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Subeme La Radio Piano Chords by Enrique Iglesias

No Capo Standard tuning [Intro] Am F Súbeme la radio C G Tra-tráeme el alcohol [Chorus] Am Súbeme la radio que esta es mi canción F Siente el bajo que va subiendo C Tráeme el alcohol que quita el dolor G Hoy vamos a juntar la luna y el sol Am Súbeme la radio que […]

Listen To The Radio chords – Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea – Listen To The Radio CAPO: 3rd Fret INTRO: G D C (2x) N.C. G C D I am leaving Mississippi in the evening rain G C D Well, these Delta towns wear satin gowns on a high-beamed frame G C D Loretta Lynn guides my hands through the radio G C D […]

Louder Than The Radio Live intro Tabs – Delirious

——————————————————————————- LOUDER THAN THE RADIO – Delirious? ——————————————————————————- Tuning: Standard There are actually only two notable riffs throughout this song, and both are used as portions of the intro. You'll need to listen to the track to figure out when they are played. Just to note, this is based off the live version, so it […]

Radio Bye Bye intro Tabs – Coheed And Cambria V2

——————————————————————————- Radio Bye Bye (Intro) – Coheed and Cambria ——————————————————————————- : Astral Echo Tuning: Standard I've seen a lot of tabs for the intro to this song, but they always seemed slightly off. Most of them have this bit tabbed in unnecessarily difficult ways. This is my interpretation of the part, feel free to correct […]

Slottet 2 Tabs – The Radio Dept

likely my favorite radio dept track. instrumental off lesser matters. these are all the guitar parts -=chords=- Emaj7 021100 Amaj7 X02120 Dmaj7 XX0222 -=intro=- Emaj7 E|——————-| B|——————-| G|———–1——-| D|——–1—–1—-| A|—–2———–2-| E|–0—————-| x4 -=verse=- this isn't how you play it, just how to play the chords Emaj7 x2 Amaj7 x2 Dmaj7 x2 Amaj7* x2 E|——————-|——————|———-2——-|———-0——–| B|——————-|———-2——-|——-2—–2—-|——-2—–2—–| […]

Disconnected chords – 5 Seconds Of Summer

this is my first tab, and I tried figuring it out by ear. not sure how accurate it is though. @5_s_o_s NO CAPO TAB THROUGHOUT VERSES: e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|———2———————————2——————————-| D|————4–2–2—–2–4——————4–2–2—–2–4–2———-| A|-5–5–5————-5————5–5–5————–5——————-| E|—————————————————————————| D A Em G Oh oh o-oh oh oh o-oh oh D A Lifes a tangled web Em G of cell phone calls […]

Life In Technicolour Ii chords – Coldplay

Verse 1 A There's a wild wind blowing down the corner of my street A Every night there the headlights are glowing F#m D A There's a cold war coming on the radio, I heard E A Baby, it's a violent world Chorus F#m D A/C# Oh love, don't let me go F#m D A/C# […]

Secret Service – Oh Susie chords V2

Please rate/comment/correct. =) Intro: | Am Am Am Am | Am Am Am Am | Am Am F Fm | C F C F G Oh Susie, we've run out of time. Oh Susie, say what's on your mind. F G F Fm C We've got nowhere to run. We were much too young. F […]

U chords – Austin Mahone

All the song goes like A B E A , like that: " A B E Cus I know that all my dreams A Are coming true yeah A B And I know-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow E A I'll never feel the way I feel girl " So, enjoy the song and any doubts,email me: lilicescalf Chords: | […]

Capitol Radio chords – The Clash

Capital Radio by the Clash E B E A Yes, it's time for E B E A E B E C#m A B the Dr. Goebbels Show! E B E A There's a tower in the heart of London E B E A With a radio station right at the top E B E C#m […]

Love Is On The Radio chords – Mcfly V10

Capo on 2nd fret C F C I was alone and my stomach was twisted, Dm Am G C But I can get up now, the dark clouds have lifted F C F C Back in the old life, before you existed, Dm Am G C I couldn't see right, my windows were misted F […]

