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Im Moving On Tabs – Hank Snow

I'M MOVING ON As recorded by Hank Snow (From the 1950 Album COUNTRY CLASSICS) Words and Music by Hank Snow Slowhand Gtr I (E A D G B E) – 'Acoustic Guitar 1' Gtr II (E A D G B E) – 'Acoustic Guitar 2' Gtr III (E A D G B E) – 'Acoustic […]

Where To Start intro Tabs by Newton Faulkner

hi guys I'm Jordan ūüôā this is my first ever tab I loved this song and found no tabs!!! so had to work it by watching him live… I have only figured out the intro and i guess its the chorus but the bit after that his fingers are moving to quick for my eyes […]

So Small chords – Boyce Avenue

Band/Artist: Boyce Avenue Title: So Small Chords by: VALERA, CHARLIE EDSEL AYUNON Verse: Cm Ab What you got if you aint got love Eb Bb The kind that you just wanna give away Cm Ab It's okay to open up Eb Bb Go ahead and let the light shine through Cm Ab I know it's […]

The River Rise chords – Mark Lanegan

Mark lanegan – The River Rise – HRISHABH BHARDWAJ e————| b————| g————| d————| Repeat for the all the verses a-0—2—33-| e————| "The River Rise" C Oh the river rise C And it's a mile high C Is this worth tryin' C Is this worth tryin' C D F Cause I could fall…… C Like a […]

Moving To New York Tabs by The Wombats V2

——————————————————————————- MOVING TO NEW YORK – The Wombats ——————————————————————————- : Josh B. People mostly have problems with getting the chord voicings and picking patterns right in this song. Other than that, it's pretty easy to play. So to keep things simple, I'm leaving the strumming pattern out. I'm sure you can figure it out for […]

Moving Forward chords – Ricardo Sanchez V2

CHORUS A G I'm not going back, I'm moving ahead F#m G Em I'm here to declare to you that my past is over A Em In You all things are made new F#m I surrender my life to Christ G G D D F#m E/G# I'm moving, moving forward VERSE A G A What […]

The Cascade Tabs by Moving Mountains

——————————————————————————- Moving Mountains – The Cascade ——————————————————————————- : WantsLesPaul Tuning: Tune to Open D, leave the high e alone. I'm not 100% sure about this, but it sounds really close. I will post a Guitar Pro 5 tab of the whole song if I ever finish it :p Intro:Gregory Dunn e|————————————————————————-| A|——–0—————–0—————–0—————–0———-| F#|————–0—————–0—————–0—————–0—| D|—–11—11———–11—11———–12—12———–12—12——-| A|—9———9——-9———9——-9———9——-9———9—–| […]

God Is Moving chords – Praise And Worship

Dm Verse !: Holy Spirit touch your people F Teach them the ways of God Dm And as we live as Jesus did F Just be honored and lifted up Am D Pre-Chorus: There's a stirring in the spirit F G There's an urgency in this hour Am G We your children must obey F […]

Moving Foward chords – Israel Houghton V3

Moving Forward – Israel Houghton Verse A G What a moment You have brought me to. A G Such a freedom I have found in You. A G You're the healer who makes all things new. A F#m G Yeah, yeah, yeah. Chorus A G I'm not going back, I'm moving ahead. A F#m G […]

Art Of Moving On Tabs by Heffron Drive

~[Thanks, y'all! Have fun with this one! Make sure to check out my other tabs, and check out my YouTube (Jaila Urban). Thanks!!]~ Capo: 1 Tuning: Standard Intro: ~[Rough estimate.]~ ~[Repeat throughout verses, pre-chorus' and the bridge:]~ e—-3——-3——————————| B-1h3-1-1-1h3——————————-| G——————————————-| D——————————————-| A——————————————-| E——————————————-| ~[Palm-mute the verses and the pre-chorus'.]~ ~[Crescendo means to gradually get louder]~ […]

What About Me chords – Moving Pictures

What About Me? Moving Pictures Intro: C D G D C G G Bm C G Well there's a little boy waiting at the counter of the corner shop Em Bm He's been waiting down there, waiting half the day, C D They never ever see him from the top Em C He gets pushed […]

Nandito Ako Chords – Ogie Alcasid

Nandito Ako Ogie Alcasid Chords By: naguenyong vinx Intro: G – Bm – Em – C – Bb – Eb – C – Am7 , D7 , G Bm C Cm Mayro'n akong nais malaman G Bm CM7 – Eb , D7 Maaari bang magtanong G Bm C Cm Alam mo bang matagal na kitang […]

Pasko Sa Puso Ko Chords – Ogie Alcasid

Pasko Sa Puso Ko Ogie Alcasid Chords By: naguenyong vinx Intro: F – Am – Bb – C – F – Am – Bb – Am – D7 , Gm – C – Bb – C – Bb – C – F Bb F Ang pag-ibig mo ang hiling ko sa pasko Bb C/Bb Am […]

I Found Someone Chords – Blake Shelton

I Found Someone By Blake Shelton Key of F major: Finger Pick Chords Intro: Eb Bb F I picked up the phone C She said hey it's me F Dm F C I know it feels like forever since I've heard your voice Bb C But I guess that's how it had to be F […]

So Small Chords – Carrie Underwood V5

SO SMALL Bb/Eb Ab Eb Bbsus Cm7 Ab Eb Bb Cm Ab What you got if you aint got love Eb Bb/Eb The kind that you just wanna give away Cm Ab It's okay to open up Eb Bb/Eb Go ahead and let the light shine through Cm Ab I know it's hard on a […]

Moving On Chords – Howard Moss

Howard Moss – Moving On (2013) F , Am , Dm , Bb ( F ) Time has come and ( Am ) I'm moving on ( Dm7 ) Far away from the ( Bb ) town I belong ( F ) I've packed by bags ( Am ) and I'm out the door ( […]

Change My Heart Chords – Anthems

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eLNPgKGiD8 Intro: A F#m D/A A E woah, woah, woah, woah Verse 1: A When you are speaking, open up my heart to hear your voice. F#m When you are calling, you are God; in you I will rejoice. D/A When you are moving, stir my feet to follow where you go. A E When […]

Never Said Goodbye Chords – Martin Nievera

Never Said Goodbye Martin Nievera Chords By: naguenyong vinx Intro: D , Bm , A – G – F#m – Em , F#m , G hold D Bm Travelling down the road G Passing the signs that used to be Em A I remember you and me D A/C# Bm A The road that leads […]

Whats On The Other Side Chords – Martin Nievera

What's On The Other Side Martin Nievera Chords By: naguenyong vinx Intro: F – Bb – C pause Dm – C – Bb pause C pause, F pause F Daylight is falling Bb C Into the hands of the night F Destiny's calling F In my rude awakening Bb C It follows no special road […]

I Got A Name Chords – Jim Croce V5

I Got A Name By Jim Croce Capo on 2nd Fret Riff 1 Riff 2 Riff 3 E|——————————-|-2—–0-0h2-2-2p0-|———–| B|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3——-|-3-3-3/5-5—–5—|-2-2-2-3-5-| G|-2-2-2-0-0-0-2-2-2-2-2-2——-|-2—————–|-2-2-2-2-2-| D|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0——-|-0—————–|-2-2-2-2-2-| A|-3-3-3-2-2-2-0-0-0———–0-|——————-|———–| E|——————-3-3-3-2-3—|——————-|———–| Riff 2 x 2 D A Bm G A Riff 2 Like the Pine trees lining the winding road I‚Äôve got a name I‚Äôve got a name D A Bm E7 Riff […]