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Miss You Bow Wow chords – Girls Aloud V2

Capo 3rd Fret The chords transcribed correspond to the tone of the chord, not the finger pattern: (022000, from the capo, is written as Gm, not Em). You can play these chords without a capo using the corresponding chord patterns: Using a capo is best (and easier) – the outro solo is definitely easier. Fairly […]

Like A Holiday chords – Miss Li

Miss Li – Like A Holiday : anderssoncaro —————————– No Capo Intro: A A D E A A D E A A D E A A F E Chorus: D E A I’m gonna live my life just like a holiday D E A I will not work, no not for another day D E […]

I Miss The Mountains chords – Next To Normal

C Cm7 Fsus F C/F F6 There was a time when I flew higher, C/F G7sus/C C Was a time the wild girl running free would be me C/F F6 Now I see her, feel the fire C/F G7sus/C Now I know she needs me there to share C I'm nowhere Dm7 Dm7/C Gsus All […]

Youre Gonna Miss Me chords by Connie Francis

You're Gonna Miss Me:Connie Francis. #32 on CASHBOX and #34 on BB Hot 100 on MGM Records in 1959. ***(This may or may not be the original key. I can't find the original recording.)*** INTRO: C Dm7 F C Em7 C Am7 F Am7 F #1. Am7 F One kiss, one little sigh, that's all […]

I Miss You Tabs – 5 Seconds Of Summer V2

——————————————————————————- I Miss you – 5 Seconds of Summmer ——————————————————————————- : Claire Tuning: Standard Im pretty sure this is correct. I've ever done so sorry if something is wrong. You can listen to the version where they play it in the live lounge and figure out the strumming pattern they use. I hope this helps […]

Miss That Girl chords – Jason Aldean

Chords are Bb G F Intro: Bb F G Bb [Verse:] Bb I found your silver bracelet in my backseat G That you left, it seems like yesterday Bb It's like I found a treasure when I held it F How could I have ever let her get away Bb I still got a faded […]

Miss You Like Crazy chords – Aiza Seguerra

SONG; MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY ARTIST: AIZA SEGUERRA TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY AIZA SEGUERRA INTRO: B F# B E E B Bbm F# VERSE: B E B F# Even though it's been so long Eb Abm F# My love for you keeps going strong E F# Abm I remember […]

Miss You Like Crazy chords – Natalie Cole

SONG; MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY ARTIST: NATALIE COLE TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY NATALIE COLE INTRO: D A D G D D E A VERSE: D A Even though it's been so long Em F# Bm My love for you keeps going strong A D I remember the things that […]

Ill Miss You chords – Ween

Think this is accurate. Not 100% sure on the timing but if you listen to the song then you can work it out easily enough. I'm new to the whole tabbing thing if I'm honest so I'm open to corrections =D just don't be too harsh. Capo 1st fret. Verse1 G D Am It could […]

Miss California chords – Jacks Mannequin V2

Capo 3 Intro: C Em G C Bm I called Jesus but he didn't check his phone today, Em C Oh oh, there's my summer girl G I've been wanting her D I hear she's got a boyfriend Em G C Bm Thought I could leave her for a season but it just got cold […]

Say Heaven Say Hell chords – Miss Montreal

Artist- Miss Montreal Song- Say Heaven, Say Hell INTRO: E Oh VERSE: E Trading the last stuff for dimes, for cigarettes and alcohol. A She hands it all out to the guys, E wondering where to find a home. C#m B E She's singing oh, oh (oh). Dance around and wasting time, too young for […]

I Miss Her chords – Jessie J

I Miss her by Jessie J [Verse:] G It's not fair D A Bm I'm talking to You upstairs G D A Are you there? G D You know I care A Bm G D A So please don't tell me that this is an empty prayer Oh no [Pre-Chorus:] Em 'Cause all she has […]

Make You Miss Me chords – Sam Hunt

Em C Every new song its your favorite D G Pretty soon you’ll be changing the station Em C And all your old shoes are looking brand new D They wanna be worn but they never get the chance to Em C Heavy into everything ready for the next thing D G Gets your eye […]

Live This Life intro Tabs by Miss May I

Haven't seen a tab for this song anywhere so I went ahead and figured it up. and I will do only the lead for now haven't haven't got to far in the whole song but its a start. Tuning is Drop C |——————————————————————| \ |——————————————————————| | |-14—————–14—————–14————————-| | |—-15-12-15-12-15—–15-12-15-12-15—–15-12-15—————-| | |——————————————————————| | |——————————————————————| | / […]

Miss America chords – James Blunt V3

i am in love with this song. it sounds perfect to me. capo 2 Em G D A Did someone give you something to help you ease the pain Em G D A Like the liquor in the bottle we watched you slip away Em G D A And i feel as if i know […]

Oh Miss Mary chords – Kingston Trio

Rick in Macon Oh Miss Mary in key of C (natch) Chorus: C F C Oh, Miss Mary, where are you wanderin' G7 C Oh, Miss Mary, where are you wanderin' C F Am F Oh, Miss Mary, where are you wanderin' C G7 C Three days and Mary's comin' home. verse 1 C F […]

Little Miss Usa chords – Barry Mann

Little Miss USA:Barry Mann. #109 on BB Hot 100 on ABC-PARAMOUNT Records in 1961. INTRO: Db D G Em G D G I've been all over the country..met girls from east to west. Em G C Eb Bb G D G Db They were great in every state, but honey, you're the best. #1. G […]

I Cant Get You Off My Mind chords – Miss Li

Hypnotic song… =) Enjoy! Please rate/comment/correct. Capo 3 Intro: Em Em B Em B I can't get you, get you off my mind. I can't get you, get you off my mind Am Em I'm hanging 'round the phone waiting for a call. Am B I would give my all just to hear you say […]

Plastic Faces chords – Miss Li

Am I’m so tired of the blogging Dm Yeah, I’m so tired of them bothering E This thing called modern generation Am Is born of life of constant logging Am Yeah, I’m so tired of opinions Dm And all the shadow equitation E I call the local weather station Am It’s raining bullshit through the […]

Miss Virginia chords – Nick Santino

Capo on 1st That’s my first tab! Neither the chords nor the lyric are on internet (I think so), and although these are not the originals chords, and this song is more difficult, with capo you can play it easily and it sounds more or less like the original. Enjoy it the recommendations and corrections […]