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Im Gonna Knock On Your Door chords – Billy Crash Craddock

G I'm gonna knock on your door ring on your bell D7 Tap on your window too G C If you don't come out tonight when the moon is bright G D7 G I'm gonna knock and ring and tap until you do I'm gonna knock on your door call out your name D7 Wake […]

Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar chords – Doc Watson

Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar – Doc Watson with Merle Watson Alton Delmore Original key : D From the 1965 album "Doc Watson & Son" Chords D D7 Fdim G G7 A7 Bm EADGBe EADGBe EADGBe EADGBe EADGBe EADGBe EADGBe 200232 200212 xx3131 320003 320001 002020 244232 Fingering the Fdim corectly allows a simple […]

Barbara Lynn – Youre Gonna Need Me chords

You're Gonna Need Me:Barbara Lynn. #13 on R&B and #65 on BB Hot 100 on JAMIE Records in 1962. INTRO: G #1. G Em C The whole town's talking, about you and D your new girl. G Em You're flying high, now, Jack, in your C D single world. CHORUS: G Em C But you're […]

Everythings Gonna Be Alright chords – Christie

Released in 1972. To play this song in the right key (E) I have my capo on the 2nd fret. Intro = D G A D G A D G A D G A Verse 1 D A You tell me I must be strong Bm G And I must keep holding on D A […]

Youre Gonna Miss Me chords by Connie Francis

You're Gonna Miss Me:Connie Francis. #32 on CASHBOX and #34 on BB Hot 100 on MGM Records in 1959. ***(This may or may not be the original key. I can't find the original recording.)*** INTRO: C Dm7 F C Em7 C Am7 F Am7 F #1. Am7 F One kiss, one little sigh, that's all […]

Gonna Leave You chords – Queens Of The Stone Age V2

Standard Tuning EADGBe Intro: B D B A# B D B Verse 1: B D B A# B D B Wait by the phone late alone he can't help you but I know I could B D B A# B D B Free is too long you know this is wrong everything scars the skin […]

Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me Tabs – London Grammar

——————————————————————————- DARLING, ARE YOU GONNA LEAVE ME – London Grammar ——————————————————————————- : SammyDodger sam_moppo@hotmail.co.uk Tuning: Standard Love this track from this great band, there was already a tab on here but I don't think it was quite correct so I've tabbed out the version that I play. Any corrections please email me. Thanks Intro e|————————————| […]

A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young Correct Tabs – Eric Church

Eric Church – A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young CAPO 4 Tuning: e|——————————————————————| B|-1h3—3-3—-3p1—1-1—-3————3————————-| G|————–0————2h4—4-4—-4p2—2-2—————–| D|—–0—-0——-0—–0–0—0—–0–0—0———————| A|————–3—————————————————| E|-3—————————————————————-| G C D Start FINGERPICKING then Transition to strumming when the song picks up! I use a pick holder called the Pik-Tik for this…. G C I like fast cars, and sharp dreams D G chased […]

Gonna Know We Were Here chords – Jason Aldean V2

-sdurr45 Capo II Intro: Em C G D Verse 1: Em C You got the gas I got the matches We gonna turn this town to ashes. G D Cause they aint never seen nothing like us Ain't heard loud till we turn it up. Em C I got the wild you got the crazy […]

Im Gonna Get Married chords – Lloyd Price

I'm Gonna Get Married:Lloyd Price. #1 R&B and #3 on BB Hot 100 on ABC-PARAMOUNT Records in 1959. INTRO: G C G (Johnny….Johnny….Johnny).. CHORUS: G C D Am7 (Johnny, you're too young)..but I'm gonna D get married. D G (You're so young)..my name she'll carry.. Am7 C (ooo..ooo..you're too young, and Johnny, E7 you're so […]

Im Gonna Run To You chords – Bridgit Mendler

"I'm Gonna Run to You" is a single from the "Good Luck Charlie" Christmas special preformed by: Bridgit Mendler (Teddy) released in 2011. Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: C – x32010 Am – x02310 F – 134211 fret : 1 [Verse:1] C If there's an ocean, Am It's just a puddle F C that I've […]

A Change Is Gonna Come chords – Sam Cooke V8

A Change is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke Bb I was born by the river in a little tent Cm7 Gm7 And just like that river I've been running ever since Bb Cm7 Eb D7 It's been a long time coming Gm7 Bb But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will […]

Never Gonna Give You Up chords – Black Keys

Never Gonna Give You Up – The Black Keys 'Brothers' Intro Riff Chorus Em F#m Never gonna give you up Em F#m No matter how you treat me Em F#m Never gonna give you up Em F#m So don't you think of leavin' Verse 1 Em Girl, you treat me bad A And I know […]

Never Gonna Let Go Live Acoustic chords – Shinedown

A new or maybe unreleased song by shinedown, its really nice and sweet, heres a vid of it from Orlando last year, The words are confirmed by Zach Myers himself 😉 Intro: Am , G , F Am G F Balance on a wire, High above the earth tonight Am G F Looking for an […]

Im Gonna Try chords – Shimmering Stars

Song: I'm gonna try Artist: Shimmering Stars Violent Hearts C# Bbm walking down the street and i wanna kill everyone i see C# Bbm how come i don't like anyone that i meet? C# Bbm and despite my antipathy i am longing to be someone better F# Ab Bbm in my heart is a violence […]

Youre Gonna Need Me chords – Dionne Warwick

YOU'RE GONNA NEED ME INTRO | Ebmaj7add9 / / / | / / / / | CHORUS | EbMaj7 / / / | Dmin7 / / / | Mmmm you're gonna want me back in your arms You're gonna need me, one day You're gonna want me back in your arms You're gonna need me […]

Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now solo Tabs by Starship V4

Well, this isn't also the exact album version but it's better than most solos of this that I've checked. Legend: |——————————–| |P – Palm Mute | |——————————–| P P P e|———————————————–8—–7——————| B|–12~————-15–15b17—-\10–8~———————10—–8—–| G|–12~—14–12—————————–/9—–9—–9——9——–| D|————————————————————————| A|————————————————————————| E|————————————————————————| *Bend the 15 further from 17 for the 19 e|———————————–15b17b19r-15–12\————12——| B|————–12—15b17–r15b17—————————————-| G|–9b10r9-7———————————————–14b16———-| D|————————————————————————| A|————————————————————————| E|————————————————————————| e|—————————————————————-19–22~~| B|–15p12—————————————————-15———–| G|———14b16r14—–14——12–14—-12~———–/16—————| D|——————-14—–14—————–14————————-| […]

Whatcha Gonna Do chords – Mad Caddies V2

Whatcha Gonna Do, Mad Caddies F# ~ F# B Laying awake again, and I dont know whats happening B# Im setting sail on unknown seas G# F And Im haunted by insecurities F# Oh no F# Im standing on the edge of a dream B F# Colliding with the light of this real life scene […]

Johnny Crawford – Cindys Gonna Cry chords

Cindy's Gonna Cry:Johnny Crawford. #18 on UK POP Charts And #72 on BB Hot 100 on DEL-FI Records in 1963. INTRO: Db Fm Ebm Ab Cindy's gonna cry..Cindy's gonna cry.. #1. Db Ab Db I know that Cindy's gonna cry when I tell her that F# Ab Db I don't love her anymore. F# Ab […]

Gonna Buy Me A Dog chords – Monkees

Gonna Buy Me A Dog:The Monkees. Album – The Monkees – #1 on BB Hot 200 on COLGEMS Records in 1966. (The song is mostly them screwing around.. but the song got a lot of air time in some areas..plus, it was a request.) INTRO: B A E #1. E You know my girl just […]