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Sei Ein Faber Im Wind Piano Chords by Faber

[Verse] Am Einer von uns beiden ist ein Arschloch… G Und das warst du Am Du mit deinen neuen Freunden G Freust dich über Matches auf Badoo Am Ja dein neuer der sei Rapper dein neuer der sei besser G Dein Neuer hat ein Unterarmtattoo Am Dein neuer der trägt im Gesicht ein Vollbart G […]

Sei Ein Faber Im Wind Chords by Faber

[Verse] Am Einer von uns beiden ist ein Arschloch… G Und das warst du Am Du mit deinen neuen Freunden G Freust dich über Matches auf Badoo Am Ja dein neuer der sei Rapper dein neuer der sei besser G Dein Neuer hat ein Unterarmtattoo Am Dein neuer der trägt im Gesicht ein Vollbart G […]

Dear S​​a​​m Im Dead Too You Tabs – Weerd Science

——————————————————————————- Dear S.A.M. I'm Dead Too You – Weerd Science ——————————————————————————- :fmongold Email:fmongold . 🙂 I tabbed it the best I could from this video: If I did something wrong please feel free to make corrections. Tuning:Standard (EADgbe) Main Riff e|———————-| B|———————-| G|———————-| D|——-9-10—10-9h—| A|-7-7——————| E|—–0—————-| e|——————————–| B|——————————–| G|——————————–| D|——-12-10–10/9-10h9———| A|-7-7——————–10-9h/7-| E|—–0————————–| | / slide […]

I Know Im A Wolf Tabs – Young Heretics

I Know I'm A Wolf by Young Heretics Standard tuning No capo Basic shapes used during part 1 picking pattern: e|-0—-0——————————————————–| B|-0—-0——————————————————–| G|-2—-2——————————————————–| D|-2—-0——————————————————–| A|-3—-3——————————————————–| E|—x4———————————————————-| (if you use your index finger on the D string, you can use it to fret the B string the last time through) Chords used during part 2 (strumming): […]

Im Gonna Knock On Your Door chords – Billy Crash Craddock

G I'm gonna knock on your door ring on your bell D7 Tap on your window too G C If you don't come out tonight when the moon is bright G D7 G I'm gonna knock and ring and tap until you do I'm gonna knock on your door call out your name D7 Wake […]

Im Blue chords – Eiffel 65 Vsion 3

Capo 3 D C Yo, listen up here's a story Am Em D About a little guy that lives in C Am a blue world Em D C Am And all day and all night and everything he sees Em D Is just blue like him C inside and outside Em D C Blue is […]

If Im James Dean Youre Audrey Hepburn chords – Sleeping With Sirens Vsion 5

This is not the acoustic version of the song. The song doesn't use a capo but if your voice is deeper than Kellin's, then it's capo 1 For strumming pattern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZlcV1m-zis. He plays the chords a bit differently but the strumming pattern is similar. Change the pattern for the second verse to match the first, […]

Guess Im Dumb chords – Glen Campbell Vsion 2

Guess I'm Dumb Glen Campbell written by Brian Wislon and Russ t**elman preformed on 1965 Shindig show was released on Capitol Records Single 45 Intro D# C# D# Verse 1 D# C# D# C# The way I act don't seem like me D# C# G# Fm7 I'm not on top like I used to be […]

Im Not There chords – Bob Dylan V4

————————————————————————— I’m Not There – Bob Dylan ————————————————————————— : maguri Tuning: Standard Bob Dylan I’m Not There (1967) (Dylan) From: "The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes" ————————————————————————— capo: 4th fret play: G key: B For original chords transpose this tab +4. ————————————————————————— BASIC RIFF G C/G G C/G G 1 + 2 + […]

Barbara Mason – Yes Im Ready chords

Yes I'm Ready:Barbara Mason. #2 on R&B Charts and #5 on BB Hot 100 on ARCTIC Records in 1965. INTRO: Abm7 Gb Abm7 Gb Abm7 Gb Gb Abm7 Gb Abm7 (Are you ready?)..Yes, I'm ready.. Abm7 Gb Abm7 (Are you ready?)..yes, I'm ready. #1. Gb Abm7 Gb Bbm Abm7 Gb I don't even know how […]

Im Restless chords – Jennifer Warnes

I'm Restless Jennifer Warnes Intro C B G A Dm G C G C B G A Dm G C Verse 1 G C Cmaj7 F There are words, to say, but I swear G G7 C I just can't find them. Cmaj7 F Dm Though in my heart I know, G C Em Dm […]

