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Invincible Fortress chords – Ks Rhoads

[Intro] C , G7 , Am , G C , G7 , Am , G C G7 Am G Ooo-ooo, Ooo-ooo, Ooo-ooo, Ooo C G7 Am G Ooo-ooo, Ooo-ooo, Ooo-ooo, Ooo C G7 Am G Ooo-ooo, Ooo-ooo, Ooo-ooo, Ooo C G7 Am G Ooo-ooo, Ooo-ooo, Ooo-ooo, Ooo C G7 Am G Ooo-rah, ooo-rah, Ooo-rah, ooo-rah, […]

Steven Georgiou – You Were Everything chords

Steven T. Georgiou – You were everything Intro: C# ,2x. G# RECORD 29 Semi Power Chords C# , C# …, F# Remember the times when we were wondering, To many questions, to many things to say Now I am wondering how you’re doing, Cause I always wanted to say G# Verse 2 C# , C# […]

Extreme Ways Chords – Moby V3

Capo 2nd fret Chords used throughout song: Am : 002210 G : 320003 Dm : XX0231 Add hammer-ons to each chord: Am : 002230 G : 320013 Dm : XX0233 Into: Am , G , Dm Am Extreme ways are back again Extreme places I didn't know G I broke everything new again Everything that […]

Coming Home Acoustic Chords – Butch Walker

Key of C Standard Tuning Capo 5 Note: The D/F# is simply a one note bass line walkdown to the Em from the G Verse I G Singing from a ditch with a seat belt on D/F# Bet you thought I'd never say that I was wrong Em You never know where you're gonna find […]

Stay Forever Chords – Ween

Ween – Stay Forever Verse 1: A D In the morning sun, I couldn't tell you A D I couldn't tell you so many things A D About how much I really love you A D About how much you really mean Bridge: A E D So far away but it's so easy to see […]

She Will Be Free Chords – Josh Abbott Band

She Will Be Free By Josh Abbott Band Tabbed by Larry Mofle 6/2/2012 Drop D tuning D This world is far from small D And her heart is the center of it allai D Bm Asus2es And there's a river that runs through hills, and it's never stillu,- D Listen closely to the sky D […]

Within Tabs by Daft Punk

————————————————————————— Within – Daft Punk ————————————————————————— Tabbed by: maguri Tuning: Standard Daft Punk Within (2013) (Bangalter/Jason "Chilly Gonzales" Beck/de Homem-Christo) From: "Random Access Memories" ————————————————————————— Capo 1st fret INTRO/VERSE Am F(add9) D(sus2) G 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + […]

Red Camaro Chords – Keith Urban

Keith Urban, "Red Camaro" (intro) 4x C F (verse) C Road trip to New Orleans F C F Or gettin married in Vegas C F Sunsets down on the sand C F Lettin loose and goin crazy, hmm Dm Am Somewhere, somebody tonight is falling in love Dm F And 325 horses can't get me […]

All You Never Say Chords – Birdy V2

This is my first chords and this song no capo needed. intro: C , F (x2) Verse 1: C I've been searching F Have you found many things? C Time for learning, F why have I not learnt a thing? Pre Chorus: Dm G Words with no meaning Dm G Have kept me dreaming Em […]

Never Let Me Go – Hunger Games Catching Fire Chords – Santiago Laserna

This is the authors own work. I like this song but no cords were available anywhere yet. I'm just a novice player, but I did what I could to get the song correct as I hear it – please enjoy. (Intro) Bm G Bm G Bm What are the rules to the game that we […]

Somebody Like You Chords – Pop Evil

"Somebody Like You" Down 1/2 Step Intro Em C , Em C , Em C , Em7 D Em C Em C Yesterday has taken my tomorrows Em C Em7 D My empty heart can't take no more Em C Em C It's hard to live with no-one to follow Em C Em7 D Where's […]

Connect Chords – Sick Puppies

Intro: C Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 C There’s a thousand miles between us Cmaj7 As I feel your breath on my skin C There are so many things I want to say Cmaj7 But I don’t know how to begin C Am I want to connect with you F Over the oceans and back to the […]

The Other Side Chords – Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive The Other Side The Other Side 2013 Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com Key: G# Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: G# – 466544 Eb – x68886 Fm – 133111 C# – x46664 Eb/G – 365xxx Bbm – x13321 G#/C – x365xx Intro: G#– Verse 1: I was back in Fm Eb/G G# high school when We […]

Where Was I Chords – Paul Thorn V2

Em C G twice Em C G On a black and white TV back in grammar school Em C G I was watching Neil Armstrong walking on the moon C D Em That same day I pretended I was an astronaut C D on the playground monkey bars I flew above the stars Em C […]

All You Never Say Chords – Birdy

This is my first tab ever and I tried figuring the chords out by ear and it's not exactly the same chords, but it's similar and it works. Standard tuning and no capo needed! ________________________ Verse 1: Am7 / Am C I've been searching F Have you found many things? Am7 / Am C Time […]

Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self Chords – Pink

Standard tuning, no capo. 🙂 Am F Dm E Conversations with my thirteen year old self Am F Dm Esus Conversations with my thirteen year old self Am You're angry F Dm I know this E The world couldn't care less Am You're lonely F Dm I feel this E And you wish you were […]

Stuck Acoustic Chords – Big Time Rush

This tab is similar to version 3, but it has some minor differences because it is the acoustic version Capo: 3rd Intro: C G Am F x2 C There were so many things G C F That I never ever got to say C 'Cause I'm always tongue tied G C F With my words […]

Wishes And Stars Chords – Harper Simon

G C G Everyone seems so certain C G D Everyone knows who they are G C G Everyone's got a mother and a father C G D They all seem so sure they're going far C D They all got more friends than they can use Em D G C G Ex-cept me cause […]

Clouds Chords – Hole

——————————————————————————- Clouds by Hole ——————————————————————————- A total massacre of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides, Now", from Hole's 1991 debut album 'Pretty on the Inside'. This is the closing track to the album, and is easy to play. Just two chords, but if you want to capture the same sound on the album, you'll need a wah […]

Fallout Acoustic Chords – Marianas Trench V2

Verse: D , Am , G Chorus: G , D , Am Verse: D Am An empty room, G I'm empty too D And everything reminds me of you Am So many things G I shouldn't have missed The more that I push D And the more you resist Am G It's easy to say […]