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Lets Go chords by Khalid

[Intro] C G D Em [Verse 1] C G Can you feel this energy? D Em This is the start of something great C G We might… be a little late… hey D Em but at least we’re on our way C G You got too much time to waste D Em Focusing on what […]

Lets Go To The Beach chords – Matt York

Intro G (with an occasional slide up to a B Flat G I don't know but I've been told that watching TV can make you old and I don't wanna be old. Em Lets go to the beach, lets go to the beach Lets go to the beach, lets go to the beach G I've […]

Lets Face The Music And Dance chords – Ella Fitzgerald

1. LET'S FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE Fm Bbm6 Fm DbM7 C7 Fm There may be trouble ahead Bbm6 Bbo7 But while there's moonlight and music FM7 F9 And love and romance Bb7 A7 AbM7 G7 GbM7 F Let's face the music and dance Fm Cm Db7 C7 Fm Before the fiddlers have fled C7 […]

Lets Give Em Something chords – Bonnie Raitt V2

Intro: G D G D G D Em – F – C – Eb G C/G G C/G G C/G G People are talkin, talking 'bout people, I hear them whisper, you won't believe it C F/C C F/C C G C/G G They think we're lovers, kept under covers, I just ignore it, but […]

Lets Talk About Us chords – Jerry Lee Lewis

Let's Talk About Us – Jerry Lee Lewis Del Bradley CAPO none ideally or on 3 works for me The G & G7 chords after "Come on" and "Let's talk" are single emphasised downstrums ____________________________________________________________________ Please don't forget to rate and comment, Your feedback would be much appreciated, Thank you 🙂 ____________________________________________________________________ INTRO (Boogie Woogie […]

Lets Say Goodbye One More Time chords – Mickey Newbury

Let’s Say Goodbye One More Time Chorus: F# B Darling lets say goodbye one more time C# F# Hold me and tell me you're mine F#7 B G#m I know you're leaving but, oh, love is blind C# F# C# Lets say goodbye one more time F# B Castles of sand stand but not for […]

Lets Not Be Alone chords – R5

Let's Not Be Alone – R5 Intro as Tab e|-5—–5——7—–5—–| B|—7—–7——8—–7—| G|—–7—–7——7—–7-| Intro: D G – D [verse 1] D G – D Outside of the party where it’s gettin too loud D G – D It feels like we’re the only ones alone in the crowd D G – D Chat college and politics […]

Lets Go Sunning chords – Jack Shaindlin

Let's Go Sunning Jack Shaindlin (1954) Dbm7 : x4655x F7sus2 : xx3543 Abm7 : xx6543 Eb Eb/Bb Eb Eb/Bb Let's go sunning, it's so good for you F7/C F7 F7/C F7 Let's go sunning, 'neath the sky of blue Bb7 Bb7 Eb Eb/C Greet the sun every morn F7 F7 Bb7 Bb7 Feel as free […]

The Wolves – Lets Skate This Town Tabs

Intro (lead): E—————88888888-1010101010101010-1212121212121212——| B—————88888888-1010101010101010-1212121212121212——| G—————————————————————| D—14~~~~——————————————————| A—————————————————————| E—————————————————————| intro (rhytm): E—————————————————————| B—————————————————————| G—————55555555-777777777-99999999———————| D—————55555555-777777777-99999999———————| A—————33333333-555555555-77777777———————| E—————————————————————| verse(lead): E————–12———————————————–| B————–12———————————————–| G—————————————————————| D—————————————————————| A—————————————————————| E-0————————-0———————————–| verse(rythm) E—————————————————————| B—————————————————————| G—————————————————————| D-7/9999-7/9999-7/9999-121212-141414—————————-| A-5/7777-5/7777-5/7777-101010-121212—————————-| E—————————————————————| solo: E—————————————————————| B—–17-15-17-15-17-15-17-15-17-15-17-15-17——————–| G—————————————————————| D—————————————————————| A—————————————————————| E—————————————————————| bridge: E———————————————————————–| B———————————————————————–| G———————————————————.————-| D-9-9-9-9-12-9-9-9-9-7–9-9-9-9-12-9-9-9-9-7–9-9-9-9-12-9-9-9-9–7~~~~-| A-7-7-7-7-10-7-7-7-7-5–7-7-7-7-10-7-7-7-7-5–7-7-7-7-10-7-7-7-7–5~~~~-| E———————————————————————–|

