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Girls Like You chords by Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B

[Verse 1] C G Am F Spent 24 hours, I need more hours with you C G Am F You spent the weekend getting even, ooh C G Am F We spent the late nights making things right between us [Pre-Chorus] C But now it’s all good, babe G Roll that back wood, babe Am […]

Most Girls Piano Chords by Hailee Steinfeld

[Verse 1] A F#m Some girls, feel best in their tiny dresses D E Some girls, nothin’ but sweatpants, looking like a princess A F#m Some girls, kiss new lips every single night D E They’re stayin’ out late cause they just celebrating life [Pre-Chorus] A F#M You know some days you feel so good […]

Most Girls Chords by Hailee Steinfeld

[Verse 1] A F#m Some girls, feel best in their tiny dresses D E Some girls, nothin’ but sweatpants, looking like a princess A F#m Some girls, kiss new lips every single night D E They’re stayin’ out late cause they just celebrating life [Pre-Chorus] A F#M You know some days you feel so good […]

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others chords – The Smiths Vsion 2

Song: Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others Artists: The Smiths The Queen Is Dead, 1986 Tempo: 4|4 Style: Alt-Melodic Tuning: Standard No Capo Chords: EADGBe A 577655 B 799877 G#m X66444 C#m X46654 B 799877 E 022100 INTRO: (Fade In) (Fade Out) |N.C. | A B | G#m | C#m | (FadeIn) | A B […]

Bad Girls Tabs – Peer Günt

Intro: x3 E||—————————–||——————–| B||—————————–||——————–| G||.—————————.||——————–| D||.——2—–2—–2——–.||——-2—–2——| A||—————————–||——————–| E||-0–3—–3—–3—–3-2—-||-0–3—–3———| Verse: E||—————————–|| B||—————————–|| G||.—————————.|| D||.——2—–2—–2——–.|| A||—————————–|| E||-0–3—–3—–3—–3-2—-|| Chorus: E|——|——||—————————–|| B|–3—|——||—————————–|| G|–2—|–2—||.—————————.|| D|–0—|–2—||.——2—–2—–2——–.|| A|——|–0—||—————————–|| E|——|——||-0–3—–3—–3—–3-2—-|| Bridge: E||——|—–|—–|——|| B||——|—–|—–|——|| G||.–4–|—–|–5–|–7–.|| D||.–4–|–5–|–5–|–7–.|| A||—2–|–5–|–3–|–5—|| E||——|–3–|—–|——||

Miss You Bow Wow chords – Girls Aloud V2

Capo 3rd Fret The chords transcribed correspond to the tone of the chord, not the finger pattern: (022000, from the capo, is written as Gm, not Em). You can play these chords without a capo using the corresponding chord patterns: Using a capo is best (and easier) – the outro solo is definitely easier. Fairly […]

Baby Steps intro Tabs – Girls Generation

——————————————————————————- Baby Steps – TaeTiSeo ——————————————————————————- : Angela Chibbi DarkShadowDimension Tuning:eBGDAE e|——-2-0—————————-2-0———————————-| B|————3-2-0———————3—-3-2-0—————————| G|——-4———-2——2———-2————2—–2——————-| D|—–4—————–0———-0——————-2——————–| A|—2————————————————-0———————| E|———————3—————————————————–| e|——-2-0———————————-2-0—————————-| B|————-3-2-0————————–3—-3-2-0——–2————| G|——-4————2—–2——0——–2—2——–2—-2—-2-2—2—| D|—–4—4—————0–0-0———0———-0——0———-0—–| A|—2———–2———————————————————–| E|———————–3——–3——————————————| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | […]

When The Girls Get Here chords – Young Fresh Fellows

When the Girls Get Here by Young Fresh Fellows Duke *Just a little ditty about the stupid things guys do to attract the opposite s**.* (spoken) Hey everybody…the girls are here! Intro: D D When the girls get here G We'll talk about integrated circuits and things D To show them how smart we are […]

Strut chords by The Cheetah Girls

Em You can breathe in the music the city makes Cadd9 Move by the rhythm the Gypsies play Am D Deep inside it comes alive. Em There is a whisper that feeds your soul Cadd9 Words so beautiful like a Spanish rose Am D Til you're hypnotized that's when you've arrived [Chorus:] Em You got […]

I Lose Tabs – Girls Names

Girls Names – I Lose Track 6 "Dead To Me" (Slumberland 2011). Isaac Murguia, February 2015. Originally uploaded to Ultimate-Guitar.com Contact: www.youtube.com/user/Goadiroth INTRO: C# D#m B e|-9—-11—-7—-| B|-9—-11—-7—-| G|-10—11—-8—-| D|-11—13—-9—-| A|-11—13—-9—-| E|-9—-11—-7—-| [x4] VERSE: (with fast strumming) e|-9—-9—-11—-7—-| B|-9—-9—-11—-7—-| (no lyrics here) G|-10—10—11—-8—-| D|-11—11—13—-9—-| A|-11—11—13—-9—-| E|-9—-9—-11—-7—-| [x2] CHORUS: [x2] Guitar 1 e|-9—-9—-11—-7—-| B|-9—-9—-11—-7—-| G|-10—10—11—-8—-| D|-11—11—13—-9—-| […]

