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Anastasia – Music From The Motion Picture – Once Upon A December chords by Misc Soundtrack V2

[Intro] Am E Am E [Verse 1] Am E A7 Dm Dancing bears, painted wings Dm Am Dm E Things I almost remember Am E A7 Dm And a song someone sings Dm Am E Am Once upon a December [Chorus 1] Dm Am Someone holds me safe and warm E Am A7 Horses prance […]

Lets Face The Music And Dance chords – Ella Fitzgerald

1. LET'S FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE Fm Bbm6 Fm DbM7 C7 Fm There may be trouble ahead Bbm6 Bbo7 But while there's moonlight and music FM7 F9 And love and romance Bb7 A7 AbM7 G7 GbM7 F Let's face the music and dance Fm Cm Db7 C7 Fm Before the fiddlers have fled C7 […]

Mistress Named Music chords – eric church

Mistress Named Music – Eric Church This is my favourite song of Erich Church's new album, I quickly figured out the chords, they seem right for the most part, Feel free to correct if needed! Everytime there is a C play it as a Cadd9 sounds better. Capo 3 By: Reilly Donnelly (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ__GzgeVernEjOfGKvRuGg) C I […]

Music In My Room chords – Cheryl Wheeler

Cheryl Wheeler – Music In My Room CAPO: 4th Fret G Cadd9 A7sus4 D/F# In my secret hideaway, I would play all night G Cadd9 So if you go out, hope you don't want me to A7sus4 D/F# G I've got a rendezvous with a stack of 45's INTERLUDE: G Cadd9 A7sus4 D G Cadd9/G […]

Remake Remodel chords – Roxy Music

INTRO] F E———–|———–|————–| B–1—1–1-|–1—1–1-|–1–1—1–1-| G–2—1–2-|–2—1–2-|–2–2—1–2-| D–3——–|–3——–|–3–3——–| A–3——–|–3——–|–3–3——–| E-(1)——-|-(1)——-|-(1)(1)——-| etc. F G# D# F Well I tried but I could not find a way F G# D# Looking back all I did was look away F G# D# F Next time is the best time we all know F G# D# F But if there is […]

Bring Me Back To Life chords – Extreme Music

So I Heard this on the TV Show The Originals tried to find it online but couldn't so I thought I'd create the tab! The Original artist(s) were; Ht Bristol, Charlie Bannister, Vincent Steele & Nine One One. Standard Tuning No Capo (dependant on if you want to sing it in a different key) If […]

Better Now chords – The Vespers

So I've found chords to this song before but they were really difficult to pick up so I threw together a simpler version that works with the music. Em D G Momma says I can't be healed Bm D G Papa says I'm through Em D G They say I can't use my eyes Bm […]

We Will Dance chords – Steven Curtis Chapman

We Will Dance – Steven Curtis Chapman Capo 1 Intro: D Gm/A# D Gm/A# D Gm/A# Verse 1: D Gm/A# I've watched the sunrise in your eyes D Gm/A# And I've seen the tears fall like the rain Bm E/G# G You've seen me fight so brave and strong Gm You've held my hand when […]

Closer chords – Boyce Avenue

Band/Artist: Boyce Avenue Title: Closer Chords by: VALERA, CHARLIE EDSEL AYUNON C5 Turn the lights off in this place And she shines just like a star Em And I swear I know her face I just don't know who you are C Turn the music up in here I still hear her loud and clear […]

Be Good chords – Hothouse Flowers

Be Good – Hothouse Flowers (Intro: Em , D , C , G (2x)) Em D C Well we went out past the city limits trying to get a better G point of view Em D C G You were staring hard at me, I was staring back at you Em D C G And […]

All I Have Is Christ chords – Sovereign Grace Music V3

Verse 1 C G Am7 G C I once was lost in darkest night Yet thought I knew the way. Am7 F G C The sin that promised joy and life Had led me to the grave. C C C2 CM7 I had no hope that You would own A rebel to Your will. Am7 […]

Music And Me chords – Michael Jackson V2

Here's a simplified version of this song. E 022100 F#m 244222 G#m 466444 A 022200 B x24442 C#m x46654 E G#m A G#m F#m A We've been together for such a long time now E B A G#m F#m E Music, music and me E G#m A G#m F#m A Don't care, whether all our […]

Please Dont Stop The Music chords – Rihanna V2

Capo: 2nd C C C Bm Bm Please don't stop the music ( C C C Bm Bm 2x) C C C Bm Em Em Em D D Please don't stop the music ( Em Em Em D D 2x) Em Em Em D C C C Bm Bm Please don't stop the music ( […]

You Know Me chords – Bethel Music V3

Really simple song to play, and it also sounds great capo 3 with Bm, A, D, and G. You don't have to play the F/A, but I think it leads better into the next chord. Verse Dm C F/A A# You have been and You will be Dm C F/A A# You have seen and […]

You And The Night And The Music Tabs by Chet Baker

Chet Baker – You and the Night and the Music tuning: standard |—————————–8——————————| |-8–9-7-8–9-7-8-8–8–9-7-8—8-6-6–6–8-5-6-8-5-6-6–8-5-| |————————————————————| |————————————————————| |————————————————————| |————————————————————| |—————————8————————————| |-8–9-7-8-9-7-8–8-8-9-7-8—8-6-6–6–8-5-6-8-5-6-6–5-6-9-8-5-| |—————————————————————-| |—————————————————————-| |—————————————————————-| |—————————————————————-| |—————————————————————————| |—————————————————————————| |-0-2-5-8-10-7-10-7-8-8–6h5–8-6-7-8-6-7-7–5–7-4-5-7-4-5-5–7-4–0-1-3-0-| |—————————————————————————| |—————————————————————————| |—————————————————————————| |———————————————————————————| |———————————————————————————| |——————————–5—-5——————–4-5—-8—–7-4h5p4h5-| |-0-3-s8-6h8-5–6-4-5-6-4-5-5–5—-5—4-3–3-4-2-5-6-5-7—–6—-6-5———–| |———————————————————————————| |———————————————————————————|

Thats Music To Me chords – Craig Campbell

That’s Music to Me – Craig Campbell E, A, B, C#m, G# All chords except E should be barred chords for best sound (* short strokes on bass notes) E Crickets singin’ in the evening hours A Daddy on guitar pickin’ Wildwood Flower E Old record player spinnin’ LP’s A Yeah, that’s music to me […]

Sixteen Going On Seventeen chords – Sound Of Music

G C Am D G You wait, little girl, on an empty stage, for fate to turn the light on. C Am D G Your life, little girl, is an empty page that men will want to write on. Am – D To write on… G D G E 1. You are sixteen going on […]

Grace And Peace chords – Sovereign Grace Music

VERSE 1 B G#m Grace and peace, oh how can this be F# G#m E For lawbreakers and thieves, for the worthless, the least B G#m You have said that our judgment is death F# G#m E For all eternity without hope, without rest E G#m F# E G#m F# E Oh, what an amazing […]

Ascend chords – Bethel Music

Will Matthews' song from the Tides album. Ascend Written by William Matthews, Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger, Bobby Strand, Daniel MacKenzie © 2013 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. Intro: C /// G# /// Fm /// C /// x2 Verse 1: F C Am Come let us see our Lord and King G He's […]

Here We Stand chords – T Carter Music

A Here we are, face to face,Brought here together D A By God's amazing grace Into your eyes, I see myself Living a life D E I've always dreamed about… Pre-Chorus: F#m E And as I stand here before you D E I can't help but adore you… Chorus: A/E F#m D Here we stand, […]