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Ring Of Keys chords – Fun Home

E A Someone just came in the door. E A Like no one I ever saw before. E A I feel… E A I feel… E A I don't know where you came from. E A I wish I did I feel so dumb. Abm I feel… A E Your swagger and your bearing F#m […]

Party Song Tabs by Blink 182 V6

Blink 182 Song: The Party Song Enema of the State I know this song has been tabbed before, but it still misses some parts and others just doesn't sound right. Intro with bass and guitar. Do you want to come to a party… e———————————–| B———————————–| G———————————–| Play this 3 times. D———22222222——–22222222–| A-22222222——–44444444———-| E———————————–| Shine the […]

It Must Have Been Love chords – Roxette V5

It Must Have Been Love – Roxette Previous tabs were almost complete, but there were some chords missing and there are some errors that I corrected in this tab. I entered the chords for solo and the right chords for ending… Have fun with this beautiful song! 🙂 intro F E C F 2x ( […]

Aint We Got Fun chords – Peggy Lee

C Every morning, every evening Dm G7 Ain't we got fun? G7 Not much money, oh, but honey C Ain't we got fun? F The rent's unpaid, dear C And we haven't a sou Em B7 But smiles were made, dear Em For people like you C Tho’ there’s nothing in the larder Dm G7 […]

Some Nights chords – Fun V9

Artist/Band : Fun. Song title : Some Nights Capo : 5 G C G Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck. C G D Some nights I call it a draw. G C G Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle. C G D Some nights I wish […]

Are You Still Having Fun chords – Eagle Eye Cherry V3

Artist: Eagle Eye Cherry Song: Are you Still Having Fun Tab by: Absolution Mail: theechelon83 This tab sounds better in acoustic. CAPO on 4th. Chords relative to capo: Dadd9/A |0-0-4-2-3-0| you can also play like this :|0-0-0-2-3-0| A4 |0-0-2-2-0-0| Em |0-2-2-0-0-0| C |0-3-2-0-1-0| Intro: Em A4 C C (x4) Verse 1 : Em A4 C […]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Acoustic chords – Noa Moon

Artist: Noa Moon Song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (acoustic) (cover of Cyndi Lauper's song) Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4boars5KpxU Transcription: satir3, satir3@net.hr Tuning: standard Capo: 4th fret Chords used: F: Dm: x. C: x. Bb: x. Bb2: F/E: Dm/A: x. Intro: F F C Dm Dm Dm C F F F C Dm Dm […]

What The Fuck chords – Fun

Sorry I couldn't tab the solos – I did put in the notes they play if you want to bring those in. —- Piano plays in two octaves: D F# G A A / A A G G F# D / D G F# E E / E E D C# D (repeat until verse […]

Disorders Arent For Fun chords – Disordered

written and : Dion van den Anker band name: Disordered song: Disorders aren't for fun tuning: Standard Email: dion.oomen |—————————————————————————| Intro : | Am | C | G | e|————————-| B|—1——1————–| G|–2-2-0–0—-0———-| 3 times then D|-2—2–2—-0———–| A|0——3—-2————| E|———–3————-| | Am | e|————————-| B|—1—–1—————| G|–2—–2—————-| D|-2—–2—————–| A|0—–0——————| E|————————-| Am , C , G |—————————————————————————| couplet 1: […]

Having Fun chords – Tom Milsom

Bm ( A whole shit ton of Bm ) What to do, what to do, what to do Trying hard to seem mysterious while wrestling with you for fun Marry me, marry me, marry me Close your eyes and bite your lip and in a second it'll be all done I thought you thought that […]

Some Nights chords – Fun V8

Just another way to play it, really helps if your trying to sing it in the lower octave! Which if you're like me, you probably have to sing it in the lower octave! Lol Tuning: Full Step Down D G D Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck. G D A Some […]

Party Fun Love And Radio Tabs by We The Kings V2

WE THE KINGS – “PARTY FUN LOVE & RADIO” TAB *Drop D Tuning. Verse/Pre-chorus: 0:11-0:40 e:—————————————————–| B:—————————————————–| G:–5—5—5—5—5-5—9—9—7—7—7-7———-| D:–3—3—3—3—3-3—7—7—5—5—5-5———-| x8 A:—————————————————–| D:—————————————————–| Chorus: e:———————————————| B:———————————————| G:–5——-9——–7————————-| D:–3——-7——–5————————-| x3 A:–3-(x8)—7-(x3)—-5(x5)——————-| D:–3——-7——–5————————-| Chorus: "Our time is runnin' out" e:——————————-| B:——————————-| G:–5——7———————| D:–3——5———————| A:–3-(x8)–5-(x8)—————| D:–3——5———————| Repeat Chorus x4 Repeat Verse/Pre-chorus x8 Repeat Chorus x3 Chorus: "Our time is […]

Fun In The Sun chords – Gina Barkey

FUN IN THE SUN words & Music by GINA BARKEY Intro—- G6 , Em , C , D G6 , Em , C , D G6 Em 1)Pack your bags, we're on our way C D We're having some fun in the sun; G6 Em Bring your blankets, bring your towels C D We're having […]

Lonely Road Chords – Whats Eating Gilbert

Hi there! This was a request and it's a really good, throw back vibe, catchy song 🙂 Have fun! Here's the link it was tabbed to – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97E73Qh86DA Listen to song to get the strumming down, it's really easy:) (The ending might take a couple tries to get the timing of it) STANDARD TUNING w/ […]

When You Were Young Chords – William Fitzsimmons

|—————————————————–| |–Tabbed by Gelnn for ultimate-guitar.com–08-20-13–| |—————————————————–| William plays this songs differently from time to time. On the record I believe he plays it in C#G#C#F#G#C# tuning (DADGAD lowered one semi-tone). On some live versions he plays it in standard tuning. This tab is a simplified version, very easy to play, written in DADGAD. If […]

April Was The Month Chords – Chris Farlowe

April was the Month G C Was one night in Spring, F G with stars in the sky. F C When a young girl called Molly, A# D put a gleam in my eye. G C Her hair was like raven, F G her smile, from the sun. G F April was the month, C […]

Loneliness And Alcohol Chords – Jars Of Clay

Loneliness and alcohol No capo needed Intro: Em , Bm , Am 2x Verse Em Bm Am The sound of television creeping through the halls Em Bm Am Left in the wild like a tree pulled from the dirt Em Bm Am You fill the sky with burning arrows from your heart Em Bm Am […]

Crucify Your Mind Chords – Sixto Rodriguez V2

——————————————————————————- Crucify Your Mind – Sixto Rodriguez ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: Christian E-mail: chrkorped@gmail.com Great song. I found a better way to play this than the tabs that were already on UG, and thought I'd share it with you guys. I believe, that with this tab you can play very close to the original song, without […]

Soular Flares Chords – The Ready Set V2

Hey guys! johnniemikel here. This is my first tab!! ;D it's also one of my favorite bands, The Ready Set. This song is originally written in B, but I made it a LOT easier to play in the key of C, using a Capo on fret 2. Have fun, it's super easy and a great, […]

Young And Beautiful intro Tabs by Lana Del Rey

e ———————————————————| b –0———3————3——————————-| g –4—-2——–4—-2——4—-2—————2——-| d ———————————————–0———| Play twice a ———————————————————| e –3—————————————-0———0—| Hope it works for you, pretty simple and fun to play