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Galway Girl Piano Chords by Ed Sheeran

[Intro Chorus] Em G She played the fiddle in an Irish band D Cadd9 But she fell in love with an English man Cadd9 G Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand D Said baby I just want to dance [Verse 1] Em G I met her on Grafton […]

Galway Girl Piano Chords by Ed Sheeran

Tuning: Standard, EADGBe Capo: 2nd fret EADEBe Em7: 022033 G: 320033 D: xx0232 Cadd9: x32033 [Intro] Em7 G She played the fiddle in an Irish band D Cadd9 But she fell in love with an English man Cadd9 G Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand D Said, baby […]

A Girl A Bottle A Boat Album Chords by Train

Train – Drink Up – Capo 2 – Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMsht32j8sY. Capo 2 [Intro] A E B A E B [Verse 1] F#m E B It was just an ordinary Wednesday night F#m E B 11:47, when the stars aligned F#m E B Saw your face, and then I felt the b***erflies C#m E Someone’s gonna […]

Galway Girl chords by Ed Sheeran

Chord shapes as seen in his Capitol FM session: Em = Em7   [022033] G          [320033] C  = Cadd9 [x32033] D          [xx0232]/[200232] [CHORUS]     Em                  G She played the fiddle in an Irish band         […]

Girl At The Coffee Shop chords – Jeff Bernat

Learned By Ear 🙂 Link to song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIZvZlks_AE CAPO 4 Chords: Cmaj7 Am7 Fmaj7 Aadd9 E e|—x—-x—-0—-3—-x—–| B|—0—-1—-1—-1—-1—–| G|—0—-0—-2—-2—-x—–| D|—2—-2—-3—-3—-x—–| A|—3—-0—-x—-x—-x—–| E|—x—-x—-x—-x—-x—–| Intro: Cmaj7 Am7 Fmaj7 E Cmaj7 Am7 Aadd9 E [x2] [Verse]: Cmaj7 So the other day Am7 I was chilling at Starbucks Fmaj7 E Down the street Cmaj7 I saw a lady with […]

Back Street Girl Tabs – The Rolling Stones Vsion 1

BACK STREET GIRL As recorded by The Rolling Stones (From the 1967 Album FLOWERS) Words and Music by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards Slowhand Gtr I (D G C F A D) – 'Keith Richards – Acoustic Guitar (1 step down)' Intro Q=154 E/A D/A A 3/4 Gtr I (Ac. Gtr. / 1 step down: […]

A Girl Like You chords – Cliff Richard

A Girl Like You – Cliff Richard and the Shadows Jerry Lordan Label: Columbia Original key: D Reached #3 in 1961 in the UK. In the original: In the first verse only single arpeggio chords are played where marked. The chords are marked on the second line but are not played. #1: D A7 D […]

An All American Bluegrass Girl chords – Rhonda Vincent

C Bill might be from Kentucky Jimmy from Tennessee F C G7 C I'm an all American bluegrass girl and proud as I can be F C Each day I greet the morning with the sounds of the radio F C G7 Lester Flatt was singing on that Martha White show C F C Big […]

Jessies Girl solo Tabs – Rick Springfield V3

Solo transcribed from PapastachePop: Stave 1: E|————————–12———-10–9——10————————– B|——————————12–10———10——10b—17b19–20–19r17– G|–7–7–7–7–7–7–7–7—————————————————– D|—————————————————————————– A|—————————————————————————– E|—————————————————————————– Stave 2: E|————————————————14–12–10—-7/9\7—–15–14–12——12—- B|–15——————15——————————————————–15——15– G|——16–15–14–14——16–15–14—–11/14–14–12—-11—-7/9\7————————— D|——————————————————————————————– A|——————————————————————————————– E|——————————————————————————————– Stave 3: E|————–9——————–10–10–10–10– B|——10–12—–10—–8–10–12–10–10–10–10– G|-/11——————–7–9—12—————— D|————————————————— A|————————————————— E|—————————————————

