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If Thats Not Love chords – The Naked Brothers Band V2

Bb F C If that's not love then what is?  Bb F C If that's not friendship then what is?  Bb F C/A If that's not music then what is?  A B C#m We've got that music in our blood.  A B C#m Magic ceases and then we're done.  A B C#m Magical feeling has […]

If I Am Tabs by My Bloody Valentine

——————————————————————————- IF I AM – My Bloody Valentine ——————————————————————————- : Justin sdjustinr Tuning: Standard Notes: "If I Am" sounds like a regular song that was put into the musical equivalent of a paper shredder, which was then rearranged from memory and then reinterpreted as a watercolor painting. Instead of tabbing out rhythms and such, I'm […]

If I Ruled The World Acoustic chords – Big Time Rush

Intro: C | F Bb | C | F Bb | Verse 1 | C | If I ruled the world | F Bb | I'd throw all the money in the air like confetti | C | If I ruled the world | F Bb | Every house have a dj in a backyard […]

If You Want Some chords – Joel Crouse V2

Capo 4 (intro) D Bm G D (verse) D Bm You gotta get off the clock and get on the phone G D And tell everyone you know D Bm To get on over to my house G D And leave their worries there by the door (pre-chorus) D Bm It's probably gonna get a […]

You Can Get It If You Really Want chords – Jimmy Cliff V2

THIS REGGAE TRACK IS FROM THE 1972 MOVIE SOUNDTRACK THE HARDER THEY COME. (The Harder They Come ©1972 Island Records) YOU CAN GET IT IF YOU REALLY WANT. BY JIMMY CLIFF. Slide Chords Intro: C C# C C# C C# C# C C# F# G# You can get it if you really want C# F# […]

If You Ask chords – Corrinne May

Song : If You Ask Artist : Corrinne May Album : Crooked Lines Key : F Standard EADGBe tuning Capo 1 to play in F, chords are in E. Intro E Esus4 E5 Esus4 E | Esus4 | E5 e|–0——-0——-0——-| B|–0——-0——-0——-| G|–1——-2——-4——-| D|–2——-2——-2——-| A|–2——-2——-2——-| E|–0——-0——-0——-| Verse 1 E Esus4 E5 Esus4 E Esus4 E5 Esus4 […]

If You See Me Tabs by Black Keys V3

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If You See Me Black Keys Thickfreakness ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ : Connor O. Tuning: Standard Pretty fast paced song. As a result, I'm not going to time everything out. I'll only time the parts that might cause serious confusion for the unaided ear. A lot of the bass-line parts (e.g. – at 0:10) are hard to […]

If Youre Happy And You Know It chords – Misc Traditional

Super simple version! -slowpokezzz- C / / / G If you're happy and you know it clap your hands (clap clap) C / / / G If you're happy and you know it clap your hands (clap clap) F / / If you're happy and you know it / C / / and you really […]

If You Wonder chords – Jeff Bernat

(Intro: E Ab A B ) Verse One: E Ab A B Why I love to give you flowers on a Wednesday, E Ab A B 12 dozen roses at your door. E Ab A B Or even light some candles when you come over for dinner, E Ab A B I wouldnt mind to […]

If Hollywood Dont Need You Honey I Still Do chords – Don Williams

If Hollywood Don't Need You (Honey I Still Do) Half-step down Capo 2nd Fret A E F#m Well, you know I'm not much good at writin' letters D E So I gave up and decided that I'd call A E F#m No, there's really not much news to tell you D E Things back here, […]

If Eyes Could Speak chords – Devon Werkheiser V3

Note: **I found a video on Youtube of Devon giving a lesson on how to play the song so I got it down. These are the powercords he suggests to use. ** If Eyes Could Speak Devon Werkheiser Intro: F#m C#m D E F#m C#m D F#m C#m Standing close to me close enough D […]

If I Had chords – Don Moen

Dm Bbmaj7 There's a step that we all take alone, Cmaj7 C6 A an appointment we have with the great unknown, Dm Bbmaj7 like a vapor this life is just waiting to pass, Cmaj7 C6 A like the flowers that fade, like the withering grass, Dm Bbmaj7 But life seems so long and death so […]

If You Knew What I Knew chords – Backstreet Boys

This is a beautiful song by the Backstreet Boys… I tried to figure out the chords… Here it is and for the strumming pattern.., listen to the song carefully, towards the end (when Brian Littrel sings "If you knew what I knew my baby, you would never have said what you said..") you can hear […]

If You Got Somebody Waiting chords – Joel Alme

Note: Chords joined with a "-" are suposed to be played quicker. Capo #2 Intro G Bm C – Bm – Am C – Bm – Am – D – G G Bm I hate days when it was hard to live C G – D But I've never been afraid to die G Bm […]

If Love Is King Tabs by Barclay James Harvest

Artist – Barclay James Harvest ******************************** Song – If Love Is King ************************ Album – Welcome To The Show **************************** – Ayreon77 ********************** Acoustic Chords Am G F 00:06 00:12 [——————-|—————|——————-] [——————-|–s—-5—-h–|——s————] [———–5—-h–|-5\7-5—5-5-7-|-5-5-5\4-4-4-4-5—] [——h–5—5-5-7-|—————|—————–7-] [-5-5-5-7———–|—————|——————-] [——————-|—————|——————-] Am G 00:17 00:24 00:30 [———————|—————|—————|——-] [———————|—————|–s—-5—-h–|——-] [————-5—-h–|——-5—-h–|-5\7-5—5-5-7-|-4—–] [——–s–5—5-5-7-|–h–5—5-5-7-|—————|—7-5-] [——-5\7———–|-5-7———–|—————|——-] [-5-5-5—————|—————|—————|——-] F Am G 00:35 00:41 [——————-|———————|——-] [——s————|———————|-10–b-] [-5-5-5\4-4-4-4-5—|————-5—-h–|—-12-] […]