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Positively 4Th Street chords – Bob Dylan V5

————————————————————————— Positively 4th Street– Bob Dylan ————————————————————————— : maguri Tuning: Standard Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street (1965) (Dylan) Non-album single Now on: “Side Tracks” and several Greatest Hits compilations The bass sometimes plays notes other that the root. I indicated these chords as slash chords here. It is of course possible to play them as […]

Spring To Come Tabs by John Butler Trio

—————————————————————————– Spring To Come – John Butler Trio —————————————————————————– First of all I'd like to thank John Butler and his current and former bands for creating such impressive, intense and beautiful music! This tab only contains the awesome interlude and outro part because the other parts are perfectly explained by John Butler himself in this […]

Sellout Song chords – Wingnut Dishwashers Union

This is from "Towards A World Without Dishwashers." I know this tab is pretty technical for a WDU song, so if you don't like the way I tabbed it out play it however you'd like. 🙂 Intro chords are all barre chords. 3 3 1 8 5 3 1 10 C 5 G 4 F […]

What Plays In My Head chords – Matt And Toby


Jesse Ar Tabs by Said The Whale

This is the only tab for Jesse, Ar I have seen on the internet so far. It's a great song and it's not that hard to play, just listen to it to figure out the rythm and if you see anything wrong with this tab don't hesitate to point it out! Intro (Rythm) E———————————-| B———————————-| […]

Trust Chords – Matt Hammitt

Found this awesome song but couldn't find the chords for it so decided to make this! The original key that Matt Hammitt plays in is the key of G but I dropped it to E with a capo on 2 so I could sing it easier. Matt also does fingerpick but I just strummed the […]

Tambourine-n-thyme Chords – Nana Grizol

C Jump in to that water, is it cold or is it hot, Am or is it nothing quite worth mentioning at all. F Hearts they will awaken, to remember fears of breaking G but all animals must answer to their call C It's like how when I try to write a song, sometimes the […]

Way To Blue Tabs by Nick Drake

This is probably one of the saddest, but most beautiful songs ever written, and I thought deserved at least a half decent tab, something that I hope this is. For the most part it should be quite close to what he plays, or so far as you can play a piano song on guitar. Although […]

Elefanten Chords – Olli Schulz Und Der Hund Marie V2

Olli Schulz und der Hund Marie – Elefanten Based on an earlier version of this song. You may use open chords (except G#m) throughout the whole song if you like the sound. It comes close to how Olli plays it in my opinion. A x-0-2-2-0-0 H x-2-4-4-0-0 C#m x-4-6-6-0-0 F# 2-4-4-3-0-0 Intro: E – A […]

Carry My Soul Away Chords – Phil Wickham V3

This is the song as played on the album Ascension. There are other chords on here, but this is the version with updated lyrics and chords. The Album recorded key is C#, but the Acoustic Album recorded key is D. Phil plays it using E shapes with the guitar turned one whole step down to […]

When You Were Young Chords – William Fitzsimmons

|—————————————————–| |–Tabbed by Gelnn for ultimate-guitar.com–08-20-13–| |—————————————————–| William plays this songs differently from time to time. On the record I believe he plays it in C#G#C#F#G#C# tuning (DADGAD lowered one semi-tone). On some live versions he plays it in standard tuning. This tab is a simplified version, very easy to play, written in DADGAD. If […]

Say It To Me Now Tabs by Glen Hansard V3

Glen Hansard – Say it to me now To start, a brilliant song! All tabbs I've seen is not completely right. So here it goes 😉 The tuning is Open E. to you who dont know how that works: Tune up your A up to a B, your D up to a E and finally […]

Tender Chords – Blur V2

There was a pretty good one already on here but there was an E on the chorus in that one where I've put a C#m, I think this way is correct. There are a couple of tabs with the intro on too so I won't bother with that. It's best to just play around with […]

