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She Treats Me Well Tabs – Ben Howard

—————————————————————– She Treats Me Well – Ben Howard —————————————————————– : Aeonoptic aeonoptic ****Tuning: CGBbGFBb****** Capo 5 except 6th string (sounds as CCEbCBbEb, open Cm7; tab is relative to capo for all covered strings) x= thumb slap Intro/verses: Bb|——0-0—-0—–|——————-|–0—-0–|——0—–0—-|—————0| F |——0—-0—0—|——–2-2——–|-5-h7–7p5|————0—-|—————-| G |—2–2—-2—2—|——0-0-0-2p0—-|3———|—2——–2—-|——–0—-0–| Bb|——0—-0——-|—-0————–|———-|————0—-|—-0h7———| G |——————-|—————-0–|———-|—————–|—————-| C |10—————10|7h8—–0———0|———-|10——-10—-10|7h8——-0—–| Bb|—————|——-0——0—-|————–0—-|–0—0-0——| F |—————|————–0—-|———-0——–|-5-h7-7-7p5—-| G |—————|—2———-2—-|——0—–0—0–|3————–| Bb|–4p2—–2p0–|————–0—-|—-0————–|—————| G |—————|———-0h3——|——————-|—————| […]

Shut Me Down Tabs – Rowland S Howard

Shut Me Down By Rowland S Howard Transcribed from the live version at All Tomorrow’s Parties: Watch to get strumming pattern. Verse C/G Em |——-0——-0———————(0)-(0)———-| |-1-(1)-1——-0———————(0)-(0)———-| |-0-(0)-0——-0———————(0)-(0)———-| |-2-(2)-2——-2———————(2)-(2)———-| |-3-(3)-3—3—2———————(2)-(2)———-| |-3-(3)-3-3—3-0-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)———-| d u d d d u C/G Em |——-0——-0———————(0)-(0)———-| |-1-(1)-1——-0———————(0)-(0)———-| |-0-(0)-0——-0———————(0)-(0)———-| |-2-(2)-2—2—2———————(2)-(2)———-| |-3-(3)-3—–3-2———————(2)-(2)———-| |-3-(3)-3-3—–0-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)———-| d u d d d u Bridge C/G Em |——-0——-0———————(0)-(0)———-| |-1-(1)-1——-0———————(0)-(0)———-| […]

Youre So Beautiful chords – Terrance Howard

You're So Beautiful [Empire Cast] [Verse 1] Am Fmaj Sometimes you feel insecure C E7 Trust me girl I understand Am Fmaj But even with no manicure C E7 Baby girl I'll hold your hand Am You look so good when you walking by Fmaj C Sexy comes in every size keep wearing that E7 […]

Evergreen chords – Ben Howard

[CAPO 3RD] Am Em G F Christmas flared amongst the somewhere cold deep evergreen Am Em G F Built a world without your love and I built it in me Am Em G F Christmas flared amongst the somewhere cold deep evergreen Am Em G D Built a world without your love, now I'm all […]

Small Things Live Tabs – Ben Howard

——————————————————————————- SMALL THINGs – Ben Howard ——————————————————————————- : Montana Tuning:CGA#A#FC Intro/Verse: e|———————————+12———————————–+7——| B|——-b7–5–0—0h2————+12———b7–5–0–0h2————-+7——| G|——————————–(+12)———————————(+7)—–| D|——————————————————————————-| A|—————————–9———————————–7–6———-| E|—7————–3——-10—9———7————-3——8—————-| (x6) Chorus note: the fourth time through he just ends on 7th fret and pauses before second vets e|——————————————–| B|—————-0—–0—–0— –0——–| G|——0—-0——————————–| D|——————————————–| A|——————————————–| E|—7—–7—-10—10—-9—–9———7–| (x4) 2nd Verse: e|———————————+12———————————–+7——| B|——-b7–5–0—0h2————+12———b7–5–0–0h2————-+7——| G|——————————–(+12)———————————(+7)—–| D|——————————————————————————-| A|—————————–9———————————–7–6———-| E|—7————–3——-10—9———7————-3——8—————-| (x4) (Chorus) song starts […]

Me And My Friend Time chords – Ben Howard

Pretty sure this is correct, any corrections say below. Very old Ben Howard song. Listen for timings- Intro- Am-F-G Verse- Wandering why,wondering why you came, into my life Am F G Wondering why, wondering why you braved the rain, just to see my eyes Am F G ~~~~ Pre chorus chord- F Oh but you'll […]

