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I Got The Blues chords – Dion And The Belmonts

I Got The Blues:Dion And The Belmonts. Album – Presenting Dion And The Belmonts on LAURIE Records in 1958. INTRO: E A E Well, let me tell you a story, all about those blues. A About a girl I was goin' with who broke my heart E in two. B A She made me get […]

Brit Summer chords – Nina Nesbitt

Capo 2 A It’s like the first sign of sun, G D Since the universe began, A We’re all throwing off our clothes, G D Just to get the perfect tan. A Trying to raise our chances of, G D A wild summer romance, G D Bare feet on the sand, A With you. A […]

Hi-five chords – Angel Olsen

Chords: A : x7765x E : 022100 D : x00232 Dsus2 : x00230 INTRO: A A A A A E I feel so lonesome I could cry A E But instead I'll pass the time A D E Sitting lonely with somebody lonely too A D E Well there's nothing in the world I'd rather […]

Take It Out On Me chords – Florida Georgia Line

Standard Tuning Intro ( Bm , D , G , A ) Bm What'd he do this time? D Did he break your heart? G A I can tell you been crying… and baby here you are. Bm G D A And I always know any time you show up at my door past 11 […]

Keep The Ball Rollin chords – Jay And The Techniques

Keep The Ball Rollin':Jay And The Techniques. #14 on BB Hot 100 on SMASH Records in 1967. INTRO: Db B A Abm .. Db B A Ab .. CHORUS: Db Dbm Db Keep the ball rollin'..keep the ball rollin'..girl, the Ab name of the game is love. Eb Ab Bb Ebm On your mark, get […]

Shes A Yum Yum chords – Charlie Rich

She's A Yum Yum:Charlie Rich. Recorded in 1966 on GROOVE Records. DNC. INTRO: F Bb Fm Bb Fm Bb Fm Bb Ab #1. Bb F Sweeter than honey can be to your tum-tum. F Cm F Bb F That little girl of mine, she's a yum-yum. Bb F Cm7 One sweet taste of her lips […]

Sing You A Love Song chords – Of Montreal

——————————————————————————- SING YOU A LOVE SONG – OF MONTREAL ——————————————————————————- Created by: dcolspector Tuned slightly down. A ^ after a chord means it is barred. E/A – x02100 E * – 022454 Fdim7 – xx3434 A ^ – 577655 Am6add9 – xx7577 Am6 * – xx7575 D#m7b5 – xx1222 E/B ^ – 77999x E (b5)^ […]

Fruit Of My Lips chords – Praise And Worship

Verse: D A May the words of my mouth G A D And the meditation of my heart D A G Be acceptable to you, in your eyes. D A May the words of my mouth, G A D And the meditation of my heart D A G Be acceptable to you, in your eyes. […]

Is The Black At The End Good chords – Flaming Lips

Chords Used* Em Dm C F G *Feel free to use either barred or open chords at your discretion Part 1: Em Dm Em The sun is right behind us F Though it's cold and dark ahead C G That's just me being optimistic C I know, I know (Suffering defeat us My spirit tries […]

Just A Sip Chords – Luke Bryan

Just A Sip Capo 2 C G D Em C What gives you courage to walk up to a ten in a bar C G D Em C What turns the nervous into a rockstar C G What gets you through the week then D Em And right on through the weekend C G D […]

Say Youll Stay Chords – R5 V2

C G D Em D C G D Em D It's summertime, and you are all that's on my mind everyday. C G D Em D C G It seems like we could stay up late, talk through the night. D Em Oh what do you say? Chorus: C Say you'll stay (hey-ey) G Heyy […]

Electric Lady Chords – Janelle Monae

t**le track from Janelle Monáe's awesome second album. Basically it's just Bm A Em F#7 repeated all through the song, but I've included the full lyrics below as well with timings for when to swap the chords. Let me know any feedback or thoughts! *********************************************************** Bm A El-lec-lec-lec-lec-lec-lec-lec-lec-lec-tric Em F#7 Lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-dy Bm A Ooh, you […]

While Your Lips Are Still Red Tabs by Nightwish V2

Tab D STANDARD INTRO (CLEAN) D-|–0—0-3-5-|-3-5-7-7-8-7—–|—————–|-7-7-8-7-3-5-|-5-3—–| A-|—-3——-|————-5-3-|—3-6-6-5-6-8-5-|————-|—–5-3-| F-|————|—————–|-5—————|————-|———| C-|————|—————–|—————–|————-|———| G-|————|—————–|—————–|————-|———| D-|————|—————–|—————–|————-|———| VERSE 1 and 2 These are the chords I use. Play Arpeggios or whatever sounds best to you. There is no fixed rythm. Repeat for Verse 2 D——–|————| A——–|————| F——–|————| C–7—–|–3—–5—| G–7—–|–3—–5—| D–5—–|–1—–3—| D————–|—————————| A————–|—————————| F——–5—–|—5—–7—————–| C–7—–5—–|—5—–7—–5–7——–| G–7—–3—–|—3—–5—–5–7——–| D–5———–|—————3–5——–| CHORUS X 2 (I use […]

Summer Love Chords – One Direction V6

Hey there! So this is my first tab! Opinions are allowed :). This is a great song by a great band! I'm a Directioner btw. Hope this is accurate since I did it by ear. :). Have fun playing! :)xx Twitter: im_1Drea Intro: E B C#m A x2 Verse 1: E B Can't believe you're […]

Over My Shoulder Chords – I Am Kloot V2

From the Gods & Monsters album. The trick with this one is playing the verses up the neck and the little riff from the A5 – A5/B – E5 below. E —————-| B —————-| G –6-6———–| D –7-9-7———| A –0-0-7———| E ——0———| Standard tuning E5 0799xx A5 x076xx A5/B x096xx C# x46654 A 577655 Intro […]

Run Run Run Chords – Concrete Blonde V2

Dm ^ Dm 234 Dm ^ Dm 234 C ^ C 234 C ^ C 234 Bb ^ Bb 234 Bb ^ Bb 234 C ^ C 234 C ^ C 234 Verse 1 Dm ^ Dm You go crazy Dm ^ Dm You get tossed C ^ C You go running around C ^ […]

Shes My 11 Chords – Keith Urban

"She's My 11" (intro) 2x D Em Bm A , (verse) G I'm a lucky man, yes, I am D Living in Heaven down here on earth G Her Tennessee smile drives me wild D Don't you know, I know what its worth Em G Shes every little thing in life that makes me feel […]

Fancy Chords – Reba Mcentire V2

Intro F# A B F# F# I remember it all very well lookin' back E It was the summer I turned eighteen B We lived in a one room, rundown shack D On the outskirts of New Orleans F# We didn't have money for food or rent E To say the least we were hard […]

Nobody Does It Like You Chords – Selena Gomez

Key: D# Intro: Cm Bb Eb G# Cm Bb You're my bad boy fairytale Eb G# Since jamming with the dark side Cm Bb I wanna be your bad girl Eb G# You bring out my wild side Cm Your eyes your lips your touch Bb Eb His talk, sadistic rush, your s**y kinda swag […]

What Am I Living For Chords – Animals

G D What am I living for, if not for you? G What am I living for, if not for you? C D# What am I living for, if not for you? G D G Nobody else, nobody else will do. G D What am I crying for, each lonely night? G I want to […]