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A Girl Like You Live Tabs – Black Keys

——————————————————————————- SONG NAME – Band Name ——————————————————————————- : dzingariello dario.zingariello Tuning: EADGBe A Girl like you, originally by Edwyn Collins, as played by The Black Keys on a web exclusive of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MowHQDsaSOI Intro / Chorus e|————————————————————————————-| B|————————————————————————————-| G|——–10-(11/12\11)—————-15-12———-10-(11/12\11)——————–| D|–10-13————–10-10—-10-13———–10-13————–10-10—-10-12–8-10| A|————————————————————————————-| E|————————————————————————————-| Verse: e|——————————————-| B|——————————————-| G|——————————————-| D|–10—8————-8———————| A|———–10—8-8-10—–10————–| E|——————————————-| ************************************ […]

Good Girl Tabs – Carrie Underwood

——————————————————————————- Good Girl – Carrie Underwood ——————————————————————————- : Tristsn S Type: Personal Interpretation of Song Tuning: Standard Capo: No # of Guitars: 2 ***INTRO***: e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|——-5——-8/10–8—-3-3—–5———————-3-3—-3/(5——-| D|——-5——-8/10–8—-3-3—–5——-1-3–3h4p3-1—3-3—-3/(5)——| A|——-3——-6/8—6—-1-1—–3—–3—————-1-1—-1/(3)——| E|—————————————————————————| X2 ***VERSE*** (When Singing Starts): e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|——-5——-8/10–8—-3-3—–5——-8/10–8—-3-3—-3/(5)———-| D|——-5——-8/10–8—-3-3—–5——-8/10–8—-3-3—-3/(5)———-| A|——-3——-6/8—6—-1-1—–3——-6/8—6—-1-1—-1/(3)———-| E|—————————————————————————| X3 Last Bar Before Chorus: e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|——-5———8/10–8—-3-3—–5—-3—-2—-3———————–| D|——-5———8/10–8—-3-3—–3—-3—-2—-3———————–| A|——-3———6/8—6—-1-1—–3—-1—-0—-1———————–| E|—————————————————————————| ***CHORUS***: GUITAR 1 […]

How You Get The Girl chords – Taylor Swift V2

How You Get The Girl by Taylor Swift 1989 Track 10 2014 Standard Tuning Capo on the 5th fret Chords: C: x32010 G: 320003 or 320033 F: x33211 or 133211 (To play without a capo replace the chords above by F, C and Bb) Intro: C G F Verse: C G Stand there like a […]

How You Get The Girl chords – Taylor Swift

Hi ­čÖé I knew I'd love this one just from the Diet Coke commercial! STANDARD TUNING w/ CAPO ON 3 (*= one strum) Intro- D * A * G * Uhuhuh Uhuhuh Uh uh, uh uh D A Stand there like a ghost G Shaking from the rain, rain D A G She'll open up […]

This Little Girl chords – Dion V2

This Little Girl:Dion (with the Del-Satins.) #21 on BB Hot 100 on COLUMBIA Records in 1963. INTRO: Bb Eb Cm Bb People, don't you worry, I know what I'm doin'.. Eb F I know what love's all about. Bb Gm7 Oh, this little girl won't make a fool out of me.. Eb F because I'm […]

Miss That Girl chords – Jason Aldean

Chords are Bb G F Intro: Bb F G Bb [Verse:] Bb I found your silver bracelet in my backseat G That you left, it seems like yesterday Bb It's like I found a treasure when I held it F How could I have ever let her get away Bb I still got a faded […]

All American Girl chords – Angry Johnny And The Killbillies

Angry Johnny and the Killbillies – All American Girl [http://www.getangry.com/] G Neglected by your mama, G Abandoned by your dad. G Molested by your uncle, G Girl, your story's really sad. C You had eating disorders. C You got skinny, you got fat. G Watched your older brother decapitate your cat. D C G You're […]

Bad Girl Tabs by Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Bad Girl feat. Marylin Manson Avril Lavigne 2013 Epic Records Submitted by: jeremyunderground41 Key: F Tuning: Drop D Intro: Guitar: e|————————————| B|————————————| G|-7——-7———10———–5-5-| D|-7-0-0-0-7-0-0-0-0-10-0-0-0-5-5-5-5-| A|-5-0-0-0-5-0-0-0-0–8-0-0-0-5-5-3-3-| D|—0-0-0—0-0-0-0—-0-0-0-5-5—–| e|———————————| B|———————————| G|-7——-7———————5-| D|-7-0-0-0-7-0-0-0-0-5-3-5-6-5-3-5-| A|-5-0-0-0-5-0-0-0-0-5-3-5-6-5-3-3-| D|—0-0-0—0-0-0-0-5-3-5-6-5-3—| Verses: Bass: Hey Hey I like you to walk all over me G|——————————| D|——————————| A|-5——5——8———-3-3-| x3 D|—0–0—0–0—0–0-5-5—–| But I want pretty […]

Brown Eyed Girl Tabs by Alfie Kingston

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison Alfie Kingston Duo Version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElVk8zRWDIM http://www.alfiekingstonduo.com : Jacob Tuning: Standard: EADGBE Capo at the 7th fret. Chords used are C, F, G, and Am. All Chords and notes are relative to the capo. Intro:      C             F             C             G E|——–0——|1–3–5–3–1|——0——|3————| B|–1–3—–3–1|1————|1–3—–3–1|0–0–1–3—| G|–0————|2————|0————|0————| D|–2————|3————|2————|0————| A|–3————|————-|3————|2————| E|—————|————-|————-|3————|     C             F             C             G C E|——–0——|1–3–5–3–1|——0——|3–3–1–0—|–0–| B|–1–3—–3–1|1————|1–3—–3–1|0———–3|–1–| G|–0————|2————|0————|0————|–0–| D|–2————|3————|2————|0————|–2–| A|–3————|————-|3————|2————|–3–| E|—————|————-|————-|3————|—–|    Verse I:  C                 F         C Hey, where did we go,                    G*        C Days when the rains came ?            F                C Down in the hollow                G* Playing a new game, C                 F               Laughing and a-running, hey, hey, C            G* Skipping and a-jumping C            F In the misty morning fog with C        G* Our, our hearts a-thumping         F   G              Am*    F And you,      my brown-eyed girl,        G            C     G* You, my  brown-eyed girl. Verse II: C        F         C              Whatever happened            G* […]

