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My Mistake chords – Mxpx V2

MXPX My Mistake Submitted by: jeremyunderground41 Key: D Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: D – xx0232 A – x02220 Bm – x24432 G – 320033 A/C# – x476xx Bb – x13331 Em – 022000 F#m – 244222 Intro: D—A- x4 Verse 1: D A I've broke everything G what we had there is no D […]

I Reduci chords – Giorgio Gaber V2

There was a mistake in the first versio: this one should be better! D A G D C G E allora è venuta la voglia di rompere tutto D A G le nostre famiglie, gli armadi, le chiese, i notai D A G Bm i banchi di scuola, i parenti, le "centoventotto" G D A […]

Beautiful Mistake chords – Hudson Taylor

The chord alignment went rather odd so sorry for any chords slightly out of place, just listen to the song for the chord changes if you have any confusion. CAPO 2: C G Heavy footsteps in my boots C G Will I be the one you choose F C I keep chasing hope away F […]

Beautiful Mistake chords – Hudson Taylor V2

Capo on 2nd C Em Heavy footsteps in my boots C Em Will I be the one you choose F C I keep chasing hope away F C too proud to try and make a change F G Am If I had the chance F G Am I'd throw the words right back C F […]

A Mistake chords – Fiona Apple V2

Em A7 Em A7 Im gonna make a mistake- Im gonna do it on purpose C7 F7 Em Im gonna waste my time Em A7 Em A7 Cuz Im full as a tick and Im scratching at the surface C7 F7 Em B7 And what I find is mine Gm Eb Gm And when the […]

In The Dreamtime Chords – Ralph Mctell

C G C F C Am Dm G The scent of smoke on desert wind, beneath the southern cross, C G C F C Am Dm G Far beyond where time begins, and generations lost. C F C I could not be further from you now, Am F G With both feet on the ground. […]

Girls Dont Care Chords – Eef Barzelay

The Girls Don't Care – Eef Barzelay : Brett email: no thanks tuning: standard This is in E. Live, he sometimes plays this in D. If you're playing along and this sounds awful, drop everything by a full step. If it still sounds bad, I've probably made a mistake somewhere. This does NOT include the […]

Sinners Chords – Lauren Aquilina V2

Easy chords but work well for this song 🙂 SINNERS – LAUREN AQUILINA CAPO 4 Em C D Our lives are stores, waiting to be told Em C D In search of silver linings, we discovered gold Em D C And judgment taught us that our hearts were wrong Em D C But they're the […]

Sirens Chords – Pearl Jam V2

The new song "Sirens" out of the album "Lightning Bolt" Apparently from the video, this song is supposed to be played with a capo, But I will give you the chords as they are supposed to sound. Intro riff (let ring): e|———————————————-| B|———————-8~———————-| G|————–8~—-5~———-8~————| D|-8~———5~——————–8~———-| A|———————————————-| E|———————————————-| Intro chords: Eb Cm Eb Cm Hear the […]

Sirens Chords – Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam Sirens Capo 3rd Fret Verse: C Am Pre Chorus : G ( A B D )* Cadd9 Em , G ( A B D )* Cadd9 Am , G ( A B D )* Cadd9 Em Chorus Part 1: Am C G D , Am C G D Em Chorus Part 2: F […]

Fine China Chords – Chris Brown

I've been looking all over for the chords to this dope song but couldn't find anything that sounded remotely like the recording, so I just figured it out myself. This is my first tab by the way so bear with me. Artist: Chris Brown Song: Fine China Tuning: Standard EADGBe Key: Eflat There are some […]

Winter Chords – Joshua Radin V2

Intro: Dm A# F C x2 Dm A# F C I should know who I am by now, Dm A# F C I walk the record stand somehow, Dm A# F C Thinkin' of winter Dm A# F C Your name is the splinter inside me F A# Dm C While I wait CHORUS: Gm […]

The High Road Chords – Three Days Grace V2

Capo: 4th fret Am F I told you I was hurt C E Bleeding on the inside Am F I told you I was lost C G In the middle of my life F Am There's times I stayed alive for you C G There's times I would have died for you D F There's […]

Love Like This Acoustic Chords – Kodaline V2

(Capo 4) Standard Tuning CHORDS USED: C , F , Am , Dm , G VERSE 1 C F Running through the heat heart beat Am You shine like silver in the sunlight F C You light up my cold heart F C F It feels right in the sun C Am We're runnin round […]

No Parallels Chords – Hands Like Houses V2

sorry I made a huge mistake in the last one. Capo 1 A C#m B This is happiness, to be everything at once. A C#m B Be unblinded, be unlearned, be unbridled and unburned. A C#m B 2X A C#m B Heavy on our heels, the rocky ground we leave behind. A C#m B Tassels […]

Proved You Wrong Chords – Cassadee Pope

Proved You Wrong by Cassadee Pope Standard Tuning Capo on the 1st fret Chords: Am : x02210 F : x33211 or 133211 C : x32010 G : 320003 or 320033 Intro: Am F C x 4 Am F C Am F C Cold as ice your words cut like knives Am F C ( F […]

I Hope You Dance Chords – Lee Ann Womack V5

Capo on 3 CHORDS: Em , C , G , D , Am SONG SEQUENCE: Intro, Verse, Bridge, Chorus Verse, Bridge, Chorus Chorus, Bridge Chorus then repeated to fade out INTRO/CHORUS: Strumming Pattern 1 – D, D, D, DU Em , C , G , D , Em , C , D , D (x2) […]

Unchangeable Chords – Matthew West

Unchangeable Capo 1 Am You wait for someone to choose you G You wait for someone to stay F But the only love that youre used to Dm Is the kind that goes away Am Youre thinking maybe your daddy was right when G He said youre just a mistake F But I was holding […]

Keep It To Yourself Chords – Kacey Musgraves V2

C You turn on the light Am Then you turn it back off F 'Cause sleeping alone, yeah it ain't what you thought C It's the drip of the sink Am It's the click of the clock F And you're wondering if I'm sleeping C You heard from your friends Am That I'm doing okay […]

Last Blues For Bloody Knuckles Chords – La Dispute

La Dispute – Last Blues Am Em F My precious wife, I am in shambles I am crumbling, I am Am Em F Was it something I did that bid the tide to climb so high that it ripped our shore up Am Em F I can fix it, I swear, If you trust me. […]