Radio Lizards Tabs by Frank Black

hey do you know if pot's got any papers? C Am C Am G F7 ————————————————1——| —1——–1——–1——–1—————–1——| —0——–2——–0——–2——–0——–2——| —2/3\2—-2/3\2—-2/3\2—-2/3\2—-0/3\0—-1/3\1–| —3——–0——–3——–0——–2——–3——| —————————————3——–1——| help me out! C G F7 Am D Dm G F7 ———–1——-2—1——-1—| —1——-1—1—3—3——-1—| —0—0—2—2—2—2—0—2—| —2—0—1—2—0—0—0—1—| —3—2—3—0———–2—3—| ——-3—1—————3—1—| just keep repeating these two killer progressions for ever. whenever you feel like ending, end on A […]

Dont Listen To The Radio chords – Granger Smith

Granger Smith- Don't Listen to the Radio C – F (4x) C If you like to drive fast F Don't listen to the state trooper C If you like to drink slow F Don't listen to the bartender G If you don't like the cold hard truth F Don't listen to the 6 O'Clock news […]

Spirit Of The Radio chords – Rush

Intro: E ( E A )x4 E Bsus G#m A A – B E Bsus G#m A C#m – B E Bsus G#m A A – B Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive E Bsus G#m A A – B E Bsus G#m A C#m – B Plays that song that's […]

Love Is On The Radio Live chords – Mcfly

Tom & Carrie Hope Fletcher Love Is On The Radio (Hopeful Live Mix) Tuning: Standard Capo on 2nd fret. C : x32010 Cadd11: x33010 Fm7 : x33210 Dm : xx0231 Am : x02210 Cmaj9 : 32001x E : x22100 Strumming pattern: D D UUDUDDU LOVE IS ON THE RADIO INTRO C Fm7 C Dm Am […]

Late Night Radio chords – John Denver

CAPO 2nd FRET C There’s lonely hearts in Arkansas F There’s truckers in Des Moines G C All there to keep me company in the early morn A world unknown to daytime F Is forever going on C G The airwaves of the nation F C Between midnight and the dawn – – – C […]

Radio Cure chords – Wilco

——————————————————————————- RADIO CURE – Wilco ——————————————————————————- : jvwald This is based on the "Wilco. "Radio Cure". Liceo. Barcelona. 15/10/2012" YouTube video. The strumming pattern alternates between strumming the low strings with the thumb and picking the high strings with the index finger. Tuning: Open D (DADF#AD) E 222222 D 000000 A 777777 G 555555 F#no5addG/ […]

Frustrating Sound Tabs by Radio Moscow V2

Radio Moscow – Frustrating Sound from their 2007 self-titled album Intro: Bass: e|———————————-| B|———————————-| G|———————————-| x2 D|———————————-| A|—————————-4—–| E|-6–6-6–6-6–6-6–6-6–6-4—-4–| Main riff: "Lord, don't take me…" Guitar: e|————————————————————–| B|—————————————————-/6~~——| G|————————–6~~~~————————-8.-6~~| D|—-8-6—————/8———-8-6————————-| A|———8-6h8p6———————–8-6h8p6—————-| E|-6—————9————-6—————9————–| e|———————————————————————–| B|———————————————————————–| G|————————————6—————————–6~~~~| D|—-8-6——————————-8~~—8-6—————/8——-| A|———8-6h8p6———-4-5-6-/8—————8-6h8p6—————| E|-6—————9–4-5-6—————-6—————9————-| Heavy chords: "…down to that frustrating sound, For too many years, always bringing me down, I'll keep […]

Love Is On The Radio chords – Mcfly V9

For the "Hopeful Live Mix" it's capo on the 8th fret! on here so it may not be great! (4 bars drums) G Cadd9 G Am Em D/F# G Cadd9 (Repeat) G Cadd9 G I was alone and my stomach was twisted, Am Em D/F# G But I can get up now, the dark clouds […]

Tell chords – The Radio Dept

The Radio Dept – Tell Amaj7 – x02224 or x02124 other chords as usual Amaj7 G#m Betrayal is always sad B A Needless to say what you could have had Amaj7 G#m Of course you have it still B A But based on a lie that you always will Amaj7 G#m Repeat till it clings […]