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Say You Wont Let Go chords by James Arthur

[Intro] G D Em C [Verse 1] G I met you in the dark D You lit me up Em You made me feel as though C I was enough G We danced the night away D We drank too much Em I held your hair back when C You were throwing up [Pre-Chorus] G […]

Say You Wont Let Go chords by James Arthur

[Intro] G D Em C [Verse 1] G I met you in the dark D You lit me up Em You made me feel as though C I was enough G We danced the night away D We drank too much Em I held your hair back when C You were throwing up [Pre-Chorus] G […]

If Im James Dean Youre Audrey Hepburn chords – Sleeping With Sirens Vsion 5

This is not the acoustic version of the song. The song doesn't use a capo but if your voice is deeper than Kellin's, then it's capo 1 For strumming pattern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZlcV1m-zis. He plays the chords a bit differently but the strumming pattern is similar. Change the pattern for the second verse to match the first, […]

Wait For The People Acoustic Tabs – James Chatburn

———————— Wait for the People – James Chatburn ———————— : Nosnip Tuning: Normal EADGBe –This isn't exactly what James Chatburn plays but I think it's close 1 2 3 4 e|–x—x—x—x—| B|–2—6—4—2—| G|–1—5—3—1—| D|–2—6—4—2—| A|–x—4—2—0—| E|–2—x—x—x—| INTRO e|———————————————————————————————| B|————2————————-2———————–2———————–2——| G|————1————————-1———————–1———————–1——| D|—-2—————-2——-2—————-2——-2—————-2——-2————2| A|———————————————————————————————| E|-2—–2———2——-2——-2——–2——-2——-2——–2——-2——-2—–2—| e|———————————————————————————————| B|————6————————-6———————–6————————6—–| G|————5————————-5———————–5————————5—–| D|—-6—————-6——-6—————-6——-6—————-6——-6————-| A|-4—–4———4——-4——-4——–4——-4——-4——–4——-4——-4———| E|———————————————————————————————| e|———————————————————————————————| B|————2————————-2———————–2———————–2——| G|————1————————-1———————–1———————–1——| D|—-2—————-2——-2—————-2——-2—————-2——-2————2| A|———————————————————————————————–| B|————4————————-4———————–2————————2—–| […]

Montana Acoustic chords – James Taylor

This is a easer version of James Taylor's Montana – Harry Greives December 2015 Montana James Taylor – 2015 Verse 1 Capo – 2nd fret D Em A7 I'm not smart enough for this life I've been livin', G Em A A little bit slow for the pace of the dream. Bm G It's not […]

Circles chords – James Maslow

James Maslow- Circles : Grgur Visic Instagram: @grgurvisic Hi guys, nice little song by James. You can play A7 at some places if you wish, it sounds prettier to me! Am I know when you want it Am Yes, you want it G Am But you're never alone Am Just let me show you, Am […]

Penguin James Penguin chords – Brad Paisley Vsion 2

Penguin, James Penguin Brad Paisley Intro A E C#m Well the reindeer pull the sleigh, and the elves make the toys F#m B Emaj7 Those are the stories that are well known to all little girls and boys A E C#m But I've got another story that I bet you haven't heard F# B Did […]

Paul E James – Jesus Youre The One That I Want chords

This is based on a song from Grease changed for use in church. INTRO: Em VERSE 1 Em C G I got chills, they're multiplying, and I'm losing control B7 C Em 'Cause the power you're supplying, it's electrifying G B7 C Em I'd better shape up, 'cause I need a friend, and my heart […]

Crow Jane chords – Skip James V3

Crow Jane – Skip James Tuned open G (DGDGBD) G D7 C7 Crow Janie, Crow Janie, Crow Jane, don't you hold your head high, G C7 G Someday, Baby, you know you got to die. D7 G C7 You got to lay down and, you got to die, you got to G D7 C7 And […]

The Book Of Love Live Tabs – Gavin James

Gavin james – The book of love (Live from The Capitol Tower) I Tried my best to make a version on the live preformance, to my hearing is the intro accurate, the verse is somewhat accurate. feel free to comment. p= pull off ~= vibrate capo 5 Intro: G C D ————————————————————————————| ——————————-0–1–1—–0—————————————-| ——————————-0–0–0———–2—–0–2–4—–0—————-| —————————-0———–2—–2–0–0—————-0————–| […]

