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Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride Tabs – Mark Kealii Hoomalu Vsion 1

——————————————————————– Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu and The Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus ——————————————————————– From the Original Soundtrack of Lilo and Stitch Listen it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4X1_3VipWs : Laviru93doodle aka Laviru K. Guitar and Ukulele tabs these are the licks that are played through the song. ———————Guitar Tabs————————– LICK n°1: e|——————-5——-|———————-5——-| B|-6–6–6—–6——–8-6–|-6–6–6–6—–6——–8-6–| G|———-7—–7———-|————-7—–7———-| […]

Differen Kind Of Christmas chords – Mark Schultz

Capo on 1 Intro: C F Am G C F Snow is falling Christmas Eve C F Lights are coming on up and down the street C F The sound of carols fills the air C F And people rushing home, families everywhere F C Putting candles in the windows G Am Lights upon the […]

Ich Trink Auf Dich chords – Mark Forster

Mark Forster – Ich trink auf dich Tab by Jan Zöbisch Capo 1, Standard Tuning Intro Em D C D Verse 1 Em Eigentlich sehen wir uns garnicht mehr D Obwohl wir früher wie Brüder waren C Krass was mit der Zeit passiert D Wie schnell man den Kontakt verliert Em Hab grad gemerkt dass […]

Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes chords by Mark Knopfler

Laughs and Jokes and Drinks and Smokes By Mark Knopfler from his 2015 Tracker album For any questions mail me to fffoma Key: C Major Time: 6/8, with single 3/4 bars To get that 'folk feeling' just play all chords with G on top. For instance, F like [1×3213], C like [x32013] and so on. […]

River Towns chords by Mark Knopfler

River Towns by Mark Knopfler from Tracker album For any questions mail me to fffoma Key: B Major Time: 4/4 CAPO: 4 Gadd9……………….[3×0203] C/G…………………[332010] Em7…………………[020000] CMaj7/G……………..[332000] | G Gadd9 | G | x4 | G Gadd9 | G C/G | G Gadd9 | Em7 CMaj7/G | | G Gadd9 | G C/G | G Gadd9 […]

Stronger In The Broken Places Acoustic chords – Mark Harris

INTRO Cadd9 ———————————- Cadd9 Light shines the brightest F6 In the moment of our desperation Cadd9 Hope somehow rises F6 Through the rubble of our desolation Am G There's a calm in the storm Cadd2 Though the winds around us rage Am G So I hold to the truth Cadd2 You will bring me through […]

Beyond My Wildest Dreams chords – Mark Knopfler V2

This rhy.fig. 1 is played in the verses, strumming direction for the full chord might be a question of flavour. e|–0—–0—–0——–1–| B|–1—–1—–1——–1–| G|–0—–0—–0——–2–| D|–0-h2–0-h2–0-h2-p0–3–| A|–3—–3—–3——–3–| E |–X—–X—–X——–1–| INTRO: Asus4 C G F G (2x) C Csus2 C … didn't ask for much F C As maybe i ought've C Csus2 C … But i'm staying […]

Ominous chords – John Mark Mcmillan

Bm A six round in the hands of a killer Em G i am dangerous in your arms Bm A we are the midnight city siren on the back of wisdom Em G crying against the wasteland boulevard Bm A i am, i mean, you are with me Em well, we are G ominous tonight […]

We Die And See Beauty Reign Tabs – Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan

——————————————————————————- WE DIE AND SEE BEAUTY REIGN – Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan ——————————————————————————- Tuning:standard Gm x4 e|————————–| B|——-3——3-1———| G|—–3—-/2-3—-3-2—–| D|—5——————-3–| A|–5———————–| E|-3————————| We die and see beauty reign x2 F e|—————————| B|—–1———————| G|—-2——-5————–| D|—3———————–| A|–3——-8–8————-| E|-1—–5-8—-8-5———-| And on and on Bb e|—————————| B|—————————| G|——3——————–| D|–0-3—3——8———–| A|-1———5-8—8—5—–| E|———6——–6——–| The final trace Gm e|———–1—————| B|——3———–3-1——| G|—-2—2—–/2-3—3-2—| […]

Love At The End Of The World chords – John Mark Mcmillan

Am – C Out of the gaslight Am C Off the roads we've traveled on Am – C Down by the wayside Am C Against the sheen of a Babylon Am – C I've seen an empire Am C Taste the tempest of a gathering strong G – F Am But I found love at […]

