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Heart Of Gold Live chords – Neil Young

INTRO Em7 D Em (x2) Em C D G (Harmonica solo 1) Em C D G (Harmonica solo 2) Em C D G (Harmonica solo 3) Em7 D Em Em C D G I want to live, I want to give Em C D G I've been a miner for a heart of gold Em […]

Gold Heart Locket chords – Jeff Black

"Gold Heart Locket" Usually with a banjo, but when he plays it live, there's often a full band accompaniment. Beautiful song. D , A , Em , G , D D All night long I've been riding riding A Em I should have been there by now But these old county roads Got a lot […]

Vampires Kiss chords – John Gold V2

Only thing i can't quite figure out is the very first cord in the chorus (I'm currently playing Am which works but isn't right) otherwise this sounds way more like the recorded version than the other tab does. Capo 2 Am 'Cause there's a red moon low in the sky G And a Santa Ana […]

Dairybeat – Fields Of Gold – Sting – Cover chords

DAIRYBEAT: FIELDS OF GOLD (Sting) 4/4 – 98 |./. |: Repeat the previous Chord and/or Measure of 4-Counts. Intro: |Am7 |: 4x Verse 1: | Am Am7 | F |./. | C YOU’LL RE-MEMBER ME, WHEN THE WEST WIND MOVES, UP-ON THE FIELDS OF BARLEY. | Am Am7 | F C YOU’LL FOR-GET THE SUN, […]

Heartless Empire chords – Broken Bells

G# F# G# F# G# F# G# And what you found was gold, as black as dried blood F# G# F# E The taste was oh so sweet, well one loves to love F# E The whole idea seems unfit to rule, F# G# But it's always that way G# F# G# F# G# So […]

The Remains Of Rock And Roll chords – Broken Bells

[Intro] Am C Em Bm Bbm Am Am C Em G Am C Em Bm Bbm Am It's too long to wait around for everyone to decide Am C Em G I'm off to the promised land if anyone needs a ride Am C Em Bm Bbm Am it's a small car but we'll fit […]

Herz Aus Gold chords – Die Lokalmatadore

die Lokalmatadore Herz aus Gold ( Heute ein König, morgen ein Arschloch) Intro: G C Am D G C Am D G C Am D G D Am C Ich saß in einer kleinen Bar D als ich dieses Mädchen sah Am C Ihre t**ten die war´n ungeheuer D G D deshalb fing ich sofort […]

Fools Gold chords – Fitz And The Tantrums

Artist: Fitz and the Tantrums Song t**le: Fool's Gold More Than Just A Dream (2013) ashleyfoo Email : ashleyfoo95@live.com Feel free to comment and rate =) Based on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHf9GupmgVU Standard tuning Chords: F G Am C Capo on 1st [Intro] F G Am C F G Am C F G Am C Oh, maybe I […]

Glitter And Gold chords – Turtles

Glitter And Gold:The Turtles. Album – It Ain't Me Babe – #8 on BB Hot 200 on WARNER Records in 1965. INTRO: F Bb F C #1. F Bb F Eb Girl, I know what he can give you every single day you live.. Bb C F Eb Bb F you will be wearing Paris […]

Pot Of Gold chords – Ball Park Music

Pot of Gold – Ball Park Music (Ball Park Music songs are great fun to play on guitar!) Intro (chords for Electric Piano) F# (8) F# (8) E (4) Ebm (4) A B Verse F# F# Holes get burnt, in my clothes, E Ebm A – B as my light bulb fizzes out baby F# […]

Silver And Gold chords – Johnny Marks

Silver and Gold Johnny Marks (c) 1964 From the 1964 NBC/Rankin-Bass TV Production Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer C Am Dm G7 Silver and gold, silver and gold C Am Dm G7 Ev'ryone wishes for silver and gold C Em Am How do you measure its worth? Dm G Just by the pleasure it gives here […]

Eminem – Rap Gold – New music video

Watch Eminem’s new music video “Rap Gold”

House Of Gold chords – Twenty One Pilots V4

The other submitted chords work great, but this way of doing actually mimics the exact sound of a uke, because with a capo on 5th the 1st-4th strings are GCEA, the tuning for ukes. Anyways enough explaining, here ya go! please rate and/or comment! uke chords: C F Am G C F C G C […]

If We Ever Chords – Stan Bush

Stan Bush – If We Ever G G A Bm G G A A G G A D G G A A G G A Bm Six in the mornin' I'm lyin' in bed G G A A I got yesterday's dirt on my hands G G A D I hear the clock ringin' inside […]

Mary Hamilton Chords – Joan Baez

On her first album ("Joan Baez"), Baez does this in the key of B. (In "The Joan Baez Song Book", it's in D.) C F C G7 Word is to the kitchen gone, and word is to the hall, F G7 C Am And word is up to Madam the Queen C G7 C And […]

The Way It Used To Be Chords – Mike Posner

@fahmitanjung Please rate, thanks!!! Recommended pattern A (556775) B (778997) E (799977) C#m (9 9 9 11 11 9) A B E We were young A B E We were never growing old A B C#m And the glitter was still gold B They way it used to be A B E It was love […]

Miracles Chords – Nelly Furtado

Dm Am Dm Turn every tear on my face to gold Am Dm Make the skin on the back of my neck turn cold Am Dm Need to feel my bare feet on your road Am Bb I will never again walk alone Dm Bb If you question my faith, I'd still believe Dm Bb […]

Sinners Chords – Lauren Aquilina V2

Easy chords but work well for this song 🙂 SINNERS – LAUREN AQUILINA CAPO 4 Em C D Our lives are stores, waiting to be told Em C D In search of silver linings, we discovered gold Em D C And judgment taught us that our hearts were wrong Em D C But they're the […]

Leviathan Chords – Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan "Leviathan" Blues Funeral tabbed by: smcclure09@yahoo.com standard tuning Intro: e—————-| B—————-| G—————-| D-\7—5—3—2-| A—————-| E—————-| D C G Bb After the deadlock and dazzle D C G Bb As good as, or better than gold D C G Bb I lay down my guns on the table D C G Bb First scarlet […]

Little Mirrors – Choke chords

Standard Tuning Capo 3 C E7 Am Two months to the day C E7 Am Since you blew away Fmaj7 G6 C Straight Down to the hills they say Fmaj7 G6 C Riding on the Crest of a Wave C E7 Am As the days go by C E7 Am I think of you and […]