Heaven Knows Im Miserable Now Tabs – The Smiths V4

Heaven Knows… (capo 2nd fret) – figure out the rhythm by listening to the song Play these first four with tremolo bar, then alternate strumming between the following open chords F#maj7 Dmaj7 C#m B open B open C# F#|—8———–3———-2——–0——-0-0-0-0-0–0-0-0-0-0—0-0-0-0-0–0-0-0-0-0– C#|—10———-5———-3——–2——-5-5-5-0-0–5-5-5-5-0—7-7-7-0-0–7-7-7-7-0– A |—9———–4———-2——–2——-6-6-6-6-6–6-6-6-6-6—8-8-8-8-8–8-8-8-8-8– E |—10———-5———-4——–2——-7-7-7-7-7–7-7-7-7-7—9-9-9-9-9–9-9-9-9-9– B |—8———–3———-2——–0—————————————————- F#|—————————————————————————————- Verse 1 and 3 F#maj7 D#m G#m F#|——7——7—7—-7—-7—7—7—-9—9—9—9—9—9—-9—-9—-9———— […]

Im Not The Only One Chords – Sam Smith

Chords used: F 133211 A 002220 Dm 000231 Bb 113331 C 032010 Intro F A Dm Bb F A Dm Bb F A Dm Bb F C F [Verse 1] F A Dm Bb You and me we made a vow F A Dm Bb For better or for worse F A Dm Bb I […]

Im In Love With The Coco Acoustic chords – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran I'm In Love With The CoCo (OT Genesis cover) This is a performance from BBC Radio 1Xtra and can be seen in the following video: It's pretty easy to play this acoustic version. You just have to find the right rhythm. 3 Chords are used throughout the whole song ( Em C D […]

Im Confessin chords – Ricky Nelson

I'm Confessin':Ricky Nelson. Album – Ricky – #1 on BB Hot 200 on IMPERIAL Records in 1957. INTRO: Eb Cm Eb #1. Dm7 G Eb I'm confessin' that I love you, tell me G C do you love me, too? F Bb Dm7 Eb C I'm confessin' that I need you, honest I do. F […]

Im Moving On Tabs – Hank Snow

I'M MOVING ON As recorded by Hank Snow (From the 1950 Album COUNTRY CLASSICS) Words and Music by Hank Snow Slowhand Gtr I (E A D G B E) – 'Acoustic Guitar 1' Gtr II (E A D G B E) – 'Acoustic Guitar 2' Gtr III (E A D G B E) – 'Acoustic […]

Annie Im Not Your Daddy chords – Kid Creole And The Coconuts

…ANNIE, I'M NOT YOUR DADDY… by Kid Creole and the Coconuts ——————————-…………………………. *from 'Tropical Gangsters' (1982)* Intro: Am Verse 1: E B E A E C#m D They say that all is fair in love and war, and child, be-lieve it. E B E A E C#m D When Mama stayed in Saint Tro-pez, she […]

Im Alive chords – The Wild Feathers

Artist- The Wild Feathers Song- I'm Alive Intro Riff: A G D e——————–3———2——————-| B——————–3———3——————-| G——————–0———2——————-| D–2–2——–2—–0———0——————-| A–0–0–3–4–0—–2—————————–| E——————–3—————————–| A Riff Don't drag me down, just set me free A Riff I was thrown off the rails of a dead-end street E I'm a thousand miles from anywhere E Kicked to the curb, but I don't […]

Im Not Part Of Me Tabs – Cloud Nothings

——————————————————————————- Im Not Part of Me – Cloud Nothings ——————————————————————————- : Asmus Gregersen Tuning: Standard The tab is a little incomplete. I haven't tabbed the outro, and also it says nothing about the rhythm. It would be nice if someone else could finish it. It is based on some live videos from youtube, including some […]

Im Your Captain chords – Grand Funk Railroad V2

A Gadd9 A Gadd9 Everybody, listen to me A Gadd9 A Gadd9 And return me, my ship A Gadd9 A Gadd9 I'm your captain, I'm your captain A Gadd9 A Gadd9 Though I'm feeling, mighty sick A Gadd9 A Gadd9 I've been lost now, days uncounted A Gadd9 A Gadd9 It's been months since, I've […]