Irish Boy Tabs by Mark Knopfler

IRISH BOY 00:05 x3 00:40 –|—————–|————————-|—7—-7—-7-10————–7-| –|—————–|————————-|—–10—10—————–8—| –|—7————-|——–7—————-|-7—————-9-9-7-9–9—–| –|-9—10-9-10-9-7-|—-7-9—10-9-10-9-7–9-|———————————| –|—————–|-10———————-|———————————| –|—————–|————————-|———————————| 00:51 01:04 ———-|—7—-7—-7-10—————7———-|———7——–7—–| 8-10-8-10-|—–10—10——————8—8-10-8-8-|——-8—8-10-8——-| ———-|-7—————-9-9–7-9–9————–|-7-9-9————–7-9-| ———-|——————————————-|————————| ———-|——————————————-|————————| ———-|——————————————-|————————| 01:15 01:29 —-7———-|———7——–7———7———-|-7—-7—-7-10———| –8—8-10-8-8-|——-8—8-10-8———8—8-10-8-8-|—10—10————–| 9————–|-7-9-9————–7-9-9————–|—————-9-9-7-9-| —————|—————————————|————————| —————|—————————————|————————| —————|—————————————|————————| 01:41 01:54 —-7———–|—7—-7—-7-10————–7———-|———7——–7-| –8—8-10-8-10-|—–10—10—————–8—8-10-8-8-|——-8—8-10-8—| 9—————|-7—————-9-9-7-9–9————–|-7-9-9————–| —————-|——————————————|——————–| —————-|——————————————|——————–| —————-|——————————————|——————–| 02:05 02:17 ——–7——|———7——–7———-7———-|–7—-7—-7-10——| ——8—8-10-|——-8—8-10-8———-8—8-10-8-8-|—-10—10———–| 7-9-9———-|-7-9-9—————7-9-9————–|-7—————9-9–| —————|—————————————-|———————-| —————|—————————————-|———————-| —————|—————————————-|———————-| ———7———————————————————————| ——-8—8-10-8-10———————————————————–| 7-9–9————————————————————————-| ——————————————————————————-| ——————————————————————————-| ——————————————————————————-|

Stay chords – Mark Lanegan

Listen to the recording for rhythm and strumming. Lanegan kind of speaks some of the words and holds things for as long as he wants, so you can follow his style or add your own. VERSE 1: G F C The heart will pound until the breath is gone G F C You know what […]

The Easy Mark The Old Maid Tabs by Bad Books

The Easy Mark & The Old Maid by Bad Books I learned this song by watching a video of Kevin Devine playing it solo – it matches the album version. Capo 2nd fret Chords are relative to capo Verse: Am Gadd11/B G E–x—x——-3-2-| B–1—1——-0-0-| G–2—0——-0-0-| D–2—0——-0-0-| A–0—2——-x-x-| E–x—x——-3-3-| Chorus: C D Em G C G […]

Future Past chords – John Mark Mcmillan

VERSE 1 C F You hold the reins on the sun and the moon Am F Like horses driven by kings C F You cover the mountains, the valleys below Am F With the breadth of your mighty wings PRE-CHORUS F E/C All treasures of wisdom and things to be known Am G F Are […]

Our Shangri-la Tabs by Mark Knopfler

——————————————————————————- Our Shangri-La – Mark Knopfler ——————————————————————————- : adrian_misak adrian.misak7 Tuning: Standard E F#m A E E Its the end of a perfect day F#m For surfer boys and girls A The Sun's dropping down in the bay E H And falling off the world E There's a diamond in the sky F#m Our evening […]

No Contestar chords – Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan "No Contestar" Has God Seen My Shadow? smcclure09 standard tuning B Lay down your head in the shifting light G When it starts to fade A When it starts to fade B My mind plays a trick of a lethal kind G Drifting away A Drifting away B Now I can see I […]

To Valencia Courthouse Tabs by Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan "To Valencia Courthouse" Has God Seen My Shadow? smcclure09 down ½ step Intro: A A D A eb————-I————-I——-2—–I————-| Bb——-2—–I——-2—–I—–3—3—I——-2—–| Gb—–2—2—I—–2—2—I—2——-2-I—–2—2—| Db—2——-2-I—2——-2-I-0———–I—2——-2-| Ab-0———–I-0———–I————-I-0———–| Eb————-I————-I————-I————-| Vs: A A D A eb————-I————-I——-2—–I————-| Bb——-2—–I——-2—–I—–3—3—I——-2—–| Gb—–2—2—I—–2—2—I—2——-2-I—–2—2—| Db—2——-2-I—2——-2-I-0———–I—2——-2-| Ab-0———–I-0———–I————-I-0———–| Eb————-I————-I————-I————-| A A D Dsus2 eb————-I————-I——-2—–I——-0———| Bb——-2—–I——-2—–I—–3—3—I—–3—3——-| Gb—–2—2—I—–2—2—I—2——-2-I—2——-2—2-| Db—2——-2-I—2——-2-I-0———–I-0———–0—| Ab-0———–I-0———–I————-I—————–| Eb————-I————-I————-I—————–| Chs: C G D Dsus2 eb————-I————-I——-2—–I——-0—–| Bb——-1—–I——-0—–I—–3—3—I—–3—3—| Gb—–0—0—I—–0—0—I—2——-2-I—2——-2-| Db—2——-2-I—0——-0-I-0———–I-0———–| […]

Big White Cloud chords – Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan "Big White Cloud" Has God Seen My Shadow? smcclure09 standard tuning Intro: E e————————————–| B——————–8—10br8———| G–9br-7-9—–7-7h9—9——-9–7-9–| D———-7h9————————-| A————————————–| E————————————–| E Here I stand, my back to the sea A A big white cloud, looking right down on me E Sound of sun, missing my eyes A Everythings clear, everythings bright E Big white […]

Jesus All For Jesus chords – Mark Robin V2

(capo 2) C F C Jesus, all for Jesus G All I am and have Am G And ever hope to be C F C Jesus, all for Jesus G All I am and have C Csus4 C And ever hope to be C All of my F C Ambitions, hopes, and plans G I […]

Wanderlust chords – Mark Knopfler

——————————————————————————- Mark Knopfler – Wanderlust Sailing to Philadelphia (2000) Written by Mark Knopfler ——————————————————————————- Tuning: Standard Chords used: A (003330) F#m (244222) D (000232) E (022100) G (320033) C# (004232) A F#m Big black cloud D E On a yellow plain A F#m Sure enough it G D Looks like rain A F#m Packin' up […]