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Lost In You chords – Michael Wainwright

C D G Oh my love… C D G I gave everything not to be without, C D G And I ran so hard at the face of doubt, C D G And I got lost in you. C D G Oh my friend… C D G Will you come for me when I reach […]

Regina Dont Get Lost Tabs – The Cribs

——————————————————————————- Regina Don't Get Lost – The Cribs ——————————————————————————- : Rory H rdeh10@googlemail.com Tuning: EADGBe Hey guys! Another Cribs tab for you here 🙂 This time it is another B-side 'Regina Don't Get Lost'. Excellent track with a wonderful tone to it. This isn't perfect as usual but definitely sounds fine to me! If you […]

Lost As chords – Brother And Bones

(capo 3) Verse 1 G Bm D A Show me hope is watertight, G Bm D A An anchor for these lonely nights G D Bm A G Em Cos this sinking ship has land in sight G D Bm A G D Until all is lost as one, ‘til all is lost as one […]

Get Lost Find Yourself chords – Chunk No Captain Chunk

verbesserungsvorschläge sind willkommen!!! 😀 Capo 1 PICKINGMUSTER VERSE: das gleiche pickingmuster auch im pre-chorus 🙂 C G D am C em am e/——-0————3———2—————0—————————- h/—–1—1——–0—0——3-3——1——1-1——-0———1——— g/—-0—–0——0—–0—-2—2—-2-2—-0—0—–0-0——-2-2——– d/—————————0——–2—2————2—0—–2—2——- a/–3——————————–0——-3——–2———0———— E/—————3———————————————————– VERSE: C G D am C Somewhere in between the end and the beginning em am i found a way to finally C G D am C […]

If I Lost The Best Thing chords – Yael Naim

—CAPO ON 2nd FRET— If I Lost The Best Thing by Yael Naim is performed in a traditional french folk style in 3/4, a sort of waltz with an alternating bass note followed by the upper notes played together in harmony. Example: The Intro is the A chord, so you would play: e|————————————–| B|—–2–2—–2–2—–2–2—-2–2—| G|—–2–2—–2–2—–2–2—-2–2—| […]

Lost Together chords – Blue Rodeo V2

Blue Rodeo – Lost Together Intro G D/F# | Em D | G D/F# | Em || Verse 1 G D/F# Em D G D/F# Em Strange and beautiful are the stars tonight that dance around your head G D/F# Em D G D/F# Em In your eyes I see that perfect world, I hope […]

Positively 4Th Street chords – Bob Dylan V5

————————————————————————— Positively 4th Street– Bob Dylan ————————————————————————— : maguri Tuning: Standard Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street (1965) (Dylan) Non-album single Now on: “Side Tracks” and several Greatest Hits compilations The bass sometimes plays notes other that the root. I indicated these chords as slash chords here. It is of course possible to play them as […]

All The Poor And Powerless chords – The Digital Age V3

Intro 1 (x2): E F#m7 E/G# A C#m7 B E/G# A Intro 2 (x2): E F#m7 E/G# A C#m7 B E/G# A Oh…………, ah……… Verse 1: E F#m7 E/G# A All the power and powerless C#m7 B E/G# A And all the lost and lonely E F#m7 E/G# A All the thieves will come confess […]

I Get Lost chords – Breach The Summit

So I love this song and practically everything Breach The Summit does… My band and I wanted to cover it, but it wasn't tabbed yet. I decided to do it myself! This is done by ear, but I think it's fairly accurate (: If not comment what needs to be fixed! Twitter: @_inexperienced || @kaitlynddd […]

It Must Have Been Love chords – Roxette V5

It Must Have Been Love – Roxette Previous tabs were almost complete, but there were some chords missing and there are some errors that I corrected in this tab. I entered the chords for solo and the right chords for ending… Have fun with this beautiful song! 🙂 intro F E C F 2x ( […]

Some Kind Of Monster chords – Neon Trees

I'm some kind of monster since I lost her C#m | | A | | E | | B | | There's a trap door hidden in my heart I fell into a lover's hell deeper then I thought C#m | A | E | B I came crawling back to that motel F#m | […]

Paradise Lost chords – Hollywood Undead V2

Alternate between using Dsus2 and Dm. First tab so hope you guys and gals enjoy. Intro. Dsus2 Gm Bb A Dm Am Bb So watch my chest heave C as this last breath leaves me Dsus2 I am trying to be what you're dying to see Bb I feel like "Fuck man, C can't take […]

