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How Far Ill Go chords by Alessia Cara

How Far I’ll Go (from Disney’s Moana) by Alessia Cara [Chords] C      x32010 F      133211 Dm     xx0231 Am     x02210 G      320001 Fm     133111 Cmaj7  x32000 [Intro] C F [Verse 1] C                          […]

Ill Never Grow Tired Of You chords – Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless – I'll Never Grow Tired Of You CAPO: 2nd Fret INTRO: C F C G C F C It's been a long time since you drifted away G C Now there's nothing to live for it seems F C But darling no matter where you are tonight G C You're here with me […]

Ill Paint You A Song chords – Glen Campbell

I'll Paint You A Song Glen Campbell written by Mac Davis Album 1970 Complete Intro D C G A D Verse 1 Em A I look inside your eyes D Dmaj7 And find a little girl Em G Gm Whose dreams have turned to sand D Somewhere along her way Verse 2 Em A But […]

Ill Be Waiting chords – Michael Franti & Spearhead

This is the full album version. The radio edit clips the intro, the first part of pre-chorus 1, and condenses the outro. The C chord during the verses is actually "Csus4 C Csus4 C", but writing that in messes up the formatting of the lyrics. CAPO 2 —————————————- INTRO: G C VERSE 1: G The […]

Ill Take The Blame chords – Lonesome River Band

G I slipped around dear two timing you C G Having fun now like some guys do But now I'm sorry and now I'm through D7 G Forgive me darling it could be you C G Well I don't blame you if you two time too D7 G Because I'm guilty for the things I […]

Damita Jo – Ill Save The Last Dance For You chords

I'll Save The Last Dance For You:Damita Jo. #22 on BB Hot 100 on MERCURY Records in 1960. INTRO: Bb #1. Bb If I dance, every dance with the guy who gives F me the eye and let him hold me tight. F Please don't mind if I smile at the man who Bb holds […]

Damita Jo – Ill Be There chords

I'll Be There:Damita Jo. #12 on BB Hot 100 on MERCURY Records in 1961. INTRO: Bb Gm Eb F #1. Bb Gm7 You can reach the top or suddenly drop, Eb F Bb all your burdens, I'll gladly bear. Bb Gm7 Just run to my arms, yeah, right or wrong, Eb F Bb no matter […]

Ill Follow The Boys chords – Connie Francis

I'll Follow The Boys:Connie Francis. #17 on BB Hot 100 on MGM Records in 1963. INTRO: D #1. D G Em Bm I'll follow the boys wherever they go. C G E I'll follow the boys cause in my heart I know. Am7 B Em I know that somewhere, somewhere along the way, Gbm A […]

Ill Touch A Star chords – Terry Stafford

I'll Touch A Star:Terry Stafford. #4 AC and #25 on BB Hot 100 on CRUSADER Records in 1964. INTRO: Eb Cm Eb Fm Abm7 Eb #1. Eb Cm Eb Fm I'll touch a star when your lips touch mine. B Fm Eb The first I see, in the twilight time. #2. Eb Cm Eb Fm […]

Ill Be Over You chords – Toto V4

I’LL BE OVER YOU Toto G. S. Saavedra II Capo 1 D Some people live their dreams E Some people close their eyes Bm7 Some people's destiny D A Passes by D There are no guarantees E There are no alibis Bm7 That's how our love must be D A Don't ask why Refrain I: […]

World So Cold Tabs – Ill Nino

Intro ————————————————————-| ————————————————————-| —————-7—————————–8—–8/5——| -0—————————–0—————————–| -0—0–0-0–0–5—0–0-0–0–0—0–0-0–0–6–0–6/3——| -0—0–0-0–0——0–0-0–0–0—0–0-0–0—–0———–| X4 ————————————————————-| ————————————————————-| ————————————————————-| -0-0—-x-0-0—–x-0-0—–x-0-0-0————————–| -0-0—-x-0-0—–x-0-0—–x-0-0-0————————–| -0-0—-x-0-0—–x-0-0—–x-0-0-0————————–| X4 Verse ————————————————————-| ————————————————————-| ————————————————————-| ————————————————————-| -0-0-0-0-0—0-0-0-0-0——–1-1–1-1———————–| -0-0-0-0-0—0-0-0-0-0——–1-1–1-1———————–| X3 ————————————————————-| ————————————————————-| -15-15-15-15-15-15-15-15-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14————-| -12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11————-| ————————————————————-| ————————————————————-| Chorus ————————————————————-| -3———————————————————–| -2———————————————————–| -0—-3—-7—-8-8-8-8-7-7-7——————————–| -0—-3—-7—-8-8-8-8-7-7-7——————————–| -0—-3—-7—-8-8-8-8-7-7-7——————————–| X2