The Girl From Ipanema chords – Amy Winehouse

Song: The Girl From Ipanema. Artist: Amy Winehouse, from Album; Lioness: Hidden treassures. Chord a***ysis: Mats f**ergren 2015-12-01 No Capo. Chords must be played according to instructions that can be found below. Note: Eaug/F# can alt. be played as F#7-5 *** CHORD E,A,D,G,B,e CHORD E,A,D,G,B,e Fmaj9 x,8,7,9,7,x F#m9 2,4,2,2,2,4 Eaug/F# x,9,10,9,9,x*) D9 x,5,4,5,5,x (F#7-5 2,x,2,3,1,x) […]

Barbara Lynn – Second Fiddle Girl chords

Second Fiddle Girl:Barbara Lynn. #63 on BB Hot 100 on JAMIE Records in 1962. INTRO: C A E A E #1. A Hey, hey, hey, you've seen the world. D F You went out with every girl. A E But let me hip you, I won't be your A E second fiddle girl. #2. A […]

The Girl For Me chords – Neil Sedaka

Neil Sedaka – The girl for me : anderssoncaro ——————————— No Capo Intro: C F C G Verse: C Am The way you hold me tight F G The way we kiss goodnight C Am And every time we dance F G My heart goes in a trance Chorus: C Am You're something special (special) […]

Girl Put Your Records On chords – Corinne Bailey Rae

This song has some weird chords in it so I have tabbed them out for you. The rhythm for this song is plucked. These occur on the 1st beat and the 1st and 2nd off beat: (The Xs are where the plucks are) X X X 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 Standard Tuning […]

Daddys Little Girl chords – Kevin Briody

I haven't been able to find anything by Kevin Briody on this website at all, so I decide to take on myself to map most of them out. Some may be off a little but are close enough that you can easily play with the song. Let me know if i made any mistakes. Im […]

Jessies Girl chords – Mary Lambert

G Jessie is a friend, D Yeah I know he's been a good friend of mine A Bm But lately something's changed It ain't hard to define G Jessie's got himself a girl And I want to make her mine D A Bm And she's watching him with those eyes D A Bm And she's […]

Just A Girl chords – Lady Antebellum

Capo 2 A B C#m (x2) A B C#m Boy, you must have come up short tonight A B C#m Cause I'm always your consolation prize A B C#m Usually I fix my hair, put on my coat A B And show up at your door, but no more A B C#m Now I know […]

Vanishing Girl chords – The Dukes Of Stratosphear Xtc

VANISHING GIRL By The Dukes of the Stratosphear. This is XTC on a album called Chips from the Chocolate Fireball when I posted this it said I had oversized lines (what ever that is?) so I clicked auto correct. Hope this hasn't shifted any of the chords out of line. But if you know this […]

Girl With The Feather chords – Gregory Alan Isakov

Artist: Gregory Alan Isakov Song: Girl With the Feather Unreleased : Jo Lefebure Tuning: Standard (capo 4) Since this is an unreleased song, the lyrics might be off in places. Feel free to correct the lyrics but please rate the tab for its guitar parts. Thank you. C F C G Am F C G […]

Let Go Of You Girl chords – Left Banke

The Left Banke – Let Go Of You Girl song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POdiO1xOg-E INTRO G \ 2x F#m / VERSE 1 G I've got to make you see F#m You're not the girl for me G And I will prove it to you F#m So that you will see Bm F#m I will let go of you […]

Dairybeat – Girl – Beatles – Cover chords

DAIRYBEAT: GIRL (Lennon/McCartney) (98 – 4/4) |./. |: Repeat the previous Chord and/or Measure of 4-Counts. / : Break(s) /\ : Down-Up beat Rhythm / / / / : Down beat Rhythm Intro: | Am E7 | Am Am7 | Dm | C E7 Verse 1: /\… | Am E7 | Am Am7 | Dm […]