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One More Kiss Dear chords – Vangelis Vsion 3

[Verse 1] A G#7 One more kiss, dear, one more sigh A B7 Only this dear, is goodbye A E For our love is such pain and such pleasure A B7 That I'll treasure till I die [Verse 2] A G#7 So for now dear, au revoir ma belle A B7 But I bow dear, […]

Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew chords – Alison Krauss

G C G When time was young we walked the road together D7 When love was sweet I meant the world to you G C G Now comes the sun we'll say goodbye forever C D7 G And teardrops will kiss the morning dew D7 G Take me and make me your lover one more […]

Naruto – Long Kiss Goodbye chords – Misc Cartoons

*all verses: same chords Capo 4 intro: G6 Asus2 Bm7 D G6 Asus2 Dsus2 D G6 Kondo wa itsu aeru ka nante Asus2 Sonna kaos***e yoku ieru tte Bm7 Omotteta yo nande darou Em Nanimo ki ni naranai furis***e Asus2 Iiwake suru nara kiku wa asa made Dsus2 F# Tsunagattetai kara G6 Mou kao mo […]

Kiss On My List Tabs – Hall & Oates

HALL & OATES – KISS ON MY LIST (Daryl Hall & Janna Allen) : David Adamec Standard Tuning: E-A-D-G-B-e This is a tab of Richard Tetta’s slick take on the Hall & Oates classic. You can check out the video and his use of a calypso-like rhythm in his interpretation on YouTube. Let the chords […]

Vampires Kiss chords – John Gold V2

Only thing i can't quite figure out is the very first cord in the chorus (I'm currently playing Am which works but isn't right) otherwise this sounds way more like the recorded version than the other tab does. Capo 2 Am 'Cause there's a red moon low in the sky G And a Santa Ana […]

I Got The Blues chords – Dion And The Belmonts

I Got The Blues:Dion And The Belmonts. Album – Presenting Dion And The Belmonts on LAURIE Records in 1958. INTRO: E A E Well, let me tell you a story, all about those blues. A About a girl I was goin' with who broke my heart E in two. B A She made me get […]

Kiss And Not Tell chords – La Roux

Pretty simple chords, these are only backing guitar chords but you can sing along with them. Capo on 5th Fret. Intro: C x4 C Ten thousand stories sent C Two lovers disguise C You've seen the future now C A love that is blind F Makes you want to kiss and not tell C Makes […]

Haunted chords – Beyonce

G#m7 It's what you do It's what you see E I know if I'm haunting you G#m7 You must be haunting me G#m7 It's where we go It's where we'll be E I know if I'm on to you, I'm on to you A G#m7 On to you, you must be on to me G#m7 […]

Bombs And Bruises chords – Black Pistol Fire

——————————————————————————- Bombs and Bruises – Black Pistol Fire ——————————————————————————- I might have misheard some of the lyrics but I did my best so please correct me if I made any mistakes. Tuning: Standard Capo: 4th Intro e|———————————| B|———————————| G|———————————|x4 D|———————————| A|—–3-2—2—2—2—2—2—–| E|———5—3—3—3—3——-| G It's second to none G When the killing's done G C D […]

Sing You A Love Song chords – Of Montreal

——————————————————————————- SING YOU A LOVE SONG – OF MONTREAL ——————————————————————————- Created by: dcolspector Tuned slightly down. A ^ after a chord means it is barred. E/A – x02100 E * – 022454 Fdim7 – xx3434 A ^ – 577655 Am6add9 – xx7577 Am6 * – xx7575 D#m7b5 – xx1222 E/B ^ – 77999x E (b5)^ […]

Kiss chords – Scout Niblett V2

C G A kiss could've killed me Am E7 If it were not for the rain C G A kiss could've killed me Am F Baby if, if it were not for rain C G Am E7 & I had a feeling it was coming on C G & I felt it coming Am F […]

An Unusual Kiss chords – Melissa Etheridge

AN UNUSUAL KISS – Melissa Etheridge Intro: Em7i – Em7 – Em6 – Em – Em7 – Em6 – Em 2x Em / Em Em7 Em6 – Em – Em7i – Em7 – Em6 – Em It's one-twentyfive A.M. I think I've seen that look somewhere be – fore Asus4 / one-twentyfive A.M. Asus4 Em7 […]