Lost chords – Matt The Electrician

————Lost———— Matt the Electrician : George O. Tuning: Standard with capo on 5 The chords might not be perfect, but it sounds pretty good. Please comment with any changes. Here is the run from C to Am: |————-| |-1——-1—| |-0——-2—| |-2-0—–2—| |-3—3-0—–| |————-| You can't really hear this part on the album, but on his […]

In This We Dwell Tabs by Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost Tragic Idol In This We Dwell Tuning: A D G C F A D ======================================================================= Notes + Video of Greg playing the intro shows that he changes positions, moving toward the nut for the final 2 or 3 notes. I think if you transpose the notes from the C string to the high […]

A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit Tabs by Burzum

Burzum – A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit tremolo picking e|——————-| B|——————-| G|——————-| D|-4——7—6-7-6–| A|-2——5—4-5-4–| E|——————-| e|————–| B|————–| G|————–| D|-4—–5—7–| A|-2—–3—5–| E|————–| e|———————–| B|———————–| G|———————–| D|-5—-6—-5—-8–7—| A|-3—-4—-3—-6–5—| E|———————–| normal picking e|———————————||———————————| B|———————————||———————————| G|———————————||———————————| D|-9-9-9-9-5-5——————-9-||-9-9-9-9-5-5—————–9-9-| A|-7-7-7-7-3-3-4-4-4-4-4-4-5-5-7-7-||-7-7-7-7-3-3-4-4-4-4-3-3-3-3-7-7-| E|————-2-2-2-2-2-2-3-3-5—||————-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1—–| e|———————————||———————————| B|———————————||———————————| G|———————————||———————————| D|-9-9-9-9-4-4-3-3-3-3-3-3-7-7-7-2-||-9-9-9-9-4-4-3-3-3-3-3-3-7-6-7-2-| A|-7-7-7-7-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-5-5-5-0-||-7-7-7-7-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-5-4-5-0-| E|———————————||———————————| e|——————————–| B|——————————–| G|——————————–| D|-5—9—5——-5—9—8—7–| A|-3—7—3—6—3—7—6—5–| E|————-4——————| e|——————-| |——————-| B|——————-| |——————-| G|——————-| |——————-| D|-55-5-5-5———-|x3 then […]

The Lost Are Found Tabs by Hillsong United V2

Artist: Hillsong Live God Is Able Song: The Lost Are Found Key: B | Capo 4 Intro/Electric Guitar riff: E——-11—14—11——-11—14—11——–11——11——-11-| B—12—————-12——————12——-14——–11—-| G—–11—————–11——————11——————–| D——————————————————————| A——————————————————————| E——————————————————————| E——————————————–| B——12—-11—–9—–11s12————–| G——————————————–| D——————————————–| A——————————————–| E——————————————–| Chords: Intro (x4): Em C G Bm Verse 1: Em Everlasting C G Bm While earthly ages fade Em In mercy C G Bm […]

Lost And Found chords – Kim Taylor

————————————————————————— Lost And Found – Kim Taylor ————————————————————————— : Joseph Drysdale Email: josephdrysdale360@hotmail.com So this is my second tab. There are no existing tabs, so I decided to do one. Hopefully its okay :p F C Dm Bb G e|—–|–0–|–1–|–6–|–3–| B|–1–|–1–|–3–|–6–|–3–| G|–2–|–0–|–2–|–7–|–0–| D|–3–|–2–|–0–|–8–|–0–| A|–3–|–3–|—–|–8–|–2–| E|—–|—–|—–|–6–|–3–| Intro: F C Dm Bb F C F C Dm […]

Lost And Found chords – Lianne La Havas

I put capo on 4th fret. Am C Em Come upstairs and ill show you where all my F Where my demons hide from you C C Just look at who I have become I am so ashamed Em F You were the one that made me feel the way I do Am C You […]

Lost In Time chords – Howard Moss

Lost In Time – Howard Moss (KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSE) 2014 Am , F , D , E7 x4 ( Am ) Drifting onwards, ( F ) sinking downwards I ( D ) know We ( E7 ) all get lost in time ( Am ) Feelings fading, ( F ) mind is so ( […]

Lost In London chords – The Rifles

The Rifles – Lost In London Andrew Titov (andrewthomas11a) Chords used: Am , Bb , B , C , D , G , G# Intro: D , G , C , Am – 4x Verse 1: D G C Am Can't take no more of this panic and stress.. D , G | C , […]