Youre No One Til Someone Lets You Down chords – John Mayer V2

Artist: John Mayer Paradise Valley Song: You're No One 'Til Someone Lets You Down Standard Tuning (NO CAPO) —————————————————————————— Intro: C F C F No, I've not seen you this way before G7 C G Standin' a mess at my door C Well, it took you so long C7 F But you finally found C […]

Lets Live It Up chords – Mental As Anything

LETS LIVE IT UP- MENTAL AS ANYTHING on here. A nice singalong tune for a party. Sounds ok to me but feel free to be constructive in your critisism 😉 F# Bm C D G How can you see looking through those tears? Em7 Em Don't you know you're worth your weight in gold? D […]

Lets Talk About Your Hair Tabs by Have Mercy

——————————————————————————- Let's Talk About Your Hair – Have Mercy ——————————————————————————- : maybeimmatt maybeimmatt their website, check it out! —-> havemercy.bandcamp.com Tuning: Standard Intro e|———-|———-|———-|————| B|———-|———-|———-|————| G|———-|———-|———-|————| D|—1——|—3——|—9——|–8b–8b—-| A|—2——|—4——|—10—–|–9b–9b—-| E|———-|———-|———-|————| Verse I went… bed… dreamed… things… e|———-|———-|———-|————| B|———-|———-|———-|————| G|———-|———-|———-|————| D|—1——|—3——|—9——|–8b–8b—-| A|—2——|—4——|—10—–|–9b–9b—-| E|———-|———-|———-|————| A god… and me… and how… wings… e|———-|———-|———-|————| B|———-|———-|———-|————| G|———-|———-|———-|————| D|—1——|—3——|—9——|–8b–8b—-| A|—2——|—4——|—10—–|–9b–9b—-| E|———-|———-|———-|————| I […]

Lets Turkey Trot chords – Little Eva

Let's Turkey Trot:Little Eva. #13 in UK, #16 R&B and #20 on BB Hot 100 on DIMENSION Records in 1963. INTRO: Eb (Gobble-diddle-ip..gobble-gobble-diddle-ip.. gobble-diddle-ip..gobble-gobble-diddle-ip.) #1. Eb Come on let's Turkey Trot..(shoo-shoo gobble-gobble diddle-ip.) Eb Let's get it while it's hot..(shoo-shoo gobble-gobble diddle-ip.) Ab This dance is really fine..(shoo-shoo gobble-gobble diddle-ip.) Eb It's stood the test […]

Lets Not Shit Ourselves chords – Bright Eyes

This is an extension of the version Papa Torry. I have just Augmented the file so it just contains the chords and added chords to the rest of the verses. Intro C , E , Am , F , G x4 C E The animals laugh from the dark of the wilderness. Am F G […]

Lets Go Fly A Kite chords – Misc Children V2

Bb With tuppence for paper and strings, Eb you can have your own set of wings. Bb D Eb Bb (13th house, 2nd string) With your feet on the ground you're a bird in a flight, F Bb with your fist holding tight to the string of your kite. ( C C# D ) Oh, […]

Lets Dance On chords – Monkees

Let's Dance On:The Monkees. Album – The Monkees – #1 on BB Hot 200 on COLGEMS Records in 1966. INTRO: G7 C (x4) —————————| —————————| —————————|RIFF: —————————| —-0-2-3-3—————-| –3———-1-1-2-3——-| CHORUS: G7 C Let's dance on..oh, baby, come on. G7 Let's dance on..'til the dawn..have C ( C F G7 x2) fun 'til the music's all […]

Lets Be Still chords – The Head And The Heart V2

Let's Be Still – The Head and The Heart Capo 2 Chords (from low to high strings): G – 330023 Cadd9 – 330230 Dsus4 – 332000 C – 010230 D – 232000 B#m – 234422 Em – 000220 Fm – 000012 Intro G Cadd9 Dsus4 x2 G You can get lost in the music for […]