Brokenhearted chords – James Arthur

Tuning: Standard No Capo ====== Chords E (x79900) C#m (x46600) Asus2 (x02200) B (x24400) ======== Intro: E , C#m , Asus2 , B E Well it started at a party C#m I never knew your name Asus2 You never knew mine either B But there was something about your face E And you decided to […]

Let It Go Tabs – James Bay V4

——————————————————————————- Let It go – James Bay ——————————————————————————- : Trond Marius Sørensen Trond_Marius_96@hotmail.com Tuning: It's tuned a half-step down, but the F# string should be tuned a whole step down to F. D# A# F C# G# D# Intro |————————————————————| |—–7—–7—–7—-/12——12—–12—–12—–12——| |——–0—–0—–0——-0——0——0——0——0—| |————————————————————| |—–5—————-/10———————————–| |————————————————————| |————————5——5——5———————| |—–7—–7—–7—————————8——-7——| |——–0—–0—–0——-0——0——0——0——0—| |————————————————————| |————————————————————| |—–7——————5———————————–| |————————————————————| |—–7—–7—–7—-/12——12—–12—–12—–12——| |——–0—–0—–0——-0——0——0——0——0—| |————————————————————| […]

We Give You Glory chords – James Fortune

Chorus1: D2/A A D2/A A We give You glory, we give You glory D2/A A E D – C# – A We give You glory, Oh God D2/A A E2/G# D2/F# We give You glory, we give You glory Bm7 A/C# E A – G# – E We give You glory, Oh God Chorus2: Hallelujah, […]

Holy chords – Eddie James

Chorus: D#m C#2 You are Holy, holy, holy, Holy, holy, holy, B C# Do7 Holy, holy, holy, Holy Lord D#m C#2 You are Holy, holy, holy, Holy, holy, holy B G# C# A#7/D The whole earth is full of Your glory *Worthy *Righteous *Lovely Verse1: D#m C#2 B C# Do7 I see You high and […]

Let It Go chords – James Bay

D-tuning, but you can play it with the regular tuning as well. Verse + Chorus: D# G# |————————————————————| |—–8—–8—–8—-/13——13—–13—–13—–13——| |——–0—–0—–0——-0——0——0——0——0—| |————————————————————| |—–6—————-/11———————————–| |————————————————————| Cm B |————————6——6——6———————| |—–8—–8—–8—————————9——-8——| |——–0—–0—–0——-0——0——0——0——0—| |————————————————————| |————————————————————| |—–8——————6———————————–| x infinity Pre-Chorus: Cm B |————————————————————| |—–8—–8—–8——8——-8——8——8——8——| |——–8—–8—–8——-8——8——8——8——8—| |—-10——————8———————————–| |————————————————————| |————————————————————| Am G# |————————————————————| |—–8—–8—–8——8——-8——8——8——8——| |——–8—–8—–8——-8——8——8——8——8—| |—–7——————6———————————–| |————————————————————| |————————————————————| x2 From walking home and […]

Glacier chords – James Vincent Mcmorrow

Glacier by James Vincent Mcmorrow This is an amazing song. Chords and lyrics are not perfect, but they are a start, hopefully. Standard Tuning — no capo G Bm A Bm A G Bm A Someone hears a lie, somewhere underneath, Bm A G caught between the reeling, mirroring the beat. Bm A I no […]

Were Coming Home chords – Pete James

We're Coming Home Pete James Key: G Verse 1: G We're in this battle together, I'm not leaving without you Comrades in this adventure, we stand as one in hope and truth D Bm Em You've got my back and I've got yours, with God we'll make it through D Bm Em Courage put our […]

Just Came Back chords – Colin James

Just Came Back – Colin James ============== Intro: (blues slide gtr) – see bottom I got stones in my passway, and my road seems dark at night, I got stones in my passway, and my road seems dark at night, I got pains in my heart, they done taken my appetite. Intro: | D | […]

Beautiful Lies chords – James Arthur

Here's James Arthur's "Beautiful Lies" i found the chords while watching the video and the same for the lyrics, i hope these are correct. For the chords i'm pratically sure that these are the good ones. There's 2 G chords in the song : The "normal" but without the index finger The Bar chord but […]

Come To My Door chords – Jose James V2

——————————————————————————- COME TO MY DOOR – José James ——————————————————————————- : Bastiaan Elling bastiaanelling@hotmail.com Hi again! Someone asked me to put the chords above the lyrics like it's usually done so here you are. 🙂 In my opinion this song's rythm is quite easy, nothing fancy, so if you want to practise with the old tab […]