Something New chords – Girls Aloud

Capo 2 Em G D Am Pre-chorus: Em G Go girls g-g-go, go, go D Am We girls gonna take control Em G You boys better know, know, know D Am We girls gonna run this show Em G Go girls g-g-go, go, go D Am Em We girls gonna take control G No, no […]

Every Now And Then chords – Girls Aloud

Capo 4 Am C G Dm All this time, looking for a light Am C G Am All this time, I’m still trying C G I gave you all my love Dm Am I took it back again C G But the candle in my heart Dm Am It flickers now and then C G […]

Girls Und Panzer – Katyusha Tabs – Misc Cartoons

——————————————————————————- Katyusha – Girls und Panzer (Anime version of a Russian folk song) ——————————————————————————- :Seth Drake sethdrake150@hotmail.com Tuning:Standard Intro Second guitar enter e|—10——9——-7-5-3-2-7~—-3——2———-5-3-2-9-7~~~\———————| B|——-12——10——————–5———–3———————————–| G|————————————————————————————-| D|————————————————————————————-| A|– Guitar 1 ————————————————————————-| E|————————————————————————————-| Bm e|————————————————————————————-| B|——————————-3—3—3—3—3—3—3—3—3—3—3—3—3—3-| G|——————————-4—4—4—4—4—4—4—4—4—4—4—4—4—4-| D|————————————————————————————-| A|– Guitar 2 —————–2——-2——-2——-2——-2——-2——-2——-| E|———————————2——-2——-2——-2——-2——-2——-2—| Vers e|———————————————————————| B|———————————————————————| G|—4—–6-7—–4-7-7-6-4-6——-6—–7-9—–7-9-9-7-6-4———| D|——————————-4————————————-| A|———————————————————————| E|———————————————————————| Bm F# Bm e|———————————————————————| B|—–3—3—3—3—3—3—3——————————-3—3—| G|—–4—4—4—4—4—4—4—3—3—3—3—3—3—3—4—4—| D|———————————4—4—4—4—4—4—4———–| […]

Ill Tell Me Ma chords – Traditional Irish V2

CAPO 2 [Intro] C G C G C F C C I'll tell me ma, when I get home G C The boys won't leave the girls alone C Pulled me hair, stolen me comb G C But that's alright, till I go home [Chorus 1] C F She is handsome, she is pretty C […]

Snakes And Ladders chords – Scouting For Girls

Bm G D A x4 Bm G It's always up and down with you D A This game you play is kinda twisted, Bm G Trying to guess your next move D A Is all I do cause I'm addicted Bm G I could leave it all behind D A Trouble is I know Id […]

Ocean Cloud Tabs by Marillion

As Marillionmusic has been down for a long time now, I thought of saving some brilliant tabs of songs not found anywhere else by diving into the internet archives and posting them here. All the credits and props to the original transcriber. Thank your, whoever you are! Marillion – Ocean Cloud ======================= Gary Jevon ==================== […]

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others Tabs by Smiths V3

Credit goes to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh1nKVtjOg8 e|——–0———–|—–0———–­-| B|———–0—–0–|——–0——–­-| G|——————–|———–4—4-­-| D|—–6——–6—–|————-4—­-| A|–4—————–|-/2————–­-| E|——————–|—————–­-| e|———–0——-|——–0———­|| B|——————-|—–4—–4——­|| G|——–8——-0–|————-2—-­|| D|—–7——-/6—-|-/4————4–­|| A|–0—————-|——————­|| E|——————-|——————­|| e|——–0———-4——-| B|—–4—–4—4—–4—4-| G|————-4—4—–4—| D|-/6————————| A|—————————| E|—————————| e|—–4————–|—————-| |–0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0—–| B|——–5–4——–|—-5—–7—–| |–0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0—–| G|————–6—–|————-8–| |–1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1—–| D|—————–6–|-/7—/9——–|­x3 |–2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2—-| A|–4—————–|—————-| |–2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2—–| E|——————–|—————-| |–0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0—–|

When You Cry chords – Girls Names

When You Cry by Girls Names (off Dead to Me) During the Intro Bridge and Bridge 1, the chords do not play. The lengths of the Intro Bridge and Bridge 1 are the same as Bridge 2. Intro Bridge: Solo Guitar Plays (x2) Intro: G G B A G G F F# (x2) Verse: G […]

Thunder Acoustic chords – Boys Like Girls V7

Thunder (Acoustic) Boys Like Girls Chords – Big_D Email – Davidson_Dalton93 Ok. So many tabs of this song, and NONE are correct. The song is Definitely a full step down. Tuning – D -||- A -||- F -||- C -||- G -||- D -||- E E/D# A/E B/E C#/E G#/E B A F#m/E D -0- […]

Southland In The Springtime chords – Indigo Girls V2

SOUTHLAND IN THE SPRINGTIME (Indigo Girls) ——————————————- capo at the 2nd fret. G F C D G F C D [intro] G C D Maybe we'll make Texas by the morning G C D Light the bayou with our taillights in the night Em C G Eight hundred miles to El Paso from the state […]