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The Hunger Games – The Hanging Tree chords – Misc Soundtrack

From The Hunger Games movie Mockingjay: Part 1, I think this is more or less accurate. Sounds good either fingerpicking or just plucking each chord once. No capo Am G Are you, Are you F Am Coming to the tree Am G F Am Where they strung up a man they say murdered three C […]

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt 1 – The Hanging Tree chords – Misc Soundtrack

Hi, this was requested 🙂 I loved this part in the movie! I think Jennifer Lawrence did a great job! As far as strumming goes, I single strum the entire song. Here's the link I tabbed it to- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTiQRPQJR9E Standard tuning No capo Am F Are you, are you Am Em Coming to the tree […]

The Hunger chords – Zoravera

Intro– Dm , Am , Dm , Am , Bb , F , C Dm Am The sip that I had Dm Am In honor of what you said Bb F C Didn't turn a white rose into a red Dm Am Dm Am The clown’s smile is still way too sad Bb F C […]

Spiegelbild chords – Sophie Hunger V2

Spiegelbild ~ Sophie Hunger (feat. Stephan Eicher) —————— Chords: Am C C/B F F * G E D 0 0 0 1 1 3 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 3 0 3 2 0 0 2 2 0 1 2 2 2 0 3 3 0 2 0 0 3 2 3 x […]

Ways Of Man Chords – Old Crow Medicine Show

ways of man Capo on 5th fret….. Intro: G(plucking and strumming between the 6th and 4th strings) G C G Since we first come out walking looking for a way back in G walks down to Em C D from this crazy world where we're blowing like leaves in the wind G C G walks […]

Draw Me Nearer Chords – Meredith Andrews V2

A few chord changes to make it easier to play. This version includes all verses and choruses in sequence to work with scrolling. Intro: C G C D Capo 3 C D Em For your nearness Lord I hunger C D Em For your nearness Lord I wait C D Em Hold me ever closer […]

Way Over Yonder Chords – Carole King

Way Over Yonder:Carole King. Album – Tapestry – #1 on BB Hot 200 and #3 on UK Albums Chart on ODE Records in 1971. #1. C# F# C# A#m Way over yonder..is a place that I know.. D#m G# C# F# C# where I can find shelter from a-hunger and cold. C# A#m A#7 And […]

Maniac Chords – Michael Sembello V2

For acoustic guitar Original key: B Intro: C *, Dsus4 , Em * } 2X Em Em6 Just a small town girl on a Saturday night Em7 Em (maj7) Looking for the fight of her life C Cadd9 in the real time world no one sees her at all Cadd9 (13) B7sus4 B7 they all […]

Atlas Chords – Coldplay

COLDPLAY – ATLAS HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE SOUNDTRACK Standard Tuning Capo 4! Enjoy playing this one! INTRO: Dm VERSE: Dm Em Some saw the sun Gm D Some saw the smoke Am E Some heard the gun E7sus4 Am Some bent the bow C Dm Sometimes the wire C E Am Must tense for the […]

Atlas Chords – Coldplay V4

Tabbed by Kwint & Troy (from Sir Jupiter). This is an amazing song by Coldplay. The chords of the verses were not easy to find, and some of them will sound better on piano then on the guitar, but we're quite sure these are the right chords. If you like this song, don't forget to […]

Satisfied Chords – Red Mountain Church

This tab comes directly from the sheet music from this band's website. http://www.redmountainmusic.com/alb/lyrics.html Satisfied – Red Mountain Church Capo 3 Standard Tuning Cadd9 G Cadd9 G  All my life long I had panted Cadd9 Em Dsus D for a drink from some cool spring Cadd9 G Cadd9 G that I hoped would quench the […]

Never Let Me Go – Hunger Games Catching Fire Chords – Santiago Laserna

This is the authors own work. I like this song but no cords were available anywhere yet. I'm just a novice player, but I did what I could to get the song correct as I hear it – please enjoy. (Intro) Bm G Bm G Bm What are the rules to the game that we […]

We Can Make It Chords – Orient Pearl

We Can Make It Orient Pearl Chords By: naguenyong vinx Note: Original key is 1/2 step (C#) higher Intro: C – G – Am – F -; (2x) C G Am So much hatred, so much pain F C Shedding tears, so many ails C G Am Too much sin, chaos in this world F […]

I Hope You Dance Chords – Lee Ann Womack V5

Capo on 3 CHORDS: Em , C , G , D , Am SONG SEQUENCE: Intro, Verse, Bridge, Chorus Verse, Bridge, Chorus Chorus, Bridge Chorus then repeated to fade out INTRO/CHORUS: Strumming Pattern 1 – D, D, D, DU Em , C , G , D , Em , C , D , D (x2) […]

Kingdom Come Tabs by The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars Hunger Games Soundtrack Kingdom Come Tabbed by: Aaron91 Tuning: Standard Capo: 7th Fret NOTES: 1) Am Riff – This is played throughout the song |–0-0–0-0-0———| |–1-1–1p0h1———| |–2-2–2-2-2———| |–2-2–2-2-2———| |–0-0–0-0-0——0–| |————–0-3—-| 2) Chord Strumming – In this song JPW seems to do a Down-Down Up-Down-Up pattern for most of the chords played ==Intro== […]

Nerdy Love Song Chords – Strawburry17

C You can call me Mario Em You can call me Peach Am Dm Am G I'm so sorry that I always let Bowser take you from my reach C But that's alright Em Is it really ok? Am G I know I wont be waiting long 'til F You come and defeat the koopa […]

Surely This Is Our God Chords – Megan Isaacson

Em One day the clouds will break D One day the earth will tremble C G Before You, the Righteous Judge Em satan will finally fall D Eternally defeated C G By You, Victorious One Pre-Chorus C G On that day we will say Chorus G Dsus C Surely this is our God G Dsus […]

Hyena Accoustic Chords – Editors

Caop. 5th. Intro: Am , C Am C Call me and tell me you care, Am C There's a country to flatten over there. Dm Don't bore me with the truth, F Em G I live alone, don't you? Am C Write down the things I should say, Am C There ain't enough hours in […]

Denver Chords – Clem Snide

I believe this song is played on Eef's baritone ukulele, but these are roughly the chords that go along on the guitar. Try not to play the high e string on the D chord. F/A :X03211 D F F/A I hope that you never forgive me D F F/A Forever deny me your smile D […]

More More More Chords – Joann Rosario

INTRO: D → D/G (4x) ENGLISH CHORUS: G/B A/C# D A/C# Bm7 I need more, more, more, Em/G D/F# Em7 D A Je – sus more of You D/A Em/B F#7/C C B I need so much more A/C# B/D# Em7 D A Je – sus more, more, more VERSE 1: G A Bm7 When […]