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Nine Pound Hammer chords – Glen Campbell

Nine Pound Hammer Glen Campbell written by Merle Travis Intro F Verse 1 F Well This nine pound hammer Bb Is a little too heavy F C for my size F honey for my size Well This nine pound hammer Bb Is a little too heavy F for my size C F honey for my […]

Hammer chords – Marie Hines

Hammer by Marie Hines Tab Introduction: D A D A E D A C#m D (2 beats each) (Verse) D A You never think your lover’s words could kill you D F#m And you can’t for see the blow that is your last D A But you’ve brought me to my knees with a blow […]

Down By The River O chords – Rev Hammer

Down By The River O’ by Rev Hammer, featuring The Levellers as backing. My first submission to UG. Quite a simple foot-stomping song to play. Hope you enjoy it! http://www.revhammer.com Verse 1 Dm Well we left the city and the fourteenth floor Am C Dm We went down by the river o Joe Dm Though […]

Ole Welsh Soul chords – Rev Hammer

Ole Welsh Soul by Rev Hammer B5 B5 B5 B5 D We crossed the border ‘tween England and Wales, With a modern load on ancient trails, Bm Stopping where the circus used to go, D Well we followed a map past Owen’s place, And feasted on Vyrnwy’s misty grace, Bm Saying ‘oh god, bless the […]

Carol Tabs by Snorri Helgason

—————————————————————- CAROL – Snorri Helgason —————————————————————- : Bowen Jones jonesb93 Tuning: Standard CAPO V e|——-5——-2————0———–0————-| B|–5/7—-7\-3—-3————0——-0—————| G|————————–0—————————| D|–0——-0———0-0h2——-2—0—————–| A|——————————————————| E|———————————-0——————-| e|——-5——-2————0————————-| B|–5/7—-7\-3—-3————0——–0————–| G|————————–0———–0—————| D|–0——0———-0-0h2——-2———————| A|—————————————–2-1———-| E|———————————-0——————-| e|————————————-3——————-| B|–2——–2-2——–2——–0h1p0———————| G|—-2———-2————-0———-0—————-| D|——2–2——-2–2——-2————-0————–| A|–0———-0——————————————-| E|————————-0h3—————————–| e|——-5——-2————————————–| B|–5/7—-5\-3—-3——–2——–2——–2—-2—-| G|———————-0h2—2–0h2—2–0h2—2——-| D|–0——-0——————————————-| A|———————-0–0-0-0-0–0-0-0-0–0-0-0-0—-| E|——————————————————| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ […]

How Might I Live Tabs by Real Estate

Real Estate How Might I Live Atlas A nice little tune off their new album. Words and music by Alex Bleeker. / = hammer on \ = pull off Here's the intro riff (and the riff played throughout the song): e|————————————|————————-| B|————————————|————————-| G|————————————|————————-| D|-9–7–5–2—0/2/5—2\0—–2\0—|-9–7–5–2—0/2—5–9-| A|————————————|————————-| E|—————————3——3-|————————-| e|—————————-|–0–|————————-| B|—————————-|–0–|————————-| G|—————————-|–0–|————————-| D|-9–7–5–2—0/2/5—2\0—|–2–|-9–7—5–7-5–7–5-7-9-| A|—————————-|–3–|————————-| E|————————–3-|–0–|————————-| (G and C […]

Josies Song chords – William Fitzsimmons

———————————- Josie´s Song – William Fitzsimmons ———————————- :pink92panther kevin.parmentier@ews-ac.de Tuning:Standard Capo: 4th Chords: ( F ) Em e|–0—-0—-0———————————————————–| B|–1—-0—-0———————————————————–| G|–0—-0—-0———————————————————–| D|–2(h)-2—-0———————————————————–| A|–3—-2—-0———————————————————–| E|–3—-0—-2———————————————————–| Lyrics: MEASURE Though I'm not the one who made The body and the blood I won't let you down There's an elemental bond In us that won't be found But you're in […]

Serious Sam 3 – Battle Theme Temple Tabs by Misc Computer Games

–Serious Sam 3: BFE Battle theme (Temple)– Played in standard tuning (EADGBe) |———| |———| |———| |-12\\\\\-| |-12\\\\\-| |-12\\\\\-| Slide { |———————–| X3 |———————–| |———————–| |———2—2-2—2-2-| |———2—2-2—2-2-| |-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-| . . . . . . . |———————–| |———————–| |———————–| |———3—3-3—3-3-| |———3—3-3—3-3-| |-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-| . . . . . . . } Play above 8X (Start this riff at […]

