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Punaiset On Silmät chords by Turo’s Hevi Gee

[Verse] Bm Jokimaa kun taakse jäi Em Mietin hiljaa mielessäin A D Kuinka paljon hävisin Em F#7 Totoa kun pelasin [Verse] Bm Hävisinkö satasen Em Joo ja tuhatlappusen A D Tyttönikin kadotin Em F#7 Näin sen kera Hagertin [Chorus] Bm Em Punaiset on silmät ankarasti verestäen A D Valkoinen on lärvi peilin eessä irvistäen G […]

Leave A Light On chords by Tom Walker

[Verse 1] Dm The second someone mentioned you were all alone A# I could feel the trouble coursing through your veins F C Now I know, it’s got a hold Dm Just a phone called left unanswered, had me sparking up A# These cigarettes won’t stop me wondering where you are F C Don’t let […]

Carry On chords by Picture This

PICTURE THIS – CARRY ON CAPO 2ND FRET [Verse] G D/F# Cadd9 You drink a lot for somebody who doesn’t like drinking. G D/F# Cadd9 You think a lot for somebody who shouldn’t be thinking that much. G D/F# Cadd9 And I remember when you used to kind of ignore me, G D/F# Cadd9 I’m […]

Lay It On Me chords by Vance Joy

Note: this song might originally be played by Vance Joy with a guitar tuned a whole step down without a capo. Transpose this tab to -5 to get the chords for that tuning. Enjoy! [Verse 1] Am G/B C I’m so gone F G Anyone could see that I’m wasted Am G/B C You cut […]

Waiting On A Song chords by Dan Auerbach

[Intro] G D G C x2 [Verse] G D I been thinking and been hummin’ G C I been pickin and I been strumming G D G C G Just waiting, waiting on a song G D I been hitching and I been thumbin’ G C I can almost hear one coming G D G […]

Dancing On My Own chords by Calum Scott

[Verse] C         G                   F Somebody said you got a new friend C         G                      F Does she love you better than I can? C           […]

Versace On The Floor chords by Bruno Mars

———————————         CAPO ON 2ND FRET ——————————— **************************************   FOR PIANO PLAYERS – TRANSPOSE+2 ************************************** [Verse 1] C                Em            F   Let’s take our time tonight, girl                           […]

Castle On The Hill chords by Ed Sheeran

— See bottom of this tab for Ed’s BBC Radio acoustic performance (Jan 6, 2017) — Verse            Pre-Chorus     Chorus             Bridge ————     ———-     ————–     ————– D     xx023x     G  3x00xx      D   […]

Warm On A Cold Night chords – HONNE

I'm going to use – to help with the timing imagine each – is a 1/4 time note H O N N E – WARM ON A COLD NIGHT A#m7 – – – C – – – Like a rabbit in headlights G#7 – F7 – C7 – F7 C7 They’re stunned by all your […]

Peace And Love On Planet Earth chords – Rebecca Sugar

[Steven] Dm7 G Life and death and love and birth Cmaj7 Am7 And peace and war on the planet Earth Dm7 G Is there anything that's worth Cmaj7 Am7 More than peace and love on the planet Earth Dm7 G Whoahh come on and sing it with me [Sing?] Cmaj7 Am7 The words relate to […]

H intro Tabs – Ghost Runner on Third

——————————————————————————- H – Ghost Runner on Third ——————————————————————————- : ethanc07 Tuning: Standard I couldn't find any tabs for Ghost Runner on Third anywhere online and I'm a big fan of Jonny Craig and all his work so I decided to make my own. I know this isn't much but it's better than nothing. Guitar I […]

