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Stay Beside Me Chords – Future Of Forestry

Intro (with strum rhythm in the song): G – A – Bm // G – A – Bm – HD // G – A – Bm – A // G – A – LD Verse 1 G A Bm When my broken world caves in G A Bm And the darkness covers over G A […]

Supernatural Acoustic Chords – Flyleaf

Key: E Intro:| C#m | Bsus4 | A2 | A2/// B| Note: these are representative of bars, it is in 4/4 time so you play C#m for four counts then to B for four counts then to A2 for 7 counts then back to B for one count. This structure is then repaeted through the […]

Cryin For Me Waymans Song Chords – Toby Keith

(Intro) C Em C Em (Verse 1) C Em Got the news on friday mornin’, but a tear I couldn’t find F G You showed me how I’m supposed to live and now you showed me how to die C Em I was lost till sunday mornin’, I work up to face my fear F […]

Heaven Is The Face Chords – Steven Curtis Chapman

Capo 3 Intro C Verse 1: C Heaven is the face of a little girl C F With dark brown eyes that disappear when she smiles. C Heaven is the place where she calls my name C F Says, Daddy please come play with me for awhile. Chorus: G F C God, I know, its […]

Temporary Home Chords – Carrie Underwood

Standard Tuning, No Capo Such a powerful song and definitely one of my favorites off the album. If you have any suggestions on how to make this better, comment! Enjoy! ­čÖé C Little boy, 6 years old F A little too used to bein’ alone C Another new mom and dad, another school F Another […]

Dustbowl Dance Chords – Mumford And Sons

Capo on 1st fret Chords used : Bm, A, D, Em, F# Bm A D The young man stands on the edge of his porch Em D Em F# The days were short and the father was gone Bm A D There was no one in the town and no one in the field Em […]

God And Satan Chords – Biffy Clyro

Nice Song, Complicated timing in the bridge at the end. Intro G Em G Em G Em G C I talk to god as much as I talk to satan ’cause I want to hear both sides C does that make me cynical G there are no miracles Em this is no miraculous life G […]

Heartbreak Warfare Chords – John Mayer

Standard Tuning Chords used by John (you can play the full notes, it doesn’t matter, but i think it better this way): A x02220 D/F# 2x023x F#m 2x422x F 1×3213 C x32013 G 320033 OBS : To the big E string John uses the tong to hold the note or kill it (x).It’s cool, more […]