio, […]

No Diggitythrift Shop Chords – Ed Sheeran V3

Ed Sheeran & Passenger- No Diggity/ Thrift Shop *No Capo* Standard Tuning ~Use 5th string root bar chords~ – E – F#m : 9 E : 7 D : 5 F#m (6th string root): 2 -B- 10 9 7 2 -G- 11 9 7 2 -D- 11 9 7 4 -A- 9 7 5 4 […]

I Accuse My Parents Chords – Riverdales

So, this is my first tab. I just learned it by ear like 5 minutes ago, but I'm pretty sure it's right. Intro: A , F , G (x2) A F G I accuse my parents for making me this way A F G Cause there's no where else I can point the blame A […]

David and Goliath – Barry McGuire Chords

David and Goliath Words and Music by Mike Deasy on Seeds by Barry McGuire Copyright 1973 Mossy Rock Music G D There stood a giant about forty foot tall F G He was looking down hard on me D He was looking for trouble, gonna gobble me up F G That was plain enough for […]

No Longer – Phil Joel Chords

/=play many times. E———————————————– B———————————————– G———————————————– D–9/—9/—-6/—2/—4/———————- A–7/—6/—-4/—0/—2/———————- E———————————————– repeat through verse. pre-chorus: A B chorus: E B A C#m B (repeat for every chorus) 2nd verse: same as other verse. during the part when he’s singing I’m reaching up, you’re reaching in, I’m reaching out. just play chorus chords. Hope you like the song, […]