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Jelenléted – In Your Presence chords – Lynn Deshazo

[Intro] E H C#m A [Kórus] E H C#m A Jelenlé-ted erőt ad nekem E H F#m A Jelenlé-ted Uram, Is-te-nem E H C#m A Jelenlé-ted, itt van lakhelyem C#m G#m C#m G#m Hol megérintesz kegyelmeddel A G#m F#m A H E Sziklád rejtekében, Szent jelenlétedben [Vers 1] C#m Hadd járjak ott, A F#m H […]

Grand Union chords – Arthur Beatrice

Hello UG! Firstly, this is my first tab so apologies if there are any errors. I've heard the song closely, both original and the acoustic version and this sounds pretty close to it. Arthue Beatrice is an awesome up and coming Indie band and Grand Union is an amazing song. (http://online-presence.info/) (https://www.facebook.com/arthurbeatrice/info So here goes: […]

Cheezymousetrap – Dont chords

Intro: G , Em , C , Am Capo: +2 Chorus: G Em C Am D Don't, don't you look at me; just don't, don't you wipe my tears away G Em C Am D Don't, don't you take my hands; just don't, don't you take my breath away Verse 1: G Em C Falling […]

Oceans chords – Hillsongs

Oceans – Hillsong Capo 4 Intro: Em G/F G D C (2x) Verse 1 Em G/F G You call me out upon the waters D C The great unknown where feet may fail Em G/F G And there I find you in the mystery D C In oceans deep, my faith will stand Chorus (1x) […]

Out Of The Darkness chords – Matthew And The Atlas

Bm D A Bm I saw you in my mind when I was younger And I grew older and I saw you still You'd stay close to me sometimes behind my shoulder When I was weary, trouble would come In my last defence you tried to warn me I did not know you, you were […]

I Love Your Presence chords – Jake Hamilton

*Note I put in the majors and minors but I think Jake mostly just plays fifth Chords Key: A Intro C#m A E E x 2 Chorus C#m A E E I love Your presence Jesus x 2 Verse Bm I can feel You underneath my skin C#m I feel Your heart beat beeping within […]

In Your Presence chords – Praise And Worship

Intro: [ C ] Verse: C In Your presence there is freedom F In Your presence there is hope C In Your presence there is healing F Love restores me I am whole Pre-Chorus: G Am F No matter how far I run You are with me G Am F No matter how far I […]

In The Presence chords – Mark Altrogge

G C In the presence of a holy God G C I bow down and I adore G C You reveal the secrets of my heart Em Am D And I am shaken to the core G C In the presence of a holy God G C There's new meaning now to grace G C […]

You Are There Chords – Mercy Me

D9 A9 You have searched me and You know me D9 A9 Familiar with all my ways D9 A9 You have laid Your hand upon me D9 A9 Such knowledge I can’t attain D9 A9 Where can I go from Your spirit D9 A9 Where can I flee from Your presence D9 A9 If I […]

Came to My Rescue – Hillsong United Lyrics

Falling on my knees in worship Giving all I am to seek your face Lord all I am is yours My whole life I place in your hands God of Mercy Humbled I bow down In your presence at your throne I called you answered And you came to my rescue and I I wanna […]

Turn It Up Chords – Planetshakers

Turn It Up By: Planetshakers Intro E – A – C#m – B Verse: E A C#m B You are here as we lift you up E B You are riding on our praise E A C#m B Be enthroned over everything E B You are seated in our praise Pre-chorus: C#m B This is […]

Called Me Higher Chords – All Sons And Daughters V2

Called Me Higher Key of Ab © 2012 Integrity's Praise! Music CCLI # 5887880 [CAPO 1st Fret] VERSE 1 C F I could just sit, I could just sit and wait for all your goodness, hope to feel Your presence C F I could just stay, I could just stay right where I am and […]

Fully Satisfied Chords – Ian Yates

Intro: | E2 / / / | E2 / / / | Verse 1: E2 A2 We've tasted your glory, We drink in Your love E2 A2 We behold Your beauty, We look to the cross Chorus: E2 A2 I'm fully satisfied in You, God C#m7 A2 I'm fully satisfied in You, God (Repeat) Musical […]

In Tenderness Chords – Citizens V2

Capo 4 Verse 1 C Em G D In tenderness He sought me C Em G D Weary and sick with sin C Em G D And on His shoulders brought me C Em G D Back to His fold again C Em G D C Em G D While angels in His presence sang, […]

Come Like The Dawn Chords – River Valley Church

Key of G Capo 2 INTRO C Em7 G Em7 C Em7 G VERSE 1 Em7 C Em7 G You are welcome here, You are welcome here Em7 C Em7 G You are welcome here, Holy One (Repeat) CHORUS 1 G C G Spirit of God, come like the dawn Em7 D Open the heavens […]

Beauty Of Your Presence Chords – Kim Walker Smith And Skyler Smith

Kim walker-smith & skyler smith Beauty of your presence F Let the beauty of your presence
 C Rest here in this place
 Dm Let the power of your goodness
 Bb Overcome all my weakness
 F Let the wonders of your glory
 C Overwhelm me here today
 Dm Bringing revelation to me
 Bb Cuz I wanna […]

Because Of You Chords – Cfni V2

Because of You – CFNI Standard tuning Key – E Intro: E B C#m A Verse: E B C#m A E B C#m A Never before have I felt so alive Never before have I thought I could fly Never before have I ever been so free Cuz being with you I now begin to […]

No One Higher Chords – Aaron Shust

My first Chord Chart for UG. So please rate and critique! Thank you, GB, & enjoy this wonderful song: Aaron Shust – No One Higher Open (No Capo) Am F Our Father, Creator C G You hold our hearts together Am F C There's no one higher than You Am F Redeemer, Defender C G […]

Rain Chords – Jaye Liubinskas

intro: F Gm Dm F Gm Dm Verse 1: F Gm Dm You are Lord Almighty and You are good F Gm Dm Where You are is lovely For You are good Bm C Dm My soul yearns, it faints to be near Your courts x2 Chorus: F C Dm Bm For You oh God […]

Walk With Me Chords – Jesus Culture V5

Key of G Major Verse 1 Am C G Author of the world, walk with me Am C G Ruler of the earth, walk with me Am C G Calmer of the storm, walk with me Am C G Healer of my heart, walk with me Chorus C Em How I need You, how I […]