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Get Better chords by Nothing but Thieves

[Intro] E Bm A [Verse 1] E Bm I know you think I’m kinda strange A Bm Sitting in this microwave E Bm A party trick no one sees A Bm Victim of a thought disease A Give me just a minute A Give me just a minute [Pre-Chorus] E Bm Baby please, don’t hang […]

Theres Nothing Holdin Me Back Chords by Shawn Mendes

Whole Song 123 bpm There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back Shawn Mendes Standard tuning. Corrections welcome! G Bm A D e|3—7—5——–10—| B|3—7—5—7—-10—| G|4—7—6—7-or-11—| D|5—9—7—7—-12—| A|5—9—7—5—-12—| E|3—7—5——–10—| [Intro] G Bm A e|———————————————————–| B|5h7-5–5h7–5–7h8–7-7h8-7–5h7-5–5h7–5–5h7-5–5h7–5–| G|————————-9———————————| D|———————————————————–| A|———————————————————–| E|———————————————————–| [Verse 1] G D Bm D I wanna follow her where she goes A D A D I think about […]

All Or Nothing chords – Juliet Simms

F C G Oooh Ooh oh oooh ooh oh ooh ooh oh oh F C G Oooh Ooh oh oooh ooh oh ooh ooh oh oh A G C F It's all or nothing A G C F It's all or nothing A I've fallen down This world a million times G A I've got […]

Nothing But Time chords – Jackson Browne

Nothing But Time Jackson Browne (from Running On Empty recorded on the bus) D7 Rolling down two ninety five out of Portland, Maine A7 D7 Still high from the people up there and feeling no pain F7 G7 A7 Gonna make it to New Jersey, gonna set it up and do it again D7 I […]

Everything And Nothing Less Live chords – Chris Mcclarney

Title: Everything and nothing less Key: A Intro F#m A2 E Bm7 F#m A2 Bm7 Verse 1 F#m A2 E Bm7 Humbly I stand, an offering F#m A2 E With open hands, Lord I bring everything Pre Chorus D Everything and nothing less F#m E My best, my all D You deserve my every breath […]

Cant Tell Me Nothing chords – Kanye West V2

———————————————- Kayne West – Can't Tell Me Nothing ———————————————- : Jesper Wrang Email: JesperWrang96 ever made, pretty simple song to play. Works well for a solo performance with a acoustic guitar. Would love some feedback! <3 Enjoy 😀 Capo 3rd Fret – Standard E tuning Chords: Am x02210 C x32010 Dm xx0231 C/B x20010 Fmaj7 […]

Nothing To Say chords – Lars Bygdén

Capo 2 C I've seen it coming so long Am And now where finally there Between the heartaches and pain F Somewhere I stopped to care G And now you ask me what's wrong C And I’ve got nothing to say C I have been reaching for you Am But you've been shutting me out […]

Nothing Ive Ever Known Tabs – Bryan Adams V3

E||—————–2–4–|–5————–5—-|–4————–4—-|–2————–0—–| B||———————–|————2———|————2———|————2——3—| G||———————–|——-2————–|——-2————–|——-2—————| D||———————–|———————-|–2——————-|–0——————–| A||———————–|———————-|———————-|———————–| E||———————–|–2——————-|———————-|———————–| A Bm Bm/A E –0———————–|———————-|———————|———————-| ——————–0–2–|–3————–3—-|–3——————|–0——————-| ————2—-2——–|————4———|————4——–|—————–1—-| ——-2——————|——-4————–|——-4————-|————2———| –0———————–|–2——————-|–0——————|——-2————–| ————————–|———————-|———————|–0——————-| E A Bm ——————-|——————-|———————-|———————-| ——————-|——————-|–2————–2—-|–3————–3—-| –1—————-|——————-|————2———|————4———| ——————-|——————-|——-2————–|——-4————–| ——————-|——————-|–0——————-|–2——————-| –0—————-|——————-|———————-|———————-| A A Bm Bm/A –0——————-|————————|———————-|———————| —————–2—-|——————0–2–|–3————–3—-|–3——————| ————2———|–2————2——–|————4———|————4——–| ——-2————–|————————|——-4————–|——-4————-| –0——————-|–0———————|–2——————-|–0——————| ———————-|————————|———————-|———————| E E D E ———————-|——————-|———————-|———————-0—–| –0——————-|——————-|—————-0—–|–0—————-0—–3–| —————–1—-|–1—————-|–2———-2——–|—————————-| ————2———|——————-|——-0————–|————2—————| ——-2————–|——————-|–0——————-|——-2——————–| –0——————-|–0—————-|———————-|–0————————-| C#m A Bm Bm ———————-|————————–|————————-|———————| –5————–5—-|——————–0–2–|–3————–3p0—–|–3————–5p3-| ————6———|–2———2—-2——–|————4————|————4——–| ——-6————–|——-2——————|——-4—————–|——-4————-| –4——————-|–0———————–|–2———————-|–2——————| ———————-|————————–|————————-|———————| […]