Bang Camaro Tabs by Bang Camaro V2

——————————————————————————- Bang Camaro – Bang Camaro ——————————————————————————- : Bear Crow bear.crow Twitter: TheBear_Crow Tuning: Standard Since the only thing they sing here is Bang Camaro I'll write down the time when some of the phrases start so you know what's going on. I used the youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFR92pRotWo to figure the song out. ************************************ | […]

Ho-hum Tabs by Pinback

——————————————————————————- Ho HUM – Pinback ——————————————————————————- : Justin sdjustinr Tuning: drop D (D A D G B E) Note: Not 100% (not even 80%) but this is how I play it and it sounds good to me Enjoy. "You need to fuckin' get down here!" | | | | e|————————————–| B|——3——-3———————-.| G|——–4——-3—-0—————-| D|—-4——-3———-4—5p4—4—-| A|–2——-1————–5—–5—–.| E|——————-0——————| […]

One Hundred Years From Now Ill Be Crawling From My Tomb Tabs by Gas Up Yr Hearse

—————————————————————————– one Hundred Years From Now I'll Be Crawling From My Tomb – Gas Up Yr Hearse! ——————————————————————————- : Gmemberkills Drop D Tuning: e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|0—-1—-5–0———2–1-0-1——————————————–| A|0-ph-1-s–5–0———2–1-0-1——x2————————————| D|0—-1—-5–0———2–1-0-1——————————————–| e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|———————————9–8–7–9——————————–| D|—2–1-0-1———————-x–x–x–x——————————–| A|—2–1-0-1———————-7–6–5–7——————————–| D|—2–1-0-1—————————————————————-| Strum this fast, then break into e|—————————————————————————| B|——–4——————————————————————| G|——–7——————————————————————| D|–000———————————————————————-| A|pm000———————————————————————-| D|–000———————————————————————-| Then for the end use pretty much open […]

Douglas Seegers – Going Down To The River chords

Douglas Seegers – Going down to the river Featuring: Jill Johnsson, Magnus Carlson Chords – Notice sometimes he plays a Am/G with Hammer on and bend. Intro: Am | x2 Vers: Am | Dm | Am | Dm | Am | Dm | Am | F | E7 | Am Bridge: Dm | Am | […]

Memories On A Deck Part 2 Tabs by Right Away Great Captain V2

——————————————————————————- MEMORIES ON A DECK, PT. 2 – Right Away, Great Captain! ——————————————————————————- | h Hammer-on Capo = 4th Fret (Relative) Verse e|————————-|————————-| B|————————-|—–0—–0————-| G|—–2—–2—–2—–2-|—-2—–2——2—–2-| D|—-0—–0—–0—–0–|-0h2—0h2——0—–0–| x2 A|-0h2—0h2—0h2—0h2—|————-0h2—0h2—| E|————————-|————————-| Chorus |——————|————————-| |——————|————————-| |—-0—0—0—0-|—–2—–2—–2—–2-| |–0—0—2—0—|—-0—–0—–0—–0–| |—2—2—2—2–|-0h2—0h2—0h2—0h2—| |-3—3—0—3—-|————————-| 1st Time Ending 2nd Time Ending Verse 2 |————————-| |————————-| |————————| |————————-| |—–0—–0————-| |—–0—–0————| |—–2—–2—–2—–2-| |—-2—–2——2—–2-| |—-2—–2——-2—2-| |—-0—–0—–0—–0–| |-0h2—0h2——0—–0–| […]