Different Worlds Ill Leave The Ocean Behind Tabs – Jes Hudak

——————————————————————————- Different Worlds – Jes Hudak ——————————————————————————- :chelzeymay Tuning: standard Capo on 2 *=pause Intro: e|-0—0—1—3——–| B|-1—1—1—0——–| G|———————-| x2 D|———————-| A|-3—3—0—2——–| E|———————-| Verse e|-0—0—1—3—0—0—1—3—1—1—0—3—-| B|-1—1—1—0—1—1—1—0—1—1—1—0—-| G|————————————————–| D|————————————————–| A|-3—3—0—2—3—3—0——-0—0—0——–| E|—————————–3—————3—-| e|-0—0—1—3—0—0—1—3—1—1—0—3—-| B|-1—1—1—0—1—1—1—0—1—1—1—0—-| G|————————————————–| D|————————————————–| A|-3—3—0—2—3—3—0—2—0—0—0—=—-| E|———————————————3—-| e|-0—0—1—3——–| B|-1—1—1—0——–| G|———————-| x2 D|———————-| A|-3—3—0—2——–| E|———————-| Chorus e|-0—0—1—3—0—0—1—3—1—1—1—1—3—3—3—*—| B|-1—1—1—0—1—1—1—0—1—1—1—1—0—0—0—*—| G|————————————————————-*—| D|————————————————————-*—| A|-3—3—0——-3—3—0——-0—0—0—0—————*—| E|————-3—————-3——————3—3—3—*—| and it's pretty much the same […]

Ill Remember Tonight chords – The Roulettes

The Roulettes 1965 From the Stakes and Chips album I'll Remember Tonight Intro: D G D G A D G Here we stand hand in hand, watching the stars shiiiiine G Bm A Watching the stars shiiiiine, I'll remember to-niiiiight D G And I do understand, tonight, you are mine mine, tonight G Bm A […]

Ill Always Take Care Of You chords – Webb Pierce

C F If you're all alone and feeling blue C G7 C I'll always take care of you F Till my heart stands still I will love you C G7 C I'll always take care of you F Your friends may turn you down C But I'll still see you thru D7 G7 I'll be […]

Ill Just Wait chords – Emarosa

Tuning: E (e B G D A E) I've added some picking from song because it's sounds better for me. By the way, you can combine picking and strumming through all song if you want. ****************************************************************************** C C Am F —————————————————————————–| ———————–1—————————————————–| —————————————————————————–| –2–2–2–2–2–2–3~—3-2–2–2–2–2–2–2–0–2–2–2–2–2–2–2–0–3-| -3–3–3–3–3–3–3———3–3–3–3–3–3–3–0–0–0–0–0————–| —————————————————————–1–1–1–1–| C C C I can be the way you […]

Ill Be Good intro Tabs – Jaymes Young

——————————————————————————- Jaymes Young – I'll Be Good ——————————————————————————- : MadScripter madscripter@hotmail.com Tuning: EADGBe e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|–12———-12—–9——\7——-7————————————-| D|–14—-14—-10–10———9—9—9—9———————————| A|—–14————————9——-9———————————–| E|—————————————————————————| \ = slide down I believe the name of the chords are (in order): Em/B – C5 – C – Bm/F# This sounds right to me. I hope you guys like it.

Ill Think Of You chords – Sam Tsui

"I'll Think Of You" (with Kurt Schneider, Alex G & Alyson Stoner) This song is from the "Epic Patty Cake" youtube video. It's a really nice tune. Capo 3rd Intro: G x4 G I'll think of you as I go C G So when I leave, you're not alone Em D C G And no […]

Ill Always Walk Beside You chords – Richie Sambora V2

I'll Always Walk Beside You - Aftermath Of The Lowdown By Richie Sambora ————— F#m – Bbm – Ebm – B F#m – Bbm – Ebm – B F#m Bbm Sometimes we live inside the madness Ebm B We have to make it through the sadness, F#m Bbm Ebm B What's worse, a blessing or a curse, F#m […]

Ill Fly Away chords – Jars Of Clay V2

Jars of Clay – I'll Fly Away CHORUS G C G I'll fly away, oh glory, I'll fly away G Em G D When I die, hallelujah by and by, I'll fly away G |||| G |||| G |||| G |||| VERSE 1 G C Some bright morning when this life is o'er, I'll G […]

Dreams Ill Never See Tabs by Molly Hatchet V3

Dreams Ill Never See-Molly Hatchet Intro (2x) E———————————————————————–| B———————————————————————–| G———————————————————————–| D—5——–4———2————4———————————–| A—5——–5———3————5———————————–| E———————————————————————–| Main Riff E———————————————————————–| B———————————————————————–| G———————————————————————–| D–X-X-5-5-X-5-X-5—X-X-4-4-X-X-X-4————————————| A–X-X-5-5-X-5-X-5—X-X-5-5-X-X-X-5————————————| E———————————————————————–| >Riff A Riff B Play 3xs <then a—3-2-3-2-3-2-3–3-2-3———3-2-3-2-3-2-3–3-2-3———0———|="" a————–7-9——————————————————e–|="" any="" at="" b————————-3———————————————|="" b—–8-7–8-7——7————-5—————————————-|="" concerns="" d="" d————————-0———————————–2———|="" d—–9-7–9-7——7————-5—————————————-|="" e———————————————————————–|="" e————————————————————————–|="" e———————————————————-3————|="" eliashs@wcs.k12.va.us="" email="" g————————-2———————————–2———|="" g—–7-7–7-7——7————-5—————————————-|="" me="" questions,comments="" riff="" this="" />