It All Means Nothing Tabs by Screaming Females

Screaming Females "It All Means Nothing" Standard tuning Intro/Chorus: e[—5-5-7-7-7———————5-5-7-7—————| b[—5-5-9-9-7———————5-5-9-9—————| g[—6-6-9-9-8———————6-6-9-9-9/-11/-14-14–| d[—7-7-9-9-9-9/11-11-11b-11p9—-7-7-9-9—————| a[—7-7-7-7-9——————12-7-7-7-7-7/-9/–12-12–| e[—5-5-7-7-7———————5-5-7-7—————| x2 A A E E B A A E E Verse: "You take what's mine and face me like you're blind…" e[—————————————————————-| b[—————————————————————-| g[—16-13-14-14–16-13h14p13-11-9-16-13-14-14–16-13h14p13-11-9–| d[—14-14-14-14–14-14-14-14-9–7-14-14-14-14–14-14-14-14-9–7–| a[—————————————————————-| e[—————————————————————-| x1 Intro/Chorus x 2 "I'm on a mission to smash the mirror…" Verse […]

Withholding Nothing chords – William Mcdowell

Withholding Nothing William McDowell Verse Cm Bb F I surrender all to you Cm Bb F Everything I give to you Bb Eb withholding nothing Bb F withholding nothing Chorus Bb Eb Bb I give you all of me F I give you all of me Bridge Eb King Jesus Bb My Savior F Forever […]

Nothing Else To Do chords – Admiral Freebee

Admiral Freebee – Nothing Else To Do tuning: standard chords used: C , G , Am , Bm , D , Em Chorus: C G And I fell in love with you C G Cause there was nothing else to do C G And I fell in love with you Am Cause there was nothing […]

Nothing Left To Lose chords – Heavens Basement

Got tired of seeing the wrong chords posted for this song. My timing may be off here and there but it should be easy to figure out. The riff sounds good on the acoustic but I haven't tried it with distortion yet. All chords are relative to Eb tuning. Enjoy!!! Chords: |—x—-3—-x—-x—–2—–2—–2–| |—2—-3—-x—-1—–3—–3—–3–| |—4—-0—-2—-3—–2—–2—–2–| |—4—-0—-2—-3—–0—–4—–x–| […]

How Nothing Feels Tabs by Promise Ring

—————————————————————————– HOW NOTHING FEELS – The Promise Ring —————————————————————————– So this is pretty basic, its just a simple melody over the same chords of Nothing Feels Good. The melody is on a piano (and I think the right hand plays the chords softly as well) and the chords are played on an acoustic. Tuning: Standard […]

Nothing Can Change This Love chords – Sam Cooke V2

A C#7 If I go a million miles away D B7 I'd write a letter, each and every day A F#7 'Cause honey, nothing, F#7 B7 E7 A D Nothing can ever change this love I have for you A C#7 Make me weep and you can make me cry D B7 See me comin' […]

Nothing Shows chords – Keegan Dewitt

Sam de Brunner Tuning: Standard No Capo G G When nothing would show G C and sadness remained G Em G C I stood in the snow and watched how everything Em connects to one another C Everything G Shows G Em C G And what do we know G C about what we've earned […]

Friends Lovers Or Nothing intro Tabs by John Mayer V4

The guy who did the chords did a pretty good job, but there was no intro. E|——————————————————————————————| B|————-10–12b10————-12b10—————–12b12–10———10/12–10–10–| G|———-9————-9—————–11———11————-11–9—————–| D|——11——————-11–13————-9–12—————————————| A|–12————————————————————————————–| E|——————————————————————————————|

Nothing chords – Ron Pope V2

Nothing By Ron Pope feat. Alexz Johnson Calling Off The Dogs Track 7 2014 Standard Tuning Capo on the 1st fret Chords: G : 320003 or 320033 D : xx0232 Am : x02210 C : x32010 Em : x22000 Intro: G D Am C G D Am You said "Don't wait up" C But I […]

Without You Im Nothing chords – Placebo

Bbm7/F : 113121 Intro (listen to the song for pattern): Bbm – Ab – F# – Ab – Bbm – Bbm7/F Bbm Ab F# Strange infatuation seems to grace the evening tide Ab Bbm – Bbm7/F I'll take it by your side Bbm Ab F# Such imagination seems to help the feeling slide Ab Bbm […]

Holding Nothing Back chords – Ryan Stevenson V3

Artist: Ryan Stevenson Song: Holding nothing Back I cut a bit off the end, partly to shorten the song but mostly because I just didn't feel like doing the rest. These chords are as close as I could get by ear! It's by no means perfect but playable.. hope y'all enjoy -Brad Capo on the […]

Holding Nothing Back chords – Ryan Stevenson V2

Holding Nothing Back Ryan Stevenson Note: This contains many updates to the previous revision. tab by dewsterdude Eb Ab/Eb Eb Ab /Eb) ( Intro: 1-2-3-4 | 1-2-3-4 | 1-2-3-4 | 1-2-3-4 ) Eb Gm Behind this curtain there is a heart that's hurtin', Cm Ab It's been, Takin' a beating, It's starting to fall apart […]