Jealousy And I Chords – Torres

—————————————————————————- Jealousy and I – Torres —————————————————————————– Tabbed by: Daysleeper_05 Tuning: Standard Capo 1 With Reverb and Delay Ms. Scott tends to play without a pick. With this in mind, here is the picking pattern for the intro, which continues throughout the rest of the song: e|—————–1———————–1——————–| B|———–3———–3———–3———–2————–| G|—–2———————–2——————————–| D|–0—–0—–0—–0—–0—–0—–0—–0—–0———–| A|————————————————————–| E|————————————————————–| e|—————–0———————–3——————–| B|———–1———–1———–0———–0————–| G|—–0———————–0——————————–| […]

Love This Acoustic Chords – Cosmo Jarvis V2

someone had chords up for the recorded version but the way he plays it acoustic is a bit different. so heres the chords. so; capo 4th verse chords are: Em : 022000 C : 032010 D/F# :200230 G : 320003 then pre and chorus use: Am : 002210 G *: 320030 D/F# : 200230 C […]

What Love Means Chords – Everfound V2

riff 1: E| ———————-11-11———| B| 8-8-9-9-11-11-8-8-9-9——-9-9-8-8-| G| ————————————| D| ————————————| A| ————————————| E| ————————————| riff 2: E| ————————————————————————-| B| 8-8-8-8-8–8-8–8-8–8-8-8-8-8–8–8–8–8—8–8—8–8—8–8–8–8—-| G| 8-8-8-8-8–8-8–8-8–8-8-8-8-8–8–8–8–8—8–8—8–8—8–8–8–8—-| D| 8-8-8-8-8–8-8–8-8–8-8-8-8-10-10-10-10-10–10-10–10-10–10-10-10-10—| A| 6-6-6-6-6–6-6–6-6–6-6-6-6———————————————| E| ————————————————————————-| E| ————————————————————————-| B| 8-8-8-8-8–8-8–8-8–8-8-8-8-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9—————————–| G| 8-8-8-8-8–8-8–8-8–8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8—————————–| D| 6-6-6-6-6–6-6–6-6–6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6—————————–| A| ————————————————————————-| E| ————————————————————————-| When the E-Guitar plays, the chords are played like that: Ab: 4 6 6 x […]

Let It Ride Tabs by Bachman Turner Overdrive V2

B.T.O.\Let it Ride I got tired of seeing all the bogus tabs for this one online; nearly all of which are actually the chords (NOT the tab) and the wrong chords, at that, and none with the solo. Here's how Randy plays it: Chords: There are two guitars but the one that makes the riff […]

Drift And Die Acoustic solo Tabs by Puddle Of Mudd

This is the solo of Drift and Die played on the Striking That Familiar Chord DVD by Puddle of Mudd. He plays it on an acoustic guitar so the bends may be a little hard. I spent a long time listening in slow motion and learning this, so it is 100% accurate, I guarantee. He […]

Out Of Your Hands Live Chords – Jason Mraz

This is my first tab. Hope you like it 🙂 Note: Sometimes he plays the chords a little different. He does that with the C — > C7 and the D –> Dsus4. You really have to watch the video for that: Capo 3 Oooh… Em Em C G 2x Em Em C G You […]

Disarm Tabs by The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins Cover The Civil Wars Tabbed by: Aaron91 Tuning: Standard Capo: 7th Fret Picking Pattern: Am F |——–0—0—–0—0————0—3p0—0—0———0—0–| |–0h1———1————–0h1———————0h1———-| |——————————————————————| |——2—2—–2—2————3—3—–3—3———2—2—-| |–0———–0————–0———————–3————| |——————————————————————| C |——–0—0—–0—0————0—0—–0—0–| |–0h1———1————–1———–1———-| |—————————————————-| |——2—2—–2—2————0—0—–0—0—-| |–3———–3————–2———–2———-| |—————————————————-| That riff is played throughout most of the song (intro, verse, outro). There is, however, a section with […]