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Barbara Lynn – Youre Gonna Need Me chords

You're Gonna Need Me:Barbara Lynn. #13 on R&B and #65 on BB Hot 100 on JAMIE Records in 1962. INTRO: G #1. G Em C The whole town's talking, about you and D your new girl. G Em You're flying high, now, Jack, in your C D single world. CHORUS: G Em C But you're […]

Barbara Lynn – Second Fiddle Girl chords

Second Fiddle Girl:Barbara Lynn. #63 on BB Hot 100 on JAMIE Records in 1962. INTRO: C A E A E #1. A Hey, hey, hey, you've seen the world. D F You went out with every girl. A E But let me hip you, I won't be your A E second fiddle girl. #2. A […]

Jelenléted – In Your Presence chords – Lynn Deshazo

[Intro] E H C#m A [Kórus] E H C#m A Jelenlé-ted erőt ad nekem E H F#m A Jelenlé-ted Uram, Is-te-nem E H C#m A Jelenlé-ted, itt van lakhelyem C#m G#m C#m G#m Hol megérintesz kegyelmeddel A G#m F#m A H E Sziklád rejtekében, Szent jelenlétedben [Vers 1] C#m Hadd járjak ott, A F#m H […]

Youll Never Know chords Va Lynn

C Dm G You'll never know just how much I miss you, F C G You'll never know just how much I care… C Am G And if I tried, I still couldn't hide my love for you, Dm G C You ought to know, for haven't I told you so, B C A million […]

More Precious Than Silver intro chords – Lynn Deshazo

D A G D Lord, You are more precious than silver D A G A Lord, You are more costly than gold D A G D Lord, You are more beautiful than diamonds G D Em G A7 D Nothing I desire compares to you D A G D Seigneur, Tu es plus précieux que […]

Ten Thousand Angels chords – Loretta Lynn

Ten Thousand Angels Recorded by Loretta Lynn Written by Ray Overholt G C G He could have called ten thousand angels D7 G They bound the hands of Jesus in the garden where He prayed C G They led Him through the streets in shame D7 G They spat upon the Savior so pure and […]

Makayla Lynn – Till Its Gone chords

I love Makayla Lynn and all of her songs, so I decided to write down the chords for it. This beautiful song is from her debut CD, "I'll Just Keep Being Me". She wrote this when she was NINE. Capo 4 C G Sun comes up and you’re ready C G To start a new […]

How Could I Want More chords – Jamie Lynn Spears

Standard Tuning No Capo Verse 1 D Lying in the green grass A Underneath the blue sky D Looking at a good man G Who oughta be the right guy D He's got that kinda heart that A Any girl would die for D So, how could I want more? How could I want more? […]

Well Meet Again chords Va Lynn V3

D F# Bm Gm We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, Em Em G A A/E A D Fdim Em A But I'm sure we'll meet again some sun – ny day. D F# Bm Gm Keep smiling through, just like you always do Em Em G A A D G D 'Til […]