Evergreen Tabs – Ben Howard

tuning- C F A# F F c intro+ verse Final chord (9,7) is strummed. Listen to it for timings. C|–0———————–7——-10——9—| F|—-10–9–12–10–9–0—–5h7–9——-7—-| A#|———————————————| F|—-10–9–12–10–9–0———————–| F|————————————-12——-| C|———————————————-| chorus (strummed) C|–3–10–9–10—-| F|—–9—7–9—–| A#|—————–| F|——————| F|–2—————| C|——————|

End Of The Affair chords – Ben Howard V2

Capo 5 intro- F- Em- Asus- C-B-D-C The end of the after, the weight of a war F Em Asus The kindness gone to bed C B D C F ~~~~~~~~ Now i watch her, running round, in love again B C D Em B C D G F ~~~~~~~~~~ bridge- Am- F Outro- Am- […]

Concerning Hobbits Tabs by Howard Shore V10

Concerning Hobbit theme from the Hobbit I Hope you will enjoy my version =) e|————————————|——————————-| B|———————-3-2———–|——————————-| G|——-2———-2-4—–2———|——-2———-2-4-2——–| D|-0-2-4—4-2-0–4———–4-5-4-2-|-0-2-4—4-2-0–4——-4-2-0–| A|————————————|——————————-| E|————————————|——————————-| e|—–2-2-2-2-5—————————-2-2-5-2—————–2-| B|-3-5———-5-3-5—–2-2-2-3——-3-5———5-3-5-2-3-2—2-3-| G|——————–2-4———–0-2————————-4—2-| D|——————————–4———————————0-| A|——————————————————————–| E|——————————————————————–|

Tears Will Fall chords – Ricky Dean Howard

Ricky Dean Howard – Tears Will Fall Capo 1 Verse 1 Dm There's nothing to say F Cause you've heard it all before Dm But you're on you way F To happiness beyond that door Dm So keep your head held high Bbsus2 And never lose your heart Prechorus Dm Keep that sparkle in your […]

Lost In Time chords – Howard Moss

Lost In Time – Howard Moss (KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSE) 2014 Am , F , D , E7 x4 ( Am ) Drifting onwards, ( F ) sinking downwards I ( D ) know We ( E7 ) all get lost in time ( Am ) Feelings fading, ( F ) mind is so ( […]

Thrice Welcome – Laketown Tabs by Howard Shore

So here's a tab that I've done (my first) that I had to listen to try and roughly get. Simple tab to do and it's fun to play along with. E —————————————–| B —————————————–| G —————————————–| D –000—–777—-555—333h2————-| A —————————————–| E —————————————–| E —————————————–| B —————————————–| G —————————————–| D –000—–777—-55h2——————–| A —————————————–| E —————————————–| E […]

Untouchable chords – Nick Howard

Nick Howard "Untouchable" CAPO: 4. Bund INTRO: Em G Em G 1. VERSE Em in the house on a street G in the grey of the city D we were young we were brave C we surived on a feeling Em to give what we want G we would take what we needed D C […]

Old Pine Tabs by Ben Howard V6

This is technically my first tab, so have a little patience and understanding 🙂 I know it’s an old-ish song and several tabs already exist, but it’s such an awesome song and simply has to be tabbed correctly from top to bottom. The other tabs are not necessarily incorrect, but some parts are missing or […]

Keep Your Head Up chords – Ben Howard V3

This is an alternative way to play the song that I think sounds pretty good. Its sort of a mixture between a tab version of the song and a chord version. There is no capo for this version but tune the guitar like this: EADGAd Sine the two bottom strings are tuned down play the […]

Only Love Tabs by Ben Howard V9

————————————————————————— ONLY LOVE – Ben Howard ————————————————————————— : Chelsie Lawsen This is my absolute favourite song in the world so I thought I would have a go tabbing it, enjoy! Tuning: A# F C G G C capo on 3 INTRO e|———————————-12-12——–12-12——————–| B|————————————————————————| G|——-5\0-2p———5\0-2p——————————————–| D|–5-5———–5-5————9-9———-9-9————————-| A|————————————————————————| E|–4-4———–4-4————7-7——–7—7————————-| e|———————————–0–0—-0——–0–0—————-| B|———————————–0——-0——–0——-0———–| G|——-5\0-2p——-5\0-2p———0—-0–0——–0—-0————–| D|-5-5———–5-5————–9–9——-9—–9–9——-9———–| A|———————————–0——-0——–0——-0———–| E|-4-4———–4-4————7—-7——-7—7—-7——-7———–| VERSE e|———————————-12-12——–12-12——————–| […]