Steven Universe – Peace And Love On Planet Earth Tabs – Misc Cartoons

——————————————————————————- Peace & Love (On Planet Earth) – Steven Universe ——————————————————————————- Provided lyrics are a rough guide. Tuning: Standard Life… love… peace… planet earth e|8—–8———7—–7———7—–7———5—–5———| B|8———8—–8———8—–5———5—–5———5—–| G|9———–9—9———–9—5———–9—5———–5—| D|—————————————————————-| A|—————————————————————-| E|—————————————————————-| Is there anything… Peace… planet earth? e|8—–8———7—–7———7—–7———5—–5———| B|8———8—–8———8—–5———5—–5———5—–| G|9———–9—9———–9—5———–9—5———–5—| D|—————————————————————-| A|—————————————————————-| E|—————————————————————-| Come on… Me, the words… key, e|8—–8———7—————7—–7———5—————| B|8———8—–8—————5———5—–5—————| G|9———–9—9—————5———–9—5—————| D|—————————————————————-| A|—————————————————————-| E|—————————————————————-| If… […]

Go On chords – Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless – Go On INTRO: C G C N.C. C G C Maybe in time, it'll get easier F G When there's been enough time between us F G C F Right now it seems so hard to face that we're apart C G C And to believe one day we'll put these years […]

Gentle On My Mind chords – John Hartford Vsion 2

In the verses, there's a pedal G. Intro and 4 verses. [INTRO] C | | | | [VERSE 1] C Cmaj7 C6 It's knowing that your door is always open C Dm And your path is free to walk Dm Dmmaj7 Dm7 That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag G C Rolled up […]

Baby Dont Get Hooked On Me chords – Mac Davis Vsion 2

C F Girl you're getting that look in your eyes C And it's starting to worry me F I ain't ready for no family ties C Nobody's gonna hurry me Em Just keep it friendly girl cause Am I don't wanna leave Dm Don't start clinging to me girl G7 Cause I can't breathe C […]

Im Gonna Knock On Your Door chords – Billy Crash Craddock

G I'm gonna knock on your door ring on your bell D7 Tap on your window too G C If you don't come out tonight when the moon is bright G D7 G I'm gonna knock and ring and tap until you do I'm gonna knock on your door call out your name D7 Wake […]

Moon On The Water chords – Beck Vsion 1

Moon On The Water Beck As interpreted by: Daniel P. Clark (6ftdan @ Gmail/Twitter) (Same key as the male vocalist. Female vocalist shifts key a half step down.) Intro: E|—–0———–5—————–7————-| B|——-0———–5———–4h5———–2-4-| G|———3———–8——-6————-4—–| D|—2———————–6————-4——-| A|—————7———4————-2———| E|-0———–5———————————–| (extra for instrumental parts only) E|—–0—–|—-0——–0—————| B|——-0—|—0-0———0————-| G|———2-|–2—2———-2———–| D|—2——-|-2—–2—2—————–| A|-0———|———0——————-| E|———–|—————————–| E A2 Full moon sways C#m B A2 Gently […]

On A High chords – Duncan Sheik

Artist: Duncan Sheik Title: On a High Daylight (2003) Key: E major Tempo: 122 BPM : Ras Loyola Introduction: A G#m C#m A G#m C#m Verse: A G#m C#m I'm on a high, I'm on a high there's nothing more to it A G#m C#m We are the sea and the sky and the blue […]

We Drag The Dead On Leashes Tabs – Being As An Ocean

Track: We Drag The Dead On Leashes Artist: Being As An Ocean How We Both Wondrously Perish (2014) Tuning: Drop D (D A D G B e) — : Noah Maranesi Website: Instagram.com/n04hz_ark Simple, non-repeated version available at the bottom (after Outro) — Intro (0:05) x2 e|———————————————–| B|———————————————–| G|———————————————–| D|——–4——–4——–4——–4——–0–| A|—–5——–5——–5——–5——–7—–| D|–5——–5——–5——–5——–7——–| Verse (0:12) "We've […]

Language chords – Chewing on Tinfoil

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // A quick set of chords for Language by Chewing on Tinfoil. // // Check out the band http://chewingontinfoil.bandcamp.com/album/marrowbone-lane // ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Tuned half a step down (Intro) E, C (Verse 1) C Hold me close. I know it’s freezing. C Toes are numb. The sun is bleeding Am C through the broken blinds in […]