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1979 intro Tabs – Freedom Fry

I've ever done and I was just wondering if I did it correctly, so please give some feedback. It's only the first few lines so that's why I'm just doing it as an intro. ||TUNING : Standard (EADGBE)|| E|——2——2——2——3-| B|—————————–| G|—-0——0——0——0—| D|—————————–| A|—————————–| E|-3——3——3——3——| E|—————————–| B|——3——3——3——1-| G|—-0——0——0——0—| D|—————————–| A|———————-3——| E|-3——3——3————-| E|—————————–| B|——1——1——1——0-| G|—-0——0——0——0—| D|—————————–| A|-3——3——3——3——| […]

Simple Song Of Freedom chords – Bobby Darin Vsion 2

C G7 C Come and sing a simple song of freedom F C Sing it like you've never sung before G7 Am Let it fill the air tell the people everywhere F G7 C We the people here don't want a war G7 C Hey there mister black man can you hear me F C […]

Fragments Of Freedom chords – Morcheeba

This is a 8 chords song very easy to play (except the E/G# ch)… Mostly an instrumental track, the lyrics are quiet minimalistic and repetitive. CHORDS: A5 x022xx Am x02210 C x32010 G 320003 D xx0232 E/G# 422100 Em/G 322000 D/F# 200232 LYRICS: A5 Oooh, baby I'm right… Am C G D When the party's […]

Home chords – Freedom Fry

HOME Written by Freedom Fry (Bruce Driscoll & Marie Seyrat) Intro: G – F – Am Am – G – C C – G – Dm Dm – C – G G F Am Am G C Here’s another day in the city that we call home, C C G Dm Palm trees in the […]

Earthquake chords – Freedom Fry

Earthquake Written by Freedom Fry (Bruce Driscoll & Marie Seyrat) Verse: Dm First verse, You lifted me off the curse Dm Too many times I had my bubble burst Em And now you turned me up, You turned me on, You turned me in, Dm You turned me round, Dm Next phase, Caught in another […]

Rolling Down Tabs – Freedom Fry

——————————————————————————- Rolling Down – Freedom Fry ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: A. Cross Soft Acoustic Fingerpicking Tuning: Standard. To play along with recording capo at 3rd Fret. Intro: e|—————————————————————————| B|—0———0——–0——–0———0———0——–0——-0——| G|——–0———0——–0——–0———0———0——-0——–0-| D|—–0———0——–0——–0———0———0——–0——-0—-| A|-7———5——–7——–5———7———5——–7——-5——–| E|—————————————————————————| Verse: "The world's yours when you turn eighteen and you feel like…" e|—————————————————————————| B|—0———0——–0——–0———0———0——–0——-0——| G|——–0———0——–0——–0———0———0——-0——–0-| D|—–0———0——–0——–0———0———0——–0——-0—-| A|-7———5——–7——–5———7———5——–7——-5——–| E|—————————————————————————| "Which way will you go? […]

Wildflowers chords – Dolly Parton

Wildflowers G C G The hills were alive with wild flowers and I D7 G Was as wild even wilder than they C G For at least I could run they just died in the sun D7 G And I refused to just wither in place C G Just a wild mountain rose needing freedom […]

Defender chords – Kings Kaleidoscope

Defender by Kings Kaleidoscope Live in Color Intro: D ! Verse 1: D A torrent of destruction hid my darkest soul from rescuing I cry to God for help He heard my voice D The tainted earth, it rocked and reeled the heaven’s bow, the mountains kneel the thunderous voice of God my covering Prechorus: […]

Sellout Song chords – Wingnut Dishwashers Union

This is from "Towards A World Without Dishwashers." I know this tab is pretty technical for a WDU song, so if you don't like the way I tabbed it out play it however you'd like. 🙂 Intro chords are all barre chords. 3 3 1 8 5 3 1 10 C 5 G 4 F […]

Ive Got Freedom chords – Lily And Madeleine

I’ve got Freedom: Lily & Madeleine capo 3 Intro: C C * C C C/G C C/G I come calling at the stairs now G G G I’ve got leaving in my eyes G F F I realize your just waking up F F C C/G C C/G and giving to the rising sun C […]

Freedom Tabs by Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam The Church of Rock and Roll Song: Freedom I love this song… Riff 1 e|————————3—————–| b|—1——————–0—————–| G|—0——————–0—————–| D|-2-2–0-2-3-2h3p2-0—0-0–0-2-3-2h3p2-0–| A|-3-3——————2-2—————–| E|———————-3-3—————–| Riff 2 e|-1—–3–| b|-1—–3–| G|-2–7–4–| D|-3–7–5–| A|-3–5–5–| E|-1—–3–| Liberty queen She was an American dream They put a statue of her in the river Boats passing by catch the big woman's eye But […]

Freedom chords – Foursquare United Generation

Hey Guys, It's Ethan from Christian Church Steps of Faith/Iglesia Cristiana Pasos de Fe in Kent, WA. I have official chords for you that were given to me by Luke Breton Van Groll (I take no credit for these chords). God Bless ! Key of C Verse1 C Am F G As I walk, this […]

Song Of Freedom chords – Praise And Worship

C I. A song of freedom G Am7 Is on my lips today F Today C I sing about the G Am7 One I love today F Today G Am7 F Pre Chorus: All I can see is Your mercy G Am7 F All I can feel is Your grace A E Chorus: Your love […]

Freedom Come Aa Ye chords – Hamish Henderson

C Am G Am C Roch the win i the clear day's dawin C Am G Am C Blaws the clouds heilster-gowdie owre the bay C Am G Am C But thair's mair nor a roch win blawin C Am G Am C Thro the Great Glen o the warl the day G Am C […]

Chevrolet Chords – Luke Bryan

Chevrolet Capo 1 Intro: D Em G Verse 1 D A I'm gonna find a way to love again Bm G D I'm on the winnin' stretch of a losin' end D A Bm Foot on the gas, I'm freedom bound G D I've got the morning sun at my back, and I'm inspired A […]

Define Love Chords – Christine Natalia

Bb C Grace has come upon me Bb C you save us from misery Dm C though the world is full of sins Bb C regret is the last thing you see Bb C your mercy lord has given me Bb C a freedom for eternity Bb C this is my thanks for you lord […]

Here And Now Chords – North Point

C We want to be a church where freedom reigns We want to be a people full of grace Am F We want to be a shelter where the broken find their place C We want to be a refuge for the weak We want to be a light for the world to see Am […]

Perfect Love – Hillsong United Lyrics

I wanna see the broken hearts finding hope in God above I wanna know I’m doing all I can So with this life, with all I am No matter what the cost may be I pray to see your love become our cause I won’t stop believing You alone are, You alone are God In […]

Alive Chords – Hillsong Young And Free

Alive- Hillsong Young and Free C#m E/G# A
I was lost with a broken heart
 C#m B 
 You picked me up now I'm set apart
 C#m E/G# A 
 From the ash I am born again
 C#m B 
 Forever safe in the Saviour's hands

 You are more than my words could say
 I'll follow […]

Cop Car Chords – Luke Bryan

Keith Urban, Cop Car These are the fingerings I use: Gb Db Absus Ab e|—2—9——4—–4–| B|—2—9——4—–4–| G|—3—10—–6—–5–| D|—4—11—–6—–6–| A|—4—11—–4—–6–| E|—2—9——4—–4–| (intro) 2x Gb Db Absus Ab , (verse) Gb Db We drove right past Absus Ab That no trespassing sign Gb Db We sat on the tailgate Absus Ab And watched the planes take off […]