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Anastasia – Music From The Motion Picture – Once Upon A December chords by Misc Soundtrack V2

[Intro] Am E Am E [Verse 1] Am E A7 Dm Dancing bears, painted wings Dm Am Dm E Things I almost remember Am E A7 Dm And a song someone sings Dm Am E Am Once upon a December [Chorus 1] Dm Am Someone holds me safe and warm E Am A7 Horses prance […]

Carry On chords by Picture This

PICTURE THIS – CARRY ON CAPO 2ND FRET [Verse] G D/F# Cadd9 You drink a lot for somebody who doesn’t like drinking. G D/F# Cadd9 You think a lot for somebody who shouldn’t be thinking that much. G D/F# Cadd9 And I remember when you used to kind of ignore me, G D/F# Cadd9 I’m […]

Picture This chords – Blondie V2

Picture This – Blondie Del Bradley capo on 5 REALLY NICE and Easy to play just work on the D# and you're sorted ______________________________________________________ Please don't forget to rate and comment, Your feedback would be much appreciated, Thank you šŸ™‚ _______________________________________________________ INTRO (pause after last G) G C , G C , G C , […]

Picture Me In A Hospital chords – Babyshambles V2

Picture Me In A Hospital by Babyshambles ( Urbanturban) (verse) G Picture me in a hospital Em Bm The blood runs red and the bags are full of… D Oh it's terrible, makes me powerful G Em Bm On and on there's still a song for me D I'm still around to sing it (chorus) […]