Kiss Of The Cannibal Tabs by Daniel Lioneye

Daniel Lioneye- Kiss of the Canibal I've spent hours watching a cover video to bring you this. Should be pretty accurate. Drop C# Tunning. Intro: 00-57/12/\17-0000-3510-8—-00-57/12-1512131210-000-000-3510-8—-|x2 00-57/12/\17-0000-3510-8-7b-00-57/12-1512131210-000-000-3510-8-7b-|x2 00-57/12/\17-0000-3510-8-7b-00-57/12-1512131210-000-000-3510-8-7b-|x2 ————————-7b————————————7b-|x2 ——————————————————————| ——————————————————————| Verse: 0000000057/1212121212121212000000003510101010188887777| 0000000057/1212121212121212000000003510101010188887777| 0000000057/1212121212121212000000003510101010188887777| ——————————————————| ——————————————————| ——————————————————| Chorus part 1: 000000003555555553333333322222222-000222333555-88888888888888888 000000003555555553333333322222222-000222333555-88888888888888888 000000003555555553333333322222222-000222333555-88888888888888888 Intro Verse Chorus part 1 Chorus part 2: 121212121212121210101010101010105555555555555555-000222333555-88888888888888888| 121212121212121210101010101010105555555555555555-000222333555-88888888888888888| 121212121212121210101010101010105555555555555555-000222333555-88888888888888888| […]

Still I Long For Your Kiss chords – Lucinda Williams

Still I Long For Your Kiss by Lucinda Williams C I know I shouldn't but I want you so bad Dm F I know it couldn't be but I want what we had C I know our love is gone and I can't bring it back Dm F C Still I long for your kiss […]

Rock And Roll All Nite chords – Kiss V3

—————————————————————————– ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE – KISS —————————————————————————– N3WW4V3N1NJ4 Standard tuning Riff-based chords to Rock And Roll All Nite! (because it sounds awesome) Intro: G G G D G D A A E You show us everything you got A E You keep on dancing and the room gets hot D E G G […]

Goodnight Kiss chords – Randy Houser V2

Randy Houser, "Goodnight Kiss" Capo 1: Intro C Am G F Verse C Am G Girl I finally got you up in the seat of my old truck F And I bet you're wonderin' what we're gonna do C Am G We could hit the county line, hell we do that all the time F […]

Kiss chords – Tom Jones

KISS – Tom Jones A7 You don't have to be beautiful to turn me on. I just need your body baby from dusk 'til dawn. D7 You don't need experience to turn me out. A7 You just leave it all up to me, I'll show you what it's all about. E7 Don't have to be […]

Just One Kiss chords – Nick Carter

### CAPO 3 ### G D C Don't turn away, don't close the door C I couldn't take it G D C We've got find out for sure C Before there's no turning back G D C If this is a start of the end of the road C I've got ask before you go […]

Kiss Tabs by Scout Niblett V2

This is the proper tab for the song. Intro: |————-| |————-| |——-1—–| |—–2—2—| x4 |—2——-2-| |-0———–| Verse 1: ______________________________________ 1. |2,4,6,8. | |————————|———————|—————| |————————|———————|-5————-| |——-1——4–4-4-5/-|-6–6-6–5-5–5b—–|-6-6–6-6——| |—–2—2—-4–4-4-5/-|-6–6-6–6-6—–6—|-6-6–7-7——| |—2——-2–2–2-2-3/-|-4–4-4–6-6——-6-|-4-4–7—7—-| |-0———————-|———4-4———|——5—–5/-| _______________________ 3,5,7. | |———————| |-5–5-5————–| |-6–6-6——–5—–| |-6–6-6——6—6—| |-4–4-4—-6——-6-| |———4———–| A kiss could've killed me If it were not for the rain A kiss could've killed me Baby […]

Kiss This Love Goodbye chords – James Blunt

Capo III Am C My one, true love, Em Am You can guess what I've been thinking of? F C God knows, we've tried Em Am To stay together while our hearts divided F C Put my boxes in the post G F I leave my keys behind F C It might not be the […]