Bella Tabs by Angus And Julia Stone V4

——————————————————————————- BELLA – Angus & Julia Stone ——————————————————————————- | h Hammer-on | p Pull-off Capo = 1st Fret (Relative) Intro. e|—————————-|———————–|—————————-| B|-0h2p0——3——0h2——|-0h2p0——3——0h2-|-0h2p0——3——0h2——| G|-4———-4—————|-4———-4———-|-4———-4—————| D|-2——2——2————|-0——0——0——-|-2——2——2————| A|-0——-0——0———–|-0——-0——0——|-0——-0——0———–| E|-0————————0-|-0———————|-0————————0-| |————————-| |-0h2p0——3——2—–| |-4———-4——4—–| |-0——0——0———| |-0——-0——0——–| |-0———————–| |—————|—————|—————-|————–| |–2——-2—-|–2——-2—-|–2h3——3—-|–2——-2—| |——4——–|——4——–|——-4——–|——4——-| |—-2——-2–|—-2——-2–|—–2——-2–|—-2——-2-| |–0—–0——|–0—–0——|–0——0——|–0—–0—–| |—————|—————|—————-|————–| |————–|—————|—————|————–| |–0———–| |–2——-2—|–2h3——3—|–2——–2—|–0——-0—| |———-2—| |——2——-|——-2——-|——2——–|——2——-| |——4——-| |—-0——-0-|—–0——-0-|—-0——–0-|—-0——-0-| |—-2——-2-| x4 |–2—–2—–|–2——2—–|–2—–2——|–2—–2—–| |–0—–0—–| |————–|—————|—————|————–| |————–| |————–|—————|—————|————–| |–2——-2—|–2h3——3—|–2——–2—|–0——-0—| |——2——-|——-2——-|——2——–|——2——-| |—-0——-0-|—–0——-0-|—-0——–0-|—-0——-0-| […]

Marbles Tabs by John Mclaughlin

——————————————————————————- Marbles (Main Guitar Lead with Bass line) – John McLaughlin ——————————————————————————- Tunings: Both Standard E: E-A-D-G-B-e & E-A-D-G (G u i t a r) and (B a s s) Notes: Main Guitar Line only from 01:39 to 03:37 (Bass Line included purely for orientation) Opening Chords: e|–0–| e|-(0)-| e|–0–| B|–3–| B|–2–| B|–0–| G|–6–| G|–4–| […]

Dont Let Them See You Cry chords – Manchester Orchestra V3

——————————————————————————- DON'T LET THEM SEE YOU CRY – Manchester Orchestra ——————————————————————————- | * Hammer-on Tuning: Eb (Standard) Capo = 1st Fret Strumming Pattern – Play Root Then Strum C C/B Am * Don't let them see you cry C/B C C/B Am * When the dam breaks down and the city is covered in water […]

Between The Hammer And The Anvil Tabs by Judas Priest V3

Tab: Between The Hammer & The Anvil – Judas Priest Painkiller (1990) notenoughcharac Riff 1 Guitar 1 (0:00-0:33) x4 e|————————————————————-| B|————————————————————-| G|————————————————————-| D|————————————————————-| A|-7———(7)\=4———(4)/=10——–(10)\=4———(4)/| E|-5———(5)\=2———(2)/=8———(8)-\=2———(2)/| Riff 1a Guitar 2 (0:16-0:33) x2 e|—————————————————————| B|—————————————————————| G|—————————————————————| D|—————————————————————| A|-10——–(10)\=7———(7)/=13———(13)\=7———(7)/| E|-8———(8)-\=5———(5)/=11———(11)\=5———(5)/| NOTE: Don't slide the last note when playing Riff 1 and Riff 1a when playing it for the […]

The Hammer Holds chords – Bebo Norman

Capo 4 ***this song is pretty much just a walking song*** Intro: Dsus2 A (4)/ C# G6/B A7sus G5 A7sus4 A7 A7sus4 Asus7 Dsus2 A (4)/ C# G6/B A7sus G5 Dsus/F# A7 A7sus4 Asus7 Verse 1: Dsus2 A (4)/ C# G6/B A7sus G5 A7sus4 A7 A7sus4 Asus7 A shapeless piece of steel, that's all I […]

Sometimes Youre The Hammer Sometimes Youre The Nail Tabs by A Day To Remember

SONG: Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail A Day To Remember Common Courtesy NOTE: This is one of my first tabs which made tabbing the parts a little difficult at times. And I was also a little biased with guitar 1. I didn't spend a lot of time tabbing out guitar 2 but […]

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Tabs by Smiths V3

——————————————————————————- THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE (TROY TATE VERSION) – The Smiths ——————————————————————————- : OrangeTrousers Tuning: Standard, with capo on 2nd fret The Song; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TlWCbvPiDk The Chords: G6, Cadd9, Dsus2 e|—————–|—————–| B|-3-3-x-3—3—–|—–1p0—–0h1-| G|-0-0-x-0—0-4p0-|—0—–2——-| D|-0-0-x-0—0—–|———0-0—–| A|—————–|-3—————| E|—————–|—————–| e|—————–|—————–| B|-3-3-x-3—3—–|—–1—–3-0—| G|-0-0-x-0—0-4p0-|—–0—–0—–| D|-0-0-x-0—0—–|—2————-| A|—————–|-3——-5——-| E|—————–|—————–| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on […]