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If I Only Had A Brain chords – The Wizard Of Oz V2

If I only had a Brain, performed by Ray Bolger key: D D7 G Am 7 Bm7 C I could while away the hours conferrin' with the flowers, G Am7 Bm Bbm7 Consulting with the rain; C C/B Am7 Am7/G D D/C D/B And my head I'd be a scratchin' while my thoughts were busy […]

If I Could chords – 1927 V2

G If I could paint, I'd paint a portrait of you C D The sunlight in your eyes a masterpiece of truth G Bm And a single tear like a silent prayer C Cm That's shining so much brighter than a diamond ever dared G C Cm If I could do anything at all G […]

If I Ever Loved You chords – Justin Currie

A brilliant song from a fantastic songwriter… Enjoy! Please feel free to let me know what you think :0) Capo on 1st fret VERSE 1 Am F C Baby I was not the one, I guess you know that now Dm G C But I kept you real distracted for a while Am F C […]

If We Never Need You chords – Praise And Worship

D DM7 Hear our cry, Lord we pray, D DM7 Our faces down, our hands are raised, D A G A You called us out, we turned away, we’ve turned away. D DM7 With ship wrecked faith, idols rise, D DM7 We do what is right, in our own eyes, D A G Our children […]

If We Are The Body chords – Praise And Worship

If We Are The Body (Capo 2) G G Gmaj7 G Gmaj7 (x4) { Gmaj7 are hammered on and off} Em7 Csus2 It's crowded in worship today A7sus4 Asus4 Csus2 Dsus4/F# As she slips in trying to fade into the faces Em7 Csus2 The girls teasing laughter is carrying A7sus4 Asus4 Farther than they know […]

If You Fall chords – Azure Ray V2

B A# D#m G#m F# Let's talk and we'll fill the air with imagery that lasts forever B A# So this is love that's a lovely thought D#m G#m F# F E F# You have to care for it to keep it together B D#m If you fall will you get up E You're stuck […]

What If People Pray chords – Praise And Worship

Verse1: D Dsus2 D D Dsus2 D What if the armies of the LORD picked up and dusted off their swords and G Csus G Bm G D vowed to set the captives free and not let satan have one more what if the D G D G Bm G church for heaven's sake finally […]

If There Ever Was A Time chords – The Crabb Family

D If there ever was a time I needed You before, A Lord I need You now. Em A And if there ever was a trial I couldn't handle on my own, D That's how this feels somehow. If there ever was a child that was crying out for help, G That's what this song's […]

If You Have Ghosts chords – Ghost

Ghost – If You Have Ghosts (Roky Erickson Cover) i've been using this chording for this song and i think it sounds pretty good on a nice ole grandpa guitars D F#m A D F#m A If you have ghosts then you have everything D F#m A If you have ghosts then you have everything […]

If You Want This Love chords – West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – If You Want This Love CAPO IV E Em 2x Em Am B If you want this love of mine Em Am B treat me gentle and treat me kind Em Am Don't be mean and don't be bad B Em and you'll get the truest love […]

If I Tremble chords – Front Porch Step

If I Tremble by Front Porch Step Capo 1 Picking Riff e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|——————————–33333-22———————————–| A|-33333333-22222222-00000000-0———————————————-| E|—————————————————————————| Verse 1 C I see the fear in your eyes. G I feel the pain in your heart. Am F How can something so well put together be so torn apart? C You are the beauty I want. […]

If We Go Down We Will Go Together chords – Tim Vantol

Tim vantol – If We Go Down, We Will Go Together Standard tuning Capo on fourth Fret And if we go down, we ll go together. And if you would fall, I would pick you up. And one day it all gets better. If we go, we ll go together! G G Em We will […]

If Youre Gone chords – Matchbox Twenty V6

There several good versions here but this one has all the little nuances missing from the others. Enjoy -Cloud9 A Dsus2 I think I've already lost you F#m Esus Dsus2 I think you're already gone. A A/C# Dsus2 I think I'm finally scared now A/C# Bm E You think I'm weak – But I think […]

If I Loved You chords – Chad And Jeremy

If I Loved You:Chad And Jeremy. #16 on Canada RPM 100 and #23 on BB Hot 100 on World Artist records in 1965. (***Someone asked for an "easy" version..so, here it is. It's easy.***) INTRO: Ab G C .. D C D C #1. C Cdim C If I loved you..time and again I would […]

If I Should Fall Behind chords – Bruce Springsteen V3

#——————————-PLEASE NOTE————————————-# # This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # # song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #——————————————————————————-# If I Should Fall Behind chords Bruce Springsteen (Lucky Town) D Dsus2 D D D Dsus2 D We said we'd walk together […]

If I Tremble Tabs by Front Porch Step

Standard Tuning Capo 1st Fret My First tab ever. Sounds about right. Intro/verse E|————————–| B|————————–| G|————————–| D|————————–| A|—————-9(x5)8(x2)| E|9(x8)8(x8)6(x9)———–|x4 Chorus E|—————————————| B|—————————————| G|————————(11)—-(10)—| D|(11)—(10)—–8——-9——-8——| A|9——-8——-6——-9–(x5)-8–(x2)| E|9–(x8)-8–(x8)-6–(x9)—————-|x4 Repeat as necessary

If You Go Im Coming Along chords – Fossil Collective

——————————————————————————- If you go (I'm coming along)- Fossil Collective ——————————————————————————- :drewsjam Tuning: standard Absolutely gorgeous song… and also really simple. Fossil Collective is one of my favorite bands ever. I'll try to tab some more of their songs. Capo 1 (chords as if they were in open) Chords Used e|—–3———–3————3——————————————–| B|—–3———–3————3——————————————–| G|—–0———–0————0——————————————–| D|—–0———–2————2——————————————–| A|—–2———–3————0——————————————–| E|—–3————————2——————————————–| […]

If Were Alright chords – The Wanted

"If We're Alright" The Wanted Standard tuning No capo Done by ear, very simple all the way through [VERSE] D I know you can't be sleeping 'Cause you're not anywhere near me Em All the way on the other side Wish that I could read your mind D I'm kissing on your shoulder But you […]

What If I Was Nothing chords – All That Remains

/chord posting. I figured I would chord this out myself on a standard tuned guitar since I have not seen one anywhere on the net. Thanks! Standard tuning Intro: C#m , E , F#m , A , B C#m E Just let it go, don't want to argue anymore F#m A B I can't be […]

If We Cant Be Lovers chords – Prince Phillip Mitchell

UG: Don't think this guy has an official website; here's the best I can do: http://www.discogs.com/artist/222664-Phillip-Mitchell http://www.allmusic.com/artist/prince-phillip-mitchell-mn0000362421 Prince Phillip Mitchell If We Can't Be Lovers |————–3–| |–10—-8—–3–| |–9—–7—–5–| |–10—-9—–5–| |–8—–7—–5–| |————–3–| Fmaj7 Em7 Gsus4 F Am Dm C F Am Dm C F Am Dm C You're telling me you love someone else F Am […]