Little London Girl chords – Greyson Chance V2

Greyson Chance Little London Girl Hold On Til The Night 2011 Submitted by: jeremyunderground41 Key: D Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: D – xx0232 A – x02220 A/C# – x476xx Bm – x24432 G – 320033 E – 022100 Intro: D– Verse 1: D I shut the door and A/C# I step outside G It's […]

Deamon Girl chords – Frank Black

Intro & bridge: C# A Verses: E A F# A I had a garage full of 66 guitars Each night I'd play them underneath the starry stars There was much dancing and so many <no idea=""> friends I never thought, I never thought, I never thought that it would end. But then one morning I […]

Your Girl chords – Daphne Willis

F Maybe the words don't wanna rhyme C Maybe you're having less than the best time Dm But don't worry you know that I'm Bb Gonna be your girl your girl F You run into a red brick wall C You're feeling like you're one foot small Dm It seems like you got no one […]

Canadian Girl chords – Philippe B

Accords Gm 30033X Dadd9 200230 Fm 133111 Eb X5666X D7 X5453X Eb7 X6564X F7 X7675X Bb 688766 F 133211 F 5X356X Dm X57765 Gm Dadd9 Je cherche des restes de toi Fm Dans la chambre froide Eb Et dans le piano droit D7 Eb7 F7 Bb F Gm F Eb Je cherche l'écho d'une voix […]

Respectable What Kind Of Girl Is This chords – Outsiders

Respectable:The Outsiders. #15 on BB Hot 100 on CAPITOL Records in 1966. INTRO: C Am (x2) #1. C Am What kind of girl is this..(what kind of girl is this?) C Am she's never, ever been kissed?..(what kind of girl is this?) C Am Well, rubidy-rub-dub-dub..(what kind of girl is this?) C Am She's never, […]

Help Me Girl chords – Outsiders

Help Me Girl:The Outsiders. #37 on BB Hot 100 on CAPITOL Records in 1966. INTRO: Cm Ab G (x2) #1. Cm Ab Girl, have you ever been hungry, so hungry that G you had no pride? Cm Ab Well, I got that feeling..that biting, gnawing G deep inside. C F C F It's a funny […]

Girl In Love chords – Outsiders

Girl In Love:The Outsiders. #26 on BB Hot 100 on CAPITOL Records in 1966. INTRO: B E (x4) B #1. F#m A F#m A F#m A Girl in love dressed in white….crying, crying….on F#m her wedding night. E F#m E The gown of lace hung on a chair, the pretty gown D E she'll never […]

All American Girl chords – Train

I love this song and I can't search chords, so I listened for a long time and finally I've got it!!! (Sorry, my english isn't very good, 'cause I'm Czech) If you have a problem, contact me on this katerina.koprnova@seznam.cz _____________________________________________________________________________ Intro: D E F Em D To be that good, it must be taxin' […]

Sexy Girl Latin chords – 2raumwohnung

The whole song is played by two power-chords: F#m and E (starting with A string, 9th and 7th fret) e|————————————————————————–| B|————————————————————————–| G|–11–9—11-11–9——————————————————–| D|–11–9—11-11–9——————————————————–| A|–9—7—9–9—7——————————————————–| E|————————————————————————–| From time to time, the following riff is played: e|————————————————————————–| B|—–12——–12———————————————————| G|–11—-9—11—9–9-9—————————————————| D|–11—-9—11—9–9-9—————————————————| A|–9—–7—9—-7–7-7—————————————————| E|————————————————————————–|

Guys Girl chords – Jaida Dreyer

SONG: GUY'S GIRL ARTIST: JAIDA DREYER TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM GUY'S GIRL JAIDA DREYER INTRO: D A Bm G D E ———————5—-| B -5/7-7–5—5h7-7-7——-| G ———-7————7–| D ————————–| A ————————–| E ————————–| D A Bm G E ———————5—-| B -5/7-7–5—5h7-7-7——-| G ———-7————7–| D ————————–| A ————————–| E ————————–| VERSE: A D A I […]

My Girl Tabs by Agua De Annique

Play all chords as barree! ========================== [Intro] e|———————————————————————| B|———————————————————————| G|——12-10——9———(play this first riff 4 times)————| D|—10———10—10————————————————| A|-8———-8——————————————————–| E|———————————————————————| e|———————————————————————| B|———————————————————————| G|——-14-12———14-12——–12-14——–14-12—————–| D|—-12————12———–12———–12———————–| A|-10————10———–10———–10————————–| E|———————————————————————| e|———————————————————————| B|———————————————————————| G|——12-10——9———–12-10———————————–| D|—10———10—10—–10—————————————–| A|-8———-8———–8———–8–7–5————————–| E|———————————————————————| [Verse] A|—–5————————————- My hands are tied … I'm on your side A|—-7h8-7—7h8-7——-7h8—————- You are my girl A|—-5————————————– I hold your hand and understand A|—-7h8-7—7h8-7—–7h8–5————— You […]