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Our God Reigns chords – Israel And New Breed

========================================================================================== Title: Our God Reigns Artist: Israel and New Breed Covered: Alive in Asia [2015] ========================================================================================== CAPO 4 (Key: B) [Intro] G – C G D – C G G – C G D – C G [Verse 1] G D Our God is great and glorious D C G We put our trust in […]

I Will Sing chords – Israel Houghton

Key G Verse D C G/B C2 Dsus I will sing of Your great love D G/B C2 Dsus I will stand in won – der of D G/B What You've done in this life C2 A/Db D With my song testify B/Eb Em C2/F I will live and not die to declare Chorus 1 […]

Alpha And Omega chords – Israel And New Breed V3

Uploaded by chizzyi200 Key: Db I put little notes to help know which chords to hit in which octaves. The key is Db I got the chords from @SixStr1ngz on YouTube Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfkX7zrmVUg inv = inversion lo = lower octave (frets 1 to 8) hi = higher octave (frets 9+) cv = c […]

Moving Foward chords – Israel Houghton V3

Moving Forward – Israel Houghton Verse A G What a moment You have brought me to. A G Such a freedom I have found in You. A G You're the healer who makes all things new. A F#m G Yeah, yeah, yeah. Chorus A G I'm not going back, I'm moving ahead. A F#m G […]

Jesus At The Center chords – Israel Houghton V2

It is track #10 (Disc 2) on the album Jesus at the Center. It has simplified to those who cannot play the advanced chords — Jesus at the Center Key: G Verse 1: G Am G Jesus at the center of it all C G D Jesus at the center of it all C Em […]