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Get Better chords by Nothing but Thieves

[Intro] E Bm A [Verse 1] E Bm I know you think I’m kinda strange A Bm Sitting in this microwave E Bm A party trick no one sees A Bm Victim of a thought disease A Give me just a minute A Give me just a minute [Pre-Chorus] E Bm Baby please, don’t hang […]

By The Time I Get To Phoneix chords – Glen Campbell

By The Time I get to Phoenix Glen Travis Campbell Intro: F Gm F Bb Verse 1 Gm F Gm By the time I get to Phoenix, she'll be rising. She'll find the note I left F Bb C hanging on her door. She'll laugh, when she reads the part, that says I'm Am Gm […]

Baby Dont Get Hooked On Me chords – Mac Davis Vsion 2

C F Girl you're getting that look in your eyes C And it's starting to worry me F I ain't ready for no family ties C Nobody's gonna hurry me Em Just keep it friendly girl cause Am I don't wanna leave Dm Don't start clinging to me girl G7 Cause I can't breathe C […]

Closest I Get chords – Katie Herzig Vsion 2

C Em Am What if I wait and you don't show F C F G If I left you half just to keep me whole C Em Am What if I held my breath so long F C F G Would you notice the silence had lasted so long G G7 C What if the […]

Regina Dont Get Lost Tabs – The Cribs

——————————————————————————- Regina Don't Get Lost – The Cribs ——————————————————————————- : Rory H rdeh10@googlemail.com Tuning: EADGBe Hey guys! Another Cribs tab for you here ­čÖé This time it is another B-side 'Regina Don't Get Lost'. Excellent track with a wonderful tone to it. This isn't perfect as usual but definitely sounds fine to me! If you […]

When The Girls Get Here chords – Young Fresh Fellows

When the Girls Get Here by Young Fresh Fellows Duke *Just a little ditty about the stupid things guys do to attract the opposite s**.* (spoken) Hey everybody…the girls are here! Intro: D D When the girls get here G We'll talk about integrated circuits and things D To show them how smart we are […]

Get Lost Find Yourself chords – Chunk No Captain Chunk

verbesserungsvorschläge sind willkommen!!! ­čśÇ Capo 1 PICKINGMUSTER VERSE: das gleiche pickingmuster auch im pre-chorus ­čÖé C G D am C em am e/——-0————3———2—————0—————————- h/—–1—1——–0—0——3-3——1——1-1——-0———1——— g/—-0—–0——0—–0—-2—2—-2-2—-0—0—–0-0——-2-2——– d/—————————0——–2—2————2—0—–2—2——- a/–3——————————–0——-3——–2———0———— E/—————3———————————————————– VERSE: C G D am C Somewhere in between the end and the beginning em am i found a way to finally C G D am C […]

I Get So Mad At Me chords – Webb Pierce

G C G D7 I get so mad at me ever time I see you out with him C D7 G I get so mad at me for letting you go Em C I must have been crazy out of my mind G D7 Oh how could anyone ever be so blind G C G […]

Get Low chords – Editors

Get Low Verse: G Dm The rally cry, the call to arms Another lame excuse So bite your tongue, cause whereÔÇÖs the fun In another truce So get low Get low Chorus: C F Gm Bb Dm Only the last glow, lights up an atmosphere, an atmosphere C F Gm Bb Dm Am C Only […]

Deepest Cut chords – Get Scared

((Note: C2 can also be played as 032000 ( so basically the C chord with an open b string)). verse One: Ahs*** Em As my sky turns from autumn to ash C I hate you more and more each day Em As my mind grows angry by the hour C My circumstances look so gray […]

Rest To Get Better chords – Transit

Transit Rest To Get Better Joyride 2014 Rise Records Submitted by: jeremyunderground41 Key: Bb Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Bb – x13331 F – 133211 Gm – 355333 Eb – x68886 Intro: Bb– Verse 1: Eb I haven't slept in forever Bb only rest to get better F I'm up every three hours Gm Bb […]

If You Ever Get To Houston Look Me Down chords – Mickey Newbury

If You Ever Get To Houston (Look Me Down) Chorus: G C G If you ever get to Houston look me down A7 D If you ever get to Houston look me down G G7 C A7 And if you find a memory that turns your thoughts around G C G D G And drops […]

Dairybeat – Ive Gotta Get A Message To You – Bee Gees – Cover chords

DAIRYBEAT: I'VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE TO YOU (B., R. & M. GIBB) 4/4 – 88 |./. |: Repeat the previous Chord and/or Measure of 4-Counts. Intro: | C | F Fsus4 F | C | F Fsus4 F Verse 1: | Bb | Cm THE PREACHER TALKED WITH ME AND HE SMILED, | F […]

You Get Brighter chords – Incredible String Band

This song is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY repetitive. I wrote all the paragraphs. Intro: C F G6 G C |–8–| |–X–| |–3–| |–3–| |–0–| |–8–| |–10-| |–5–| |–3–| |–1–| |–9–| |–10-| |–4–| |–4–| |–0–| |–10-| |–10-| |–5–| |–5–| |–2–| |–10-| |–8–| |–X–| |–5–| |–3–| |–8–| |–X–| |–X–| |–3–| |–X–| Bb F G C You […]

How You Get The Girl chords – Taylor Swift V2

How You Get The Girl by Taylor Swift 1989 Track 10 2014 Standard Tuning Capo on the 5th fret Chords: C: x32010 G: 320003 or 320033 F: x33211 or 133211 (To play without a capo replace the chords above by F, C and Bb) Intro: C G F Verse: C G Stand there like a […]

How You Get The Girl chords – Taylor Swift

Hi ­čÖé I knew I'd love this one just from the Diet Coke commercial! STANDARD TUNING w/ CAPO ON 3 (*= one strum) Intro- D * A * G * Uhuhuh Uhuhuh Uh uh, uh uh D A Stand there like a ghost G Shaking from the rain, rain D A G She'll open up […]

When The Nights Get Long chords – Jukebox The Ghost

When the Nights Get Long Written by: Jukebox the Ghost (For easier chords, transpose down 2, then use a capo on the 2nd fret if you want to be in the right key) Try playing it along with the song to see how it sounds. Let me know if it needs changes! I'm still iffy […]

Used To Get High Tabs by John Butler

I really like this song but I was searching for a standard tuning tab. It wasn't available on the internet so I've made it by my self. Hope you like it! John Butler – Used To Get High Standard Tuning (EADGBe) Capo 1 Verse E |—-x——————x——————x——————x——————| B |—-x——————x——————x——————x——————| G |—-x——————x——————x——————x——————| D |—-x-0—————-x-0—————-x—————-0-x——————| A |—-x-0/2\0–0/2\0—–x-0/2\0–0/2\0—–x—————-5-x——————| E […]

Get Down chords – Concept

Hi, I love concept and I hope this sounds ok ­čÖé twitter: @FatimaKTBSPA (I think this is how Ben plays the chords:) Em : 779987 D : 101212111010 Am : 577555 C : 81010988 B : 799877 Intro: Em D Am C Cb Em Em D What if everything was clear to me Am C […]

Overdue Acoustic chords – Get Up Kids

Key: D Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Bm – x24432 D – xx0232 G – 320033 F# – 244322 Em – 022000 Verse 1: Bm You're a few years D G Bm overdue I spent F# them waiting here for G Bm D you Now your charity G